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Chapter 628: The Great Battle Begins

Chapter 628: The Great Battle Begins

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The state of Jiang.

Mount Mystic Tai.

As two years pa.s.sed, an invisible pressure within a thousand miles around grew increasingly powerful.

Between heaven and earth, thunder, violent winds, torrential rain, lightning, dark clouds various unusual phenomena were almost incessantly present.

Everyone realized that the wife of the Lord of the state of Jiang was probably just one step away from the supreme realm of Soul Formation.

The closer it got to this moment, the higher the probability of various

accidents and dangers.

Jiang Chengxuan, along with the four Heavenly Lords hidden in the shadows,

were all fully alert.

They knew that the human tribulation of Shen Ruyan was likely about to occur


at this time.


just as this thought crossed their minds, they saw three incredibly powerful figures suddenly appear out of thin air about three thousand miles from the state of Jiang.

One wore a yellow robe with a domineering and majestic appearance.

Another wore a dark cyan Daoist robe, with a gaunt face and an arcane aura.

The last one, clad in armor and carrying a large spear on his back, emitted an

extremely intense murderous aura.

These three were Fourth Prince Xiao Shenji from the Great Ling Imperial Palace, Ancestor Wuxin of Heavens Gate Sect, and Luo Tianba, the G.o.d of War General of the Great Ling Imperial Palace.

Seeing them, the four hidden Heavenly Lords immediately frowned deeply.

As Soul Formation Heavenly Lords themselves, Purple Flame and the others naturally knew about these three individuals.

It wasnt an exaggeration to say that the strength of these three was no less than any of the four, and they were even slightly superior in some aspects.

Particularly, Fourth Prince Xiao Shenji.

It was said that his Ascending Dragon Scripture had been cultivated to an extremely profound level.

If Heavenly Lord Purple Flame were still at his peak, perhaps he could contend with Xiao Shenji.

But as it stood, only by joining forces could the four of them possibly stand a chance against these three opponents.

However, if things came to that, should any other unexpected event occur, or if another Soul Formation Heavenly Lord arrived, they would no longer be able to offer any help.

As expected, it is the legendary ancient trial ground.

In the distance.

Xiao Shenji and his group, looking at the ruins light and shadow manifesting

in mid-air, spoke with a somewhat solemn tone:

If we can seize this ancient trial ground, our juniors will be able to save a lot of time in the future.

Moreover, perhaps we could even use it to achieve a breakthrough, adding several more Soul Formation Heavenly Lords to our Central Plain.


We must obtain this ancient trial ground at all costs.

No matter how the cultivators here try to stop us, we must seize it.

General Luo Tianba spoke with a cold voice, a fierce expression appearing in

his eyes.

Auras of deadly intent rose around him before shooting towards the cave above where Shen Ruyan was in seclusion.


Just at that moment, a vast expanse of water appeared out of nowhere. Amidst the surging waves, Luo Tianbas overwhelming aura was blocked.

In the sky, a huge rumbling sound suddenly erupted.

Countless spiritual Qi surged wildly in mid-air, quickly forming a collapsing vortex, which eventually exploded.

Within a thousand miles, it seemed as if a level twelve typhoon had suddenly


At this moment.

Heavenly Lord Infinite Ocean, Heavenly Lord Purple Flame, Heavenly Lord Everlasting Mountain, and Heavenly Lord Xuan Yang appeared opposite Xiao Shenji and the other two.

Heavenly Lord Infinite Ocean said, Friends, isnt your approach a bit too unseemly for visitors who have come from afar?

Hearing his words, Luo Tianba did not respond but fixed his sharp, blade-hke gaze on Heavenly Lord Infinite Ocean.

Daoist Wuxin had an unfathomable smile on his face.

On the other hand, the Fourth Prince, Xiao Shenji, spoke slowly.

If Im not mistaken, you must be the four Heavenly Lords of the Northern


Unexpectedly, even Heavenly Lords like you would confront us head-on for a mere Nascent Soul junior.

Frankly, we are here for the ancient trial ground and the accompanying super-large spirit stone mine.

If the master of this place knows whats good for him and vacates immediately, handing everything over to us, we will not make things too difficult.

Otherwise, we dont mind turning the Northern Border into a river of blood.

How arrogant.

Heavenly Lord Everlasting Mountain couldnt help but laugh in anger. Not to mention the audacity of these Central Plain cultivators flaunting their power in their Northern Border, which was already a violation of their taboos, they were also making outrageous demands.

They wanted not only the ancient ruin but also the super-large spirit stone mine and even to drive the Jiang family out of the state of Jiang.

This was utterly preposterous.

They would never agree to such demands, and neither would Jiang Chengxuan and his allies.

Since when did they have to yield the treasures of their Northern Border to these Central Plain people?


Dont think that just because you are the Heavenly Lords of the Northern

Border, you can negotiate terms with us.

Luo Tianba suddenly let out a cold snort.

The next moment, the large spear on his back buzzed and started trembling.

A terrifying aura of killing intent surged, enveloping Heavenly Lord Everlasting Mountain, who had just spoken.

How dare you! Heavenly Lord Everlasting Mountains expression changed drastically. The next moment, a giant mountain suddenly appeared in front of him.

Boom, boom, boom!

A spear and a mountain collided hundreds of thousands of times in an instant. The terrifying aura tore open pitch-black cracks in the void.

The ground below, directly underneath the clash, suddenly sank thousands of feet, revealing a terrifyingly huge pit.

It was as if a raging dragon was roaring within, causing an involuntary sense of dread to arise in all who felt this spectacle.

This was the power of the Soul Formation.

Once they made a move, not only would creatures within thousands, even tens of thousands of miles suffer, but even the surrounding void risked being shattered.

It was possible to turn an entire state or even several states into spiritless lands, where not only cultivation would become impossible, but even survival would no longer be suitable for any living being.


When Everlasting Mountain and Luo Tianba truly started to fight seriously, they tacitly soared into the Nine Heavens Gangfeng Realm


Both were very aware that unless absolutely necessary, they should not turn a state into a spiritless land.

That way, even if they were Soul Formation Heavenly Lords, the karma they would have to bear in the end was something they were unwilling to bear.

Seeing this, the remaining Heavenly Lord Purple Flame, Heavenly Lord Infinite Ocean, and Heavenly Lord Xuan Yang also collided with Xiao Shenji and Daoist Wuxin.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang

in mid-air, sounds powerful enough to kill Golden Core cultivators resounded continuously.

Finally, the five figures turned into beams of light and also entered the Nine Heavens Realm.

Jiang Chengxuans eyes were deep.

He looked in the direction of the Nine Heavens Realm, silent for a long time.


He was very aware that if the opponents intended to seize the ancient ruin, or as Xiao Shenji and his group called it, the ancient trial ground, it wouldnt be just those three alone. There must be reinforcements.


Not long after Heavenly Lord Purple Flame and the others entered the Nine Heavens Realm, two figures with equally powerful auras appeared within the range of Jiang Chengxuans divine sense.

One of them wore a bright yellow Daoist robe with a goat beard, appearing to be in his forties.

The other carried a treasure sword on his back, surrounded by sword Qi, emitting an incomparably sharp aura.

They were Daoist Yellow Autumn, the ancestor of the Yellow Maple Sect from the Eastern End, and Sword Lord Wu You from the Radiance Sword Sect.

Both were clearly Soul Formation Heavenly Lords.

As soon as they appeared, the skies above the state of Jiang became overcast with dense clouds, and sword light crisscrossed the sky.

It looked as if something extremely terrifying was about to fall from the sky. Daoist Yellow Autumn and Sword Lord Wu You simultaneously fixed their gaze on Jiang Chengxuan, who had suddenly appeared before them.

Wu You said coldly, Who do you think you are? How dare you block our way?

Get lost!

As his words fell, a thousand-foot-long sword shadow suddenly emerged behind Wu You, slas.h.i.+ng directly towards Jiang Chengxuan with a thunderous roar.

The formidable force of the strike seemed intent on obliterating Jiang Chengxuan into nothingness.


At that moment, a radiant burst of multicolored aureola suddenly soared from Jiang Chengxuan.

It was his intrinsic divine power, the Five Elements Aureola.

Squeak squeak

The thousand-foot sword shadow struck the Five Elements Aureola, but instead of breaking through, it sparked off dazzling fire sparks.


This scene took Wu You and Yellow Autumn by surprise.

They really did not expect that there would be someone in the Northern Border who could block the full-strength attack of a Soul Formation Heavenly Lord with his Nascent Soul cultivation.

What was Jiang Chengxuans background?

Although the two of them were shocked, they did not intend to investigate thoroughly.

After all, he was still just a Nascent Soul cultivator.

Even if he was already half a step into the threshold of Soul Formation, in their eyes, he was still as insignificant as an ant.


At this moment.

A giant yellow gourd appeared in front of Yellow Autumn.

The mouth of the gourd opened, and beams of light shot out like lasers.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

These beams tore through the void, creating fine cracks in the air.

Jiang Chengxuans Five Elements Aureola trembled violently upon contact, its red, green, yellow, white, and blue lights flickering unstably.

Just as the aureola seemed about to falter, Wu You slowly drew his treasure sword from his back, and a shadow of a sword flickered in his eyes.

There was a swish.

A twisting sword light, resembling a dragon, landed on Jiang Chengxuans Five Elements Aureola..