Following A Hundred Years Of Cultivation, I'm Dying Before I Got Cheats

State: Ongoing

Author: Far Westwalker

Tags: #fantasy #martialarts


Jiang Chengxuan accidentally traveled to the world of cultivating immortals, and accidentally obtained the inheritance of cultivating immortals. However, the aptitude is really low, and he has been practicing hard for a hundred years, but he still cannot be promoted to the foundation building state. Just when he was disheartened and silently came to a mortal city, ready to end his life here, Goldfinger finally arrived belatedly. It is detected that the host has achieved the achievement of cultivating immortals for a hundred years, and I hereby reward one longevity fruit, which can increase one's lifespan by serving it. The next achievement task is now posted. Ask the host to clear the level a hundred times. After completing it, you can achieve the achievement of breaking through the level one hundred times, and you can get one chance to successfully clear the level. Ding! Ask the host to complete a hundred times of spell practice, and if you achieve it, you can get a jade talisman for the inheritance of the perfect spell. Ask the host to complete a hundred times of exercise achievements, which can improve the root bone. Ask the host to complete the achievement of making talismans a hundred times… Ask the host to complete a hundred enlightenment achievements… Ask the host to complete a hundred alchemy achievements… Ask the host to complete a hundred poisoning achievements… Please host… Unknowingly, when Jiang Chengxuan heard the prompt from the system again, he was told that there is no achievement worthy of you to complete, because your existence itself is already an achievement that can never be surpassed.

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