World's Best Martial Artist - Chapter 1320 1315-Summon

Chapter 1320 1315-Summon

Chapter 1320 1315-Summon

The few people who had broken through the beast Emperor stage were all named by the Dao tree.

The few of them, including Tian Zhi, also stood up at Hongyu's signal. They formed a circle at the entrance of the pa.s.sage.

Hongyu's group stood around him.

Although they didn't show anything, everyone was ready to attack at any time.

No one knew if the beast Emperor was a clone or a projection. Even if it was a projection, it was hard to say if it would listen.

There were strong and weak projections.

If they encountered an expert, they had to be careful of being killed.

Fang ping dodged to the side.

The Dao tree and the others were afraid that the beast Emperor would see him and kill him at all costs, ruining the big plan.

Fang ping was also happy to be idle. He just wanted to watch the show.

The G.o.d forger and the others also joined in the encirclement. At this moment, there were not many people around Fang ping. Jiang Hao and the others were not strong enough, so they were all at the back. There was also a cat that was neglected.

This cat, even if it had broken through to the seventh level and often did bad things, it was still so easy to be ignored at the critical moment.

It was a harmless cat!

Even the Dao tree didn't pay much attention to the old cat.

Although this cat was rotten to the core, it had not killed anyone in all these years.

"You liar ..."


Fang ping coughed lightly and reminded him,"call me by my name, don't just call me that!"

His reputation was mostly ruined by Cang Mao.

Who's a liar?

Calling him a liar in front of so many people, wasn't this a reminder to everyone that he wasn't a good person?

Although he was not a good person.

Cang Mao was too lazy to change his words and no longer shouted. Looking at those people in the middle forming a circle, under the guidance of the Dao tree, light spots appeared on their bodies. He asked curiously,"Will second and third cat be summoned?"

"I don't know,"

"Oh, will the second and third cat die?"

Cang Mao scratched his head,"liar, second cat and third cat are both waiting here. If this is broken, will they die?"

Fang ping was silent.

That was for sure.

The second and third cats here were just projections.

Even if they weren't summoned, the two cats would be dead once the secret realm was destroyed.

Fang ping sighed in his heart. These two cats could not be considered as real lives.

However, the old cat felt that they were his accomplices, his underlings. This cat would not think too much and would probably not feel good.

The gray cat meowed once and lay on Fang Ping's shoulder. It said dejectedly,"Does that mean that second and third cat are really going to die?"

"Big cat ..."

Fang ping wanted to console her, but he did not know how to say it.

Cang Mao lay on his shoulder and looked at the people in front of him, muttering,""Then ... Can we summon them? I've prepared a lot of good food for them. Second cat still owes me three small fish. "

Fang ping exhaled and nodded."Don't worry. Even if I don't summon it now, I'll go over there to take a look when the checkpoint has not collapsed."

He brought Cang Mao to say goodbye.

It wasn't that the old cat didn't understand these things. It actually knew that these two cats wouldn't live long.

It was almost certain that the secret realm would be destroyed.

This time, all the experts of the Three Realms had come out in full force in order to seize the seed.

After losing the seed, how could this secret realm not shatter?

Once the secret realm was destroyed, these projections naturally could not exist.


The old cat responded and lay down without speaking again.

Second cat and third cat are dying.

The old cat was still a little sad.

In this world, it was the only cat, a cat that had lived for tens of thousands of years. It had never met any other cats that had lived for a long time.


A low shout rang out, and the entire pa.s.sageway trembled slightly.

Wisps of rule force emerged from everyone's body.

The Dao-tree growled and quickly shouted,"Beast Emperor, please descend!"

At this moment, a powerful beam of light exploded from the pa.s.sage like a laser that pierced through the world.

At this moment, everyone saw a very clear scene.

Heaven and earth became transparent!

And outside this transparent world, there were 13 light orbs.

At this moment, this beam of light was directed at a ball of light, just like how the Dao tree's roots pierced through heaven and earth and connected to the 13 gates.

Beast Emperor stage.

The Asura arena.

With a loud boom, a beam of light pierced through the heavens and earth.

At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared on the previously empty Asura arena.

The beast Emperor!

The beast Emperor had appeared.

The moment the beast Emperor appeared, it looked at the beam of light and could not help but sigh. Then, it slowly walked toward the sky.

At this moment, the Asura arena behind him also slowly began to collapse and dissipate.

"He still came!"

The beast Emperor sighed, and the aura on its body gradually grew stronger. It stepped on the air and walked toward the light ball in the center.

At this moment, a transparent pa.s.sage appeared on the side of the central light ball.

The beast Emperor walked along the light beam step by step. It looked slow, but it was actually moving extremely fast.

On Fang Ping's side, Fang ping was still investigating the specific location.

He could already vaguely feel the weak point of the s.p.a.ce. At this moment, he was carefully locating it and making preparations for the next step.

In just a short while, the world was split open!

A figure slowly descended!

Fang ping focused his gaze and his heart trembled. 'd.a.m.n, so strong.'

It had broken eight, right?

Didn't he kill the beast King with a single palm strike?

How could he be so strong now?

Although broken eight was slightly weaker than the others, Fang ping would not have been able to slap the beast Emperor to death if he had this strength before.

However, Fang ping quickly understood some things.

In the transparent world, one of the b.a.l.l.s of light was being extinguished.

The beast Emperor seemed to have absorbed the power of the beast Emperor level, including some rule force, to have the strength to break eight.

The beast Emperor descended. Just as the Dao tree was about to speak, the beast Emperor looked at him with a sharp gaze!

"You don't need to say anything!"

The beast King's tone was overbearing. He looked at the crystal Pa.s.sage as if he was reminiscing about something. Suddenly, he chuckled and said,"Heaven realm ... It's been many years since I've been to the heaven realm. Today, I'm going to take a look at the Three Realms!"

Ignoring everyone else, the beast Emperor walked toward the pa.s.sage with his hands behind his back.

As he walked, he suddenly sighed,"kun Peng, be kind to the demons!."

The demon Thearch's body trembled slightly, and he quickly said in a deep voice,""I will!"

"Then I have no regrets!"


"Heaven sovereign, are you there?"

The beast Emperor laughed and stepped in.

As soon as he entered the tunnel, there was a loud boom. Countless bolts of lightning descended from the tunnel, and countless pairs of hands were holding all kinds of weapons as they madly hacked at him.

Outside the pa.s.sage, everyone's faces were grave!

So strong!

These countless hands, each of them holding a weapon, were probably comparable to a blow that broke six.

This wasn't just one or two!

There were at least a thousand hands!

No wonder the Dao tree that had broken nine also said that it could not hold on. It was lucky that the Dao tree did not die.


The beast Emperor threw a punch. The shadow of the fist was like a dragon. The roar of the dragon was heard. With a loud bang, the Thunder was destroyed in all directions, and the giant hand collapsed.

However, this was only the beginning.

With every step the beast Emperor took, it attacked with countless hands, all of which were Thunderbolts.

The gazes of Fang ping and the others were extremely solemn.

Those who broke the six Heavenly Kings were even more frightened.

These hands were only at the level of breaking six.

If it was just one of them, three to five hands would not be a problem. If he broke through six, he would not be unable to take even one blow from breaking six. He would be able to withstand ten or even a hundred blows.

But now, was it a problem of ten or a hundred times?

At the back of the crowd, Heaven's Fate was trembling with fear. The momentum and power of this attack had made him a great achievement in breaking six high.

However, Heaven's Fate suspected that he wouldn't even be able to walk 10 meters if he were to go in alone.

And this pa.s.sageway, according to the Dao tree, was probably ten thousand meters long.

No wonder he couldn't pa.s.s it even after breaking nine!

The beast Emperor seemed to want to pa.s.s through quickly. However, the faster it was, the more hands it would face.

If you don't go forward, the big hand in front won't appear.

"If you go to the front, more and more giant hands will appear. If this continues, I'm afraid the projection of the beast Emperor won't be able to hold on for long.

"Brother Dao tree!"

Feng's face was solemn. As he watched, he whispered,"If the beast Emperor stayed where it was and slowly erased the rule force, would it be safer?"

If he didn't move forward, the giant hand wouldn't appear.

What about staying in the same place and cleaning up slowly?

The Dao tree shook its head and sighed."I've tried it before. If you stay where you are, the nomological power there will slowly recover. You can only continue to grind. The longer you drag on, the weaker you will be. In the end, you might not even be able to go far."

Grinding away rule force was obviously not going to work.

The Dao tree continued,'I can only use up some of my nomological power! "Summoning these Emperor projections is to consume the power of laws in this place. The more we consume, the safer we will be.

If we can consume 70% of it, we should be able to pa.s.s through safely if we join forces. "

" 70%!"

Everyone frowned. Could he consume so much?

At this moment, the beast Emperor was fighting in the pa.s.sage. It had been moving quickly all the way, but it did not consume a lot of rule force.

A beast Emperor's combat strength had broken 8.

However, he still couldn't go too fast or too far.

Everyone's heart was heavy. This place was not safe.

If they were not careful, there was a possibility of death.

The rumbling sounds continued.

The beast Emperor also swept its way through the crowd. It was incomparably domineering, and its Dragon roars continued.

Gradually, the beast Emperor seemed to be getting weaker.

At this moment, everyone heard a sigh.""Fake ... It's still fake!"

"Three realms, let me take another look!"

A loud roar was heard. In the next moment, a huge Dragon that covered the sky appeared in front of everyone!

A Dragon!

It was too big!

The large pa.s.sage seemed to be unable to fit them all.

At this moment, in the outside world.

Outside the nine Heavens.

The beast Emperor saw it.

He saw a giant dragon appear between the sky and the earth.

Not only did the beast Emperor see it, but countless people also saw it.

He saw the huge Dragon that covered the sky!

The beast Emperor frowned and calculated for a moment. He had a rough idea of what it was. He sighed and snorted coldly. His voice echoed in the nine Heavens,""Such a scheme has nothing to do with me, and it's best if it has nothing to do with you all!"

No one replied.

At this moment, the Dragon roared!

"Divine Dragon's death!"


The huge Dragon suddenly spat out flames. Its body quickly collapsed and all its power gathered toward the flames.


A roar spread in all directions!


Another loud cry was heard, and the giant dragon disappeared in the blink of an eye. All the images that had appeared before had disappeared as if they had never existed.

On the ocean.

Old Zhang was leading an Army to besiege an overseas Immortal Island and force the other party to hand over all their cultivation resources.

At this moment, he also saw this scene.

w.a.n.g Jinyang stood at the side, frowning."Beast Emperor!"

Old Zhang didn't need him to say anything to know who it was.

"The beast Emperor is dead?"

Zhang Tao frowned."I think it was the celestial ruler before, and now it's the beast King. They've both projected their power into the Three Realms. Judging from the power that the other party just unleashed, even if I can't feel it, it's just a projection. I'm afraid ... It has the power to break eight levels, right?"

"There are!"

Lao w.a.n.g's gaze was also grave. Had things already reached this stage in the secret realm?

Even POBA had died in battle!

Whether it was a real person or a clone, the death of a level eight cultivator meant that the situation in the secret realm was not very good. It might have reached the final stage of treasure hunting.

"What do we do?"

Old w.a.n.g looked at Zhang Tao and said solemnly,"Fang ping hasn't appeared recently. He must have gone in!" Otherwise, he wouldn't have ignored such a big matter. Now that he's in there, even though the divine Creator and Heavenly King senior have gone ..."

Zhang Tao was also extremely heavy. Something big had probably happened in the secret realm.

At this moment, only half a day had pa.s.sed since he had led his troops to clear the Three Realms.

Only three overseas immortal islands had been cleared.

Should he go to the heavenly tomb now?

Most importantly, they might not be able to find the place even if they went.

After pondering for a moment, Zhang Tao didn't even bother to pay attention to the venerable sovereign who walked out of the island in fear. He thought for a while and said,""Why don't you and I go to the heavenly tomb to take a look? This time, almost all the experts of the Three Realms have gone there. I'm afraid that the human race will once again be surrounded and killed ..."

"I'm not worried about that!"

Old w.a.n.g sighed and said,"I'm worried about ... Those emperors!" The two projections seemed to have been destroyed one after another. It was a matter of the Emperor. Putting aside the destruction, the beast Emperor had not been destroyed. Would he not pay attention to that side?

Would the other emperors who had not perished not pay attention to that?

Emperors can't easily leave the ninth heaven or the origin, but the boundary points are different ... They can go there. "


Old Zhang's eyes instantly turned serious. An Emperor could go to the boundary point?

Old w.a.n.g saw that he had come to a realization and nodded slightly."Even if the emperor's true body can't enter, he can still stand guard outside. When Fang ping attacked the human Emperor previously, other people aside, once the emperor's true body arrived, Fang ping was in big trouble."

"Then what should we do?" old Zhang asked. This kid just likes to run around. He's not even willing to cultivate on earth!"

Zhang Tao cursed and said,""Why don't we go outside the boundary point to meet him? Even though the Heavenly King and the others are here, they might not be able to take care of him. Even if the emperors don't make a move, I'm worried that with such a huge commotion, the others will surround him and kill him. "

Old w.a.n.g saw that he was in a hurry and laughed. "There's no point in being anxious. This guy is very smart. He might not be in danger!"

Even though he said that, old w.a.n.g pondered for a while and said,""Right now, it's best to withdraw our troops and stop cleaning up the Three Realms! Gather the experts and make preparations for reinforcements at any time. Get Lin Zi, Dragon Transformation, and the other seniors to come over. Also, gather the Saints like Tian Mu, Gong Juan Zi, and Cai die.

At the crucial moment, we can act as reinforcements!"

Zhang Tao cursed,"this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what's he doing here?!" If he doesn't go, then I'll take advantage of the fact that there aren't any experts here to sweep through the Three Realms! If he was here, they could join forces to kill the palmprint emissary. Even if they did not seize the catacombs, they could weaken the catacombs 'strength.

b.a.s.t.a.r.d, how could this place be broken so quickly? it's only been two days!"

He was also extremely depressed. He had thought that this place would be able to trap everyone for at least ten days to half a month, but in the end, it had only been two or three days.

Old w.a.n.g looked in the direction of the heavenly tomb and said,""It might not be just two or three days. That place ... Time and s.p.a.ce are in chaos. Don't delay, call for experts and prepare to receive them!"

Old Zhang still felt a little heartache. Of course, he had to provide support. He was distressed about the resources.

They swept through three islands and harvested countless natural treasures.

According to old Zhang's calculations, these items were enough for thousands of people to cultivate to the high ranks.

Although the high ranks were not worth much now, that was only in relative terms.

There were countless living beings in the Three Realms, but how many of them had truly reached the apex?

Countless of those old fogeys had died. Other than those in the secret realm, the Three Realms and the human race had less than 200 absolute nightmare realm experts left.

Even if the ones in the heavenly tomb were included, there would not be more than five hundred.

After tens of thousands of years of acc.u.mulation, the Three Realms only had five hundred elites above the absolute beginning realm, and this was due to the recovery of many people.

Were high-ranks very weak?

In any case, old Zhang felt that it was not bad and that he had gained a lot.

Unfortunately, they were worried that something would happen to Fang ping, so they could only stop the clean-up plan, gather the powerhouses, and prepare reinforcements.

Old w.a.n.g laughed."Don't think about these small profits. Fang ping might have brought back even more this time. He's always been full of rewards."

"That's what you say, but this time, all the experts have gone. "

Old Zhang shook his head slightly. Forget it, he didn't expect this kid to bring anything back. It was fine as long as he returned safely.

In the secret realm.

Fang ping and the others were all shaking. After a while, the light in front of them dissipated.

Under the beast Emperor's desperate attack, all the rule force within a hundred meters was dispersed.

And the Beast Emperor had completely disappeared.

Everyone's hearts were solemn!


Even if the beast Emperor's projection only had the ability to break one gate, it was still extremely powerful.

And now?

Everyone sensed carefully. The beast Emperor might have consumed less than 5% of its rule force.

This was too little!

5% of rule force was enough to exhaust a person who had broken through 8%, which was really terrifying.

Feng and the others all had heavy expressions as they looked at the Dao tree. Feng said in a deep voice,""This pa.s.sage is too dangerous. Is the celestial Thearch not prepared to let us pa.s.s?"

Is this even human?

The one who broke 8 died just like that!

Although it was only a projection, it also proved how dangerous the pa.s.sage was.

The Dao tree also frowned slightly and quickly said,""According to my estimation, the beast Emperor can at least break two gates after absorbing the power of the checkpoints. It should be able to consume more energy ...

But now, it's a bit weak, because it's overused. "


Everyone looked at Fang ping behind them again. 'What a good thing you've done!

Fang Ping's face was gloomy, and he said in a bad mood,"Why are you looking at me? I didn't do anything to the beast Emperor! Don't give me trouble, hurry up, I can see that the rule force in this place is replenis.h.i.+ng. "

The Dao tree wasn't in the mood to argue with him. Its rule force was indeed replenis.h.i.+ng.

For a long time, no one would attempt to break through the barrier, so this rule force would soon reach its peak.

"Who's next?"

Everyone looked at the Dao tree. What was the next one?

Fang ping asked,"can I summon more than one at a time?" I think if we go one by one, even if we consume a lot of energy, the effect of one plus one is still greater than two.

With two emperors together and taking care of each other, I think the effect will definitely be better!"

"We have to be on guard!" The Dao tree said in a deep voice. I know that it would be more effective to summon them together, but now ... There are some problems with some of the levels. If the two I summon are both clones, and both have the power to break through the ninth level ..."

He didn't finish his sentence.

Everyone's heart palpitated.

Not bad!

If one of them joined forces with the Dao tree, they could still easily deal with the other party.

But the two of you?

One against the Dao tree, one against them. Even if they won in the end, they would still die.

With someone dead, his own consumption was huge, and the summoned avatar did not consume any rule force, then there was no way to break through this level.

"Let's do it one by one!"

"Even if it's slower, it has to be more stable!" The demon Thearch quickly said.

Everyone nodded.

"Next, I'll summon the celestial ruler," the Dao tree quickly said."There was a problem with the celestial ruler before ... Otherwise, if he was summoned, he would probably have the power to break nine!"

As he said this, he looked at Fang ping again, feeling a little aggrieved.

Fang ping had destroyed the celestial ruler's projection. The later celestial ruler was only created by the rules and was not as spiritual as the previous one.

Moreover, his strength had also been reduced.

It was Fang Ping's doing again!

Fang ping could not be bothered to look at him. He said casually,"I killed celestial ruler Batian before. He lost his vitality. He has a grudge against me. I'm not going!"


Everyone cursed in their hearts. You killed me again!

Is there anyone you haven't killed?

The reason why Fang ping did not go was because summoning seemed to consume everyone's energy. Did he not see that Tian Zhi and the others had not recovered to their peak state yet?

He couldn't guarantee that someone wouldn't take this opportunity to attack him, even though he could recover quickly.

"I've killed Emperor Nan and the East Emperor before, and I've also duped the North Emperor and the West Emperor. You guys can summon them as you wish, and it's best that none of you summon me. The same goes for the spirit Emperor, who can't wait to kill me when he sees me ..."

Fang ping added a few words, and everyone's faces darkened even more.

This guy was really inhumane!

We didn't kill anyone when we broke through, so why is it different when it's your turn?

The summoning continued.

This time, it was the celestial ruler.

Celestial ruler Batian, who was in a daze.

Other than the slight fluctuation when he saw the heavenly Hound, he did not have much of a reaction when he saw iron head.

Fang ping took a look. He had felt that it was a pity to see celestial ruler BA blown to pieces, but now, he was not moved at all. This was not celestial ruler BA at all. There was no need to treat him as one.

"What if these people summon their clones? What are those clones doing now?"

Fang ping was also calculating in his heart. Were those clones really just waiting to be summoned like this?

Waiting to be surrounded and killed?

It can't be that simple!

While he was thinking about all this, the robot that looked like celestial ruler rushed into the pa.s.sage in a daze. It didn't have any emotional fluctuations, unlike the beast Emperor who even exchanged a word with the kun Peng.

This person pushed all the way and was soon blown up by rule force.

No one had much of a reaction. They could all see that there was something wrong with this celestial ruler BA. He didn't have any spirituality, so it didn't matter if he died.

His rule force was once again consumed.

Fang ping, on the other hand, had already found the weak point leading to the human world, but it was a little strange. Had mo Wen sword come in before?

Otherwise, how could he have broken through the tunnel?

Just as he was carefully locating the position, he heard the discussion of the crowd, which made him pause for a moment.

"What do you think about summoning Zhan Tiandi this time?"

This was the Dao tree's suggestion. Fang ping could not help but think of the last words Zhan Tiandi had said at that stage. 'Let's meet after we've broken through.'

Zhan Tiandi ... Was about to be summoned?

Fang Ping's expression darkened slightly. This person had spiritual intelligence, and he was old w.a.n.g's previous incarnation. Should he do something?

Er Mao was still there. Cang Mao had also come out of his lazy state and perked up his ears, as if he was listening to their conversation.