Global Evolution: I Have An Attribute Board - Chapter 874: The Lord Of Moment's Great Gift! (1)

Chapter 874: The Lord Of Moment's Great Gift! (1)

Chapter 874: The Lord Of Moments Great Gift! (1)

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[Shocking! Forbidden character-Great Heaven Demon G.o.d-reappears in the Universe Ocean and severely injures the Lord of the Universe Light and the Lord of Thousand Faces!]

The ownerless treasure recorded in the parchment was actually a trap set up by the Lord of the Universe Light and the Lord of Thousand Faces. It was meant to lure out the Lord of Moment, and many universe powerhouses were p.a.w.ns! The Lord of the Universe Light, the Lord of Thousand Faces, and the Lord of Moment fought against each other. The Demon World collapsed!

The Great Heaven Demon G.o.d, the former taboo of the Great Heaven Demon G.o.d, is not far away!

[The return of the taboo will affect the structure of the entire Universe Ocean and all the races in the universe!]

The battle had come to an end, but the entire Universe Ocean, as well as the tens of thousands of races and countless living beings in the universe, were in an uproar.

The news of this battle quickly spread throughout the entire Universe Ocean through various media and channels.

It spread to the various factions in the universe.

The nine supreme factions of the universe, the six pinnacle races, and many other cosmic races and factions attached great importance to this battle.

This battle was too unexpected.

He had thought that it was just a fight over an ownerless treasure.

Who would have thought that this so-called ownerless treasure was actually a trap set up by the Lord of the Universe Light and the Lord of Thousand Faces?

Many universe warriors, including the 14 Universe n.o.bility, became the Lord of the Universe Light and the Lord of Thousand Faces to test and lure out the wife of the Lord of Moment.

The most surprising thing was that the Great Heaven Demon G.o.d, the taboo figure who had once shocked the entire Universe Ocean, had actually appeared again.

Furthermore, he had severely injured the Lord of the Universe Light and the Lord of Thousand Faces.

I he upper echelons of the various large factions and races placed great importance on the Great Heavenly Demon G.o.d.

This was a terrifying existence that had once slaughtered a Saint after all.

Facing such an existence, no matter how much importance he placed on it, it was not too much.

After the battle ended, Chu Zhou tried to find Daphne and An Jigud to consider whether he should kill them so that the Mana Race and the Origin Race would feel heartache again.

However, Daphne and An Jigud had left at some point in time, making Chu Zhous search fruitless.

The 14 Universe n.o.bility were all sent to an unknown place by the black shadow and the Lord of Moment before they left.

Many Universe Lords who were lucky enough to survive saw the astonis.h.i.+ng strength Chu Zhou displayed when he killed Yi Bo. Even if they coveted the Law of Reincarnation on Chu Zhou, they did not dare to attack him at all.

Moreover, Beibei clearly had a close relations.h.i.+p with the Lord of Moment.

This made them even more afraid to attack.

Therefore, Chu Zhou was temporarily safe in the Myriad Star Archipelago.

With this in mind, Chu Zhou decided to stay in the Myriad Star Archipelago for a period of time. He planned to comprehend the Law of Time and Beginner, cultivate the Book of Seven Calamities, and refine the exclusive weapons before continuing to the Demon Mountain Continent.

Greetings, Young Master!

Chu Zhou and the others had just returned to Back Canglan Island when a dignified beautiful woman in a flowery green dress appeared in front of Chu Zhou and the others. She bowed to Chu Zhou and the others Yes, to Beibei on Chu Zhous shoulder.

Chu Zhou and the others were shocked to discover that this dignified woman who called herself Cang Lan was a Universe n.o.bility.

A Universe n.o.bility actually bowed to Beibei and called her Young Master?

After a moment of shock, Chu Zhou and the others immediately guessed that this dignified beauty should be the Lord of Moments subordinate.

You you dont have to bow.

When Beibei saw that a dignified beauty like her, a Universe n.o.bility, actually bowed to her, she looked very embarra.s.sed and uneasy.

The dignified woman smiled and straightened her body.

Lord Azure You know the Lord of Moment? Chu Zhou probed.

King Canglan looked deeply at Chu Zhou and nodded elegantly. He smiled and said, Im His Excellencys subordinate.

I Imewit!

Chu Zhou and the others thought to themselves.

The Myriad Star Archipelago is the Lord of Moments foundation, and I am the manager appointed by the Lord of Moment.

King Canglan smiled and said,

Lord of Moment told me to help you with all my might before he left. Ill do my best to get it for you, no matter what you want to buy in the Myriad Star Archipelago

Chu Zhou was slightly excited when he heard this.

The exclusive weapons he refined still lacked a precious material that contained the source of water.

If he were to search for such a material himself, it would probably take a very, very long time.

It still depended on luck.

However, the Myriad Star Archipelago was extremely prosperous. It was one of the rare business centers in the Universe Ocean. The experts of the various races in the Universe Ocean liked to come here to trade.

There should be Water Origin Materials here.

If a local tyrant like Emperor Canglan was willing to help him find the water origin material, he might be able to find it soon.

Lord Azure, since youve said so, I wont stand on ceremony. I need a refining material that contains the Water Origin. Its best if its above A-rank At the very least, it cant be lower than B-rank. Chu Zhou said.

Water Origin Materials? Sure! There should be some in our Myriad Star Archipelagos inventory.

King Canglan smiled and nodded. Is there anything else you need? If there is, feel free to ask!

When Chu Zhou heard that the Myriad Star Archipelagos inventory contained materials that contained the Water Origin Materials, he could not help but be delighted.

Hearing that the other party wanted him to continue asking for more, he gritted his teeth slightly and made another request that was a little too much.

I also need materials with Time and s.p.a.ce Stats..