Divine Path System - Chapter 1105 Phantom Killer

Chapter 1105 Phantom Killer

Chapter 1105 Phantom Killer

Varian's body blurred and he appeared behind Hex, meeting his fist with his own.


Both of them were blown back and the floor itself cracked but remained intact.

"Why do you have six powers?" Hex withdrew his b.l.o.o.d.y fist and wanted to escape.

Varian's speed suddenly multiplied as his time flow changed and he slammed his head straight into Hex's.

The power of lightning and water covered his head like a crown and struck Hex's skull.


Hex's head began to bleed. But Varian was in a worse state, his own skull cracked under the collision.

Hex wanted to retrieve another item but Varian grabbed his other hand as well and without giving a single f.u.c.k about his injury, slammed his head onto Hex's.




Witnessing the fight that was utterly primal and brutal than anything he'd ever experienced, Tristan's legs softened and he slumped on the floor.

Their heads began to crack open like coconuts. For every collision, Varian took more damage and injury. Thankfully, his powers began to heal his head much faster. But he didn't give them time to heal much as he continued to slam his head into Hex's again.

It was like watching two bulls fight with their horns. No. Even bulls weren't this

Boom! Kacha!

As his head rained blood and it flowed into his eyes, Hex looked up at Varian through the layer of his own blood and screamed. "You're crazy! We'll both die!"

"I'm not dying today!" Varian's face was covered with blood but his eyes had no fear.

"Son of a b.i.t.c.h!" Hex tried to free himself from Varian's grip but this madman held him tighter than any vice ever could.

Varian's feet were on his, rooting him to the floor and preventing him from running away. He struggled to free his hands so much that Varian's palms just dug into his flesh and were now directly gripping his wrist bones. But he was doing the same to Varian hoping he'd let go.

The b.a.s.t.a.r.d didn't even flinch.

A couple of powerful auras shot up into the sky of Ubiq and Varian's body tensed.

He chose this brutal method to be as fast as possible, but he's still running late.

"Ahhh!" Gathering all his strength, he slammed his head once again.

Hex rolled his eyes up and pa.s.sed out with a severe head injury. Varian touched his head and flinched at the pain. "Is this guy's head made of diamond or what? Oh, I know!"

Varian's hand hovered above Hex's injured hands and a river of vitality began to flow from Hex to Varian.

His injuries which should've taken a long time even for him to heal quickly closed up. Famine powers were really awesome!

A few more powerhouses flew high into the sky and they all turned their gazes toward this part of Ubiq.

"Time is up." Varian grabbed Hex by his collar and snapped his fingers.

The two disappeared.

The next moment, a black light shot out from the position where Varian previously stood and enveloped the entire area.

The aura of all powers Varian usedMystic, Famine, Lightning, Water, Time, s.p.a.ceall disappeared.

Except for the unconscious Hex and Tristan who was s.h.i.+vering in the corner, no one could tell that these powers were used in the battle.

"I-I am spared?" Tristan clutched his heart and felt it trying to break out of the ribcage.

So close

So close to death.

Tristan looked up and saw the powerhouses approaching in this direction.

He slapped his cheek and nodded vigorously. "I'll confess everything! That monster! Six powers? He needs to be killed!"

What scared him the most?

A man wielding six powers?

Or the absolutely brutal way of his fighting that caused even a grown man like him to pee?

"It's your biggest mistake leaving me alihuh?"

His chest felt light?

Tristan looked down at the hand on his heart disintegrating into pieces of flesh and blood.


He waved his hand in fear, trying to stop this unknown phenomenon. If it was an attack, he didn't even sense it!

"Wait, was it the black light earlier?" Tristan's eyes widened and his fear only grew worse. "But I didn't even sense anything apart from s."

Like grains of sand castle dispersing, Tristan's body collapsed into tiny particles. Not even a drop of his blood remained.

The white barrier enveloping the area shattered by itself, revealing the empty hallway and a broken treasury.

When the powerhouses reached the area a few seconds later, all they could do was stare at look at each other in confusion. There was only the aura of Hex and Tristan.

Ubiq went into a lockdown that night and remained so for three full days. But to the horror of every rank 3 powerhouses on Ubiq, every celestial ranker involved in the poor side of Ubiq disappeared.

No one saw their dead bodies. No one could even sense any fights. Even the rank 3s were scared by these seemingly supernatural disappearances.

When the attacks stopped and it was confirmed that no one on the prosperous side was attacked, the case was closed because of no leads.

At least, that's what they said publicly. But behind the scenes, a full investigation continued, albeit with barely any progress.

No one in Ubiq knew about the man responsible for this.

Except for one woman in Infinity Store.

Looking out of the window, Miss Calamity smiled with interest.

"Miss, the Havoc tribe 'accidentally' found the s.p.a.ce gem."


"We changed the records of the Duke's treasury and placed the crown of elements in."

"And Miss"


"Inside the Drug Lord's treasury, the Water of Life we sent him a few days ago has indeed gone missing. The tracker on it is also destroyed a few hours ago. It's far away now."

Miss Calamity waved her hand and the one speaking from the shadows disappeared.

"So he did it, huh." Her purple eyes, as beautiful as gemstones, shone brightly. "What an interesting man."