Global Evolution: I Have An Attribute Board - Chapter 876: The Lord Of Moment's Great Gift! (3)

Chapter 876: The Lord Of Moment's Great Gift! (3)

Chapter 876: The Lord Of Moments Great Gift! (3)

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This beast skin

Chu Zhou and the others instantly looked at the silver-white beast skin in shock.

Almost instantly, they determined that this was a leather bag that Universe n.o.bility of the Time Law had left behind.

Furthermore, that Time Law Universe n.o.bility was not a Normal n.o.bility, but a top figure among the Universe n.o.bility.

Beibei, who had been immersed in the pain of the delicious food disappearing, instantly changed her expression and stared fixedly at the silver-white beast skin.

From this silver-white beast skin, it felt an aura that was connected by blood.

Lord Canglan Chu Zhou stared at the beast skin and guessed, Could this beast skin be the skin that the Lord of Moment once shed?

In the universe, there were probably less than 30 creatures who could cultivate the Law of Time to the Supreme-Being level.

And those who could reach the Universe n.o.bility level could be counted on one hand.

Looking at this silver beast skin, its color and appearance were almost the same as Beibeis fur.

Chu Zhou immediately guessed that this was the skin that the Lord of Moment had once shed.

Emperor Canglan nodded with a solemn expression.

Youre right. This is part of the skin that my master shed. Its the skin that my master shed when he became a Universe Overlord.

Before my master left, he sent me a voice transmission and asked me to hand this leather bag to you.

I hope you wont let down my lords blessing Treat Young Master well!

Dont worry! Chu Zhou nodded heavily. Since Beibei is with me, shes my good brother. Even without this skin, Ill treat Beibei well.

Thats for the best!

Emperor Canglan nodded in satisfaction and handed the silver-white beast skin to Chu Zhou.

Chu Zhou took a deep breath and took the animal skin respectfully.

This piece of beast skin that the Lord of Moment had once shed could be said to be much more precious than ordinary Grade A s.p.a.cetime Law Stats materials.

It completely satisfied his needs.

After handing the beast skin to Chu Zhou, King Canglan smiled at Beibei.


Beibei turned her head, as if she was very dissatisfied that King Canglan had misunderstood her. She was venting her anger.

Lord Canglan smiled.

Young Master, these are the cultivation notes and unique skills you need.

There are some cultivation notes and absolute arts that I can directly transmit to your brain but there are some notes and absolute arts that are recorded on some strange stones and other objects. They contain the will of the person who recorded them and require you to comprehend them directly.

She didnt care if Beibei agreed or not. Her gaze focused, and she forcefully transmitted information containing many cultivation notes and ultimate techniques into Beibeis mind.

At the same time, he stuffed a spatial ring into Beibeis hands.

Beibei reluctantly and pa.s.sively accepted a large amount of information from King Canglan.

He barely put away the spatial ring that King Canglan had given him.

When the Dragon and the others saw Beibeis reluctant expression, their faces kept twitching.

Once again, he deeply felt the importance of having a good father.

Look at Beibei. She didnt need to take risks or work hard at all. A large number of opportunities and knowledge automatically came to her.

Chu Zhou couldnt help but sigh in his heart. Beibei was really lucky!

When King Canglan saw Beibei put away the interspatial ring, he smiled and disappeared.

However, when she disappeared, another spatial ring flew towards Beibei.

Beibei took the spatial ring in confusion. When she looked inside with her divine sense, she immediately beamed with joy and jumped up excitedly.

So many roasted bird wings, so many roasted beast legs, so many roasted beast steaks

As it spoke excitedly, it took out a golden roasted bird wing and ate it with relish.

Chu Zhou and the others were speechless.

They were numb.

He never expected that the Azurewave King would really satisfy Beibeis unreasonable request.

Wasnt this too doting on Beibei?!

No wonder Emperor Canglan left in a hurry She probably also felt that such a scene was a little awkward! A dignified Universe n.o.bility actually personally went to prepare such delicious barbecue for Beibei. This is really like a cannon hitting a mosquito!

Chu Zhou couldnt help but think when he thought of King Canglan leaving in a hurry.

Soon, his attention returned to himself.

Now that he had gathered all the materials, it was time to forge his own exclusive weapons..