Divine Path System

State: Ongoing

Author: _Transcendent

Tags: #adventure #action #fantasy #romance


Varian only wanted to¬†end the war with the Abyssals and bring peace so¬†that no¬†one would lose their dad like he¬†did. So¬†he¬†vowed to¬†be¬†the strongest Awakener and reach the peak of¬†Divine Paths: Body Awakeners blasted mountains with a¬†punch. Telepaths controlled enemies from a¬†different continent. Morphers transformed into mythical beasts and plants. Elementals controlled the Four Elements. Space and Time Awakeners ruled the dimensions. But those dreams crumbled the day his Mom died. A¬†year passed and his dreams faded. He¬†thought life would stay the same until‚Ķ Divine Path System revealed his mother‚Äôs last wish¬†‚ÄĒ Save the mysterious girl that haunted his dreams. Armed with a¬†mysterious system and determination to¬†fulfill his mother‚Äôs last wish, will Varian be¬†able to¬†save the girl and find out why his mother wanted to¬†save her? Join Varian on¬†his journey as¬†he¬†writes his own destiny. TLDR: A¬†young man‚Äôs journey to¬†fulfill his mother‚Äôs last wish to¬†find the mysterious girl that haunts his dreams in¬†a¬†futuristic world with super powers. Note: 1. The ending of¬†this story, including the entire story, is¬†decided. If¬†you are worrying about whether the story has a¬†proper ending, I¬†can say with certainty the ending is¬†beautiful. 2. If¬†there is¬†more response, I‚Äôll be¬†motivated to¬†write more every day. 3. When you give a¬†review, try to¬†be¬†constructive. Criticism is¬†accepted and welcome, but no¬†hate reviews.

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