The Lucky Wife Reborn In The 90s Era Has A Spatial Ability

State: Ongoing

Author: Asamoto

Tags: #romance


Ji Yuanyuan is a typical example of a bad hand of good cards. Originally, under the protection of his family and ex-husband, he could spend his life pampered. As a result, for Zhao Tianhua, a scumbag, not only did his mother die, his eldest brother died in a foreign land, and his second brother was hit by a car and killed in a different place. Even herself, in that dilapidated house in the countryside, died in childbirth, and the child she gave birth was strangled to death by Zhao Tianhua herself. Only when she was dying did she realize that her ex-husband, who had always been taciturn, almost went crazy trying to find her. Reborn back to the 1990s, Ji Yuanyuan not only has a koi physique, but also has a mysterious space. Since then, Ji Yuanyuan will pick up money on the road, get lost in the wild, wild boars will bump into big trees by themselves, and investment in everything is hot… Seeing Zhao Tianhua, a scumbag, come up again, Ji Yuanyuan kicked him away and hugged his ex-husband's thigh: “Boss, please protect.”

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