The Lucky Wife Reborn In The 90s Era Has A Spatial Ability - Chapter 920: Not For You

Chapter 920: Not For You

Chapter 920: Not For You

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After hesitating for a few minutes, Tangtang finally said, Why dont Mom, go ahead.

She paused for a moment, afraid that she had not made herself clear enough, and added, Go by yourself.

Ill go by myself? Ji Yuanyuan was a little surprised.

Ever since she lost her memory a few years ago, Tangtang had been very clingy to her.

No matter where she had to be with her.

Why was she so forthright this time?

Isnt it just two years? Itll be quick. Daddy and I will just have to endure it. Besides, I can take a plane to see you on and Sunday.

Ji Yuanyuan felt warm in her heart as she listened to her daughters tender voice planning for the future.

Her daughter had really grown up. She had learned to let herself be wronged to help others.

Ive thought it through. Im not going. Ji Yuanyuan shook her head.

If she missed this opportunity to go abroad, there would be a next time.

However, a daughter could only grow up once.

She would never be able to make up for the two years he had missed.

But Tangtangs expression was a little complicated.

Dhe was both happy and conflicted.

Alright, dont think about so many things with your small head. Let the adults worry about their own matters.

Ji Yuanyuan reached out and stroked Tangtangs little head.

Alright then. Tangtang pretended to be mature and sighed.

After coaxing Tangtang, Ji Yuanyuan raised her head and looked at the opposite side.

Before Qin Mucheng could retract his complicated expression, Ji Yuanyuan saw it right through him.

Qin Mucheng was stunned for a moment before he forced a smile.

At night, the family of three played outside until past ten oclock.

Tangtang went home to wash up and fell asleep from exhaustion.

Ji Yuanyuan and Qin Mucheng lay on the bed but could not fall asleep.

The night light in the room was still on, and the light in the room was dim yellow.

Ji Yuanyuan turned sideways and looked at Qin Mucheng.

I was the one who gave up the chance. Why do you look more miserable than me? Ji Yuanyuan joked.

Qin Mucheng closed his eyes and sighed slightly. I know you want to go. I also know that you dont care about the position. What you care about is this opportunity to learn.

Ji Yuanyuan wanted to be a good doctor. She wanted to learn more knowledge and save more people.

This opportunity is indeed excellent. There will be many great teachers teaching. However, rejecting this opportunity is not as bad as you think. Theres no difference between me or other people going. No matter who goes, they wont waste this opportunity. Perhaps I should give the opportunity to someone who needs it more.

Qin Mucheng pursed his lips.bBut I hope that person is you.

Youre not a patient. To a patient, it doesnt matter if Im the one who treats him or not. But to Tangtang, Im special.

Ji Yuanyuan patted Qin Muchengs shoulder. Lets end this topic here. Ill give Teacher Wu a clear reply tomorrow.

Qin Mucheng opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he did not say anything in the end.

I didnt give up this opportunity for you Ji Yuanyuan joked when she saw Qin Muchengs solemn expression.

She paused for a moment. She was afraid that she would hurt Qin Muchengs feelings by saying that. She hesitated for a moment before adding, I should say that its not entirely for you.

I know. Qin Muchengs lips twitched.

Therefore, you dont have to suffer such bitterness.

Qin Mucheng laughed. He turned to look at Ji Yuanyuan and raised his eyebrows. Really?

Yes. Ji Yuanyuan nodded solemnly.

She reached out her hand and pressed the corner of Qin Muchengs lips up. Im already upset. I feel even more upset when I see your bitter face..