Global Evolution: I Have An Attribute Board

State: Ongoing

Author: Black eyes and white hair

Tags: #scifi


In the era of global evolution, humans and monsters coexist, and evolution is the only theme! Chu Zhou traveled to this world. At the age of 17, he awakened the attribute panel! Breathing method, combat skills, talents, you can upgrade with points! Basic breathing method, upgrade 10,000 layers, and become black hole breathing method! D-level combat skills, upgrade 10,000 layers, and become SSS-level magic skills! Ordinary talents, upgrade 10,000 layers, and become true god talents! … Several years later, Chu Zhou stood on the top of the cosmic pyramid, facing many cosmic overlords, cosmic true gods, and cosmic sages, and summed up his life: Everything I have today is due to my hard work…Deep blue, add points!

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