World's Best Martial Artist - Chapter 1321 - 1321 Hand over the nine emperors seal!

Chapter 1321 - 1321 Hand over the nine emperors seal!

Chapter 1321 - 1321 Hand over the nine emperors seal!

1321 Hand over the nine emperors seal!

Summon Zhan Tiandi!

Fang ping took a deep breath. This was not good news.

In the 13th checkpoint, Fang ping felt that the most mysterious one was not the human Sovereign realm or the spiritual Emperor realm, but the three stages, heaven battling Emperor, heaven battling Emperor, and East Emperor.

No, perhaps the king of earth was also needed.


The king of earth had disappeared.

Fang ping had obtained the other partys token, but until now, he had not found any clues.

These four trials were perhaps the most mysterious.

Fang ping did not see Zhan Tiandi.

However, Fang ping was teleporting back then!

During the teleportation, Zhan Tiandi actually spoke to him.

This was very unusual!

Who had appeared during the teleportation in the other stages?

Zhan Tiandi had appeared!

Fang Pings brain worked quickly. Would there be an accident if he summoned Zhan Tiandi?

A clone?

Or was he overthinking it?

The appearance of celestial ruler and beast Emperor had only weakened the rule force by about 10%. There was still a large amount of rule force here, so it would not be a problem to kill a nine-Star Warrior.

Just as everyone was about to summon Zhan Tiandi, Fang ping wanted to say something but stopped himself. He wanted to stop them, but he did not know what to say.

Should he stop it?

While he was hesitating, Zhan w.a.n.g and the others had already been called out and stood out.

The few of them didnt think too much about it and began summoning according to the method of the Dao tree.

However, there was an accident this time.

White spots of light emanated from their bodies.

In the sky, a ray of light shot out and went straight to one of the 13 stages.

However, this time was different from the previous two.

For the first time, the beast Emperor walked out.

The second time, celestial ruler Batian Emperor didnt have any other reaction and came directly.

But this time No one came.

In the sky, a beam of light pierced through that level, but no one descended.

The Dao trees expression changed slightly.

Was there really a problem with the battle against heaven Thearch?

The others also frowned. Very quickly, the Dao tree shouted,Stop the summoning!

Everyone stopped, panting.

Feng and the others also looked at the Dao tree.

The Dao tree took a deep breath and said in a deep voice,Im afraid theres a problem with Zhan Tiandi.


Everyone continued to look at him, and the Dao tree was still frowning. After a while, he said in a low voice,Change! Change to another Summoner and continue summoning.


Hongkun frowned and said,Im afraid that this isnt the only one of the 13 levels that had problems! Weve now worn down a large amount of rule force, and in the end Others may benefit from it!

King Kun frowned and looked at the crowd.There are problems with the stages of Zhan Tiandi and the human Emperor. Everyone, there may be more problems than we thought. If this goes on, we may all be the losers in the end!

This could not go on!

He had only summoned the third one and there was already a problem.

Moreover, it was the battle against the heaven Thearch that no one had expected.

What about the others?

As soon as he said that, everyone looked at the Dao tree again. Hongkun frowned and said,At this point, theres no need to hide! Everyone had more or less discovered which checkpoints had problems!

The final result might be beyond our expectations. If thats the case, we have to consider giving up!

Give up!

The weak naturally had no objections, but the few who had broken 8% were all unwilling.

It hasnt reached that stage yet! The Dao tree also said in a low voice.

Hongkun looked at him with a burning gaze.Dao tree, what are your plans? I dont believe that you dont know that theres something wrong with these places. Is the divine Emperors clone here as well?

No, I didn t,

The Dao tree said helplessly,Ive already reached this level of strength, so why would master let his avatar enter? master probably also thinks that I can suppress everything

He said it helplessly.


His ability to break nine levels should be enough to suppress everything.

But now, many of them had broken 8%.

There were also more problems in each level than expected.

Hongkun didnt believe him. He suddenly said,Human Sovereign realm, battle heaven sovereign realm. Spiritual sovereign realm, there might be a problem with the three stages. Dont summon them for now!

The reason why they were called spiritual emperors was because many people didnt even go to that level.

This was not normal!

There might be a problem with the heaven reverse Emperor, Hongyu said slowly.

Emperor Xis trial seems to be a little unusual as well, Feng said with a smile.

In the blink of an eye, problems could have occurred in all five stages.

There might be some changes at donghuangs level, Fang ping said faintly.

Everyones expression changed slightly.


Sixth level!

The Dao-trees expression also changed!

He knew that there were a few problems, but now There were so many?

There might be a problem with the divine Emperors trial! Fang ping said faintly.


The Dao tree growled, and then its pupils shrank. It was hard to say!

He knew that his masters clone wasnt here, but There was indeed something unusual about the previous divine Emperor!

Could it be that there was really a problem with masters test?

If that was the case, out of the 13 stages, seven of them had problems!

In addition to the two who had already disappeared, as well as the king of earth who had collapsed previously, only the king of the south, the King of the North, and the heaven destroying Emperor would have no problems pa.s.sing through the three

Fang ping laughed and said,actually, its also a good opportunity to test the waters! Everyone, why dont we test him? Summon the divine Emperor

Very few people went to masters level, and not many people pa.s.sed it.

The Dao tree explained,if there are too few people, its almost impossible to form a nomological pa.s.sage. The projections inside cant come out. What I condensed previously was a material pa.s.sage, not a law pa.s.sage.

There were indeed very few people who had broken through the divine Emperors level, or rather, the Dao tree was the only one.

The others, including Fang ping, had not actually broken through.

Fang ping raised his eyebrows at that and asked,you cant summon it? If thats the case, who would dare to believe that theres no problem between you and your master? if the divine Emperor is also a clone, and you and your master are both beyond nine levels, we might as well give you some benefits. Why should we waste our time?

The Dao tree was a little annoyed. Masters avatar should not have come to the divine Emperors trial.

He had actually considered this before.

It was also because of these concerns that the divine Emperors clone did not come.

His clone had come. This master and disciple duo were too powerful.

Then the others would target them!

That was why the Dao tree had mentioned this matter when it had sent the message, which was why the divine Emperor had used the heaven-cleaving Jade.

And now

The Dao-tree was uncertain!

His clone had gone to his masters trial, but it had been destroyed. At the last moment, some information had been transmitted to him.

The Dao tree frowned and said nothing. Fang ping suddenly sighed.Why dont we all go back to our own homes and find our own mothers? How was he going to get out of here? I dont know how many Emperor avatars have entered.

The emperors avatar usually had the strength to break through the seventh level.

But now?

I think they all have the strength of nine levels. If this goes on, even if we open up the pa.s.sage, we will still benefit others.

Besides, we dont know how many people will die if we break this pa.s.sage.

These people are all waiting for their exhausted state, I dont want to be their cleaner.

The scene froze.

Should he give up?

He was unwilling!

Dont give up?

However, if he did not give up, more and more obstacles would have problems. If this continued, it might really be as Fang ping had said, and others would benefit in the end.

Is it impossible to summon a clone? Hongyu asked slowly.

Its not that I cant summon it

The Dao tree explained,however, it also depends on whether the other party is willing or not. We have condensed a nomological pa.s.sage. In fact, they can also walk through it. However, if its just an avatar, it doesnt have the ability to force them!

In other words, if its just a projection, it can force the other party to enter this place.

Then Zhan Tiandi

Some people frowned. Zhan Tiandi was a clone?

The Dao tree also knew what the other party meant, and after a moment of silence, it said,Theres another possibility. If the other party is familiar with the rules and is strong enough to break the rules of the guarding checkpoint, he wont be able to summon by force at this point.

Which one is Zhan Tiandi?

It might be the latter.

The Dao tree sighed and said,war heaven Thearch War heaven Thearchs trial has had problems for many years! If its a clone, then unless hes been here for many years, it cant be a clone.

Everyone looked at each other, and for a moment, they all had a headache.

On the other side, the G.o.d of the underworld said calmly,why dont we try the other stages? we can summon whatever we can and wear down some of the rule force! Those that cant be summoned are all problematic. Weve made some preparations.

If you really cant do it, then give up.

Fang ping said lazily,ready? How to prepare? There are so many people here. If theres a problem with all of them, I think we should go home.

The Dao tree didnt want to hear him say these words that would dampen everyones fighting spirit and said in a low voice,Fellow Daoist Fang, who wouldnt want to transcend after cultivating to our level? The opportunity was right in front of him. Besides, even if it was a clone, even if it broke nine, so what?

After all, a clone was not his real body!

Even if its a clone that has broken nine levels, its not invincible. Its battle prowess is weaker than an ordinary clone that has broken nine levels

How many clones can you deal with? Fang ping laughed.

The Dao tree frowned and was silent for a while before saying in a low voice,Two!

Fang Pings pupils contracted. Thats amazing! Senior Dao tree is truly powerful. I dont think even the true Emperor body is your match.

The Dao tree frowned and said coldly,fellow Daoist, theres no need to praise me. Do you really think that youre not prepared? After all, the nine-breakthrough clone isnt the real body. Five eight-breakthrough clones are enough to resist!

A clone and a real body were still different.

Reaction, attack, flexibility, combat techniques, physical body

These things were a little worse than normal breaking nine.

The Dao tree looked at the divine Creator, then at chaos, s.h.i.+ po, and the others on Fang Pings side. He said slowly, Theres a chance for you to defeat or even kill one of the nine avatars!

On Fang Pings side, there were four powerhouses who had broken through the top eight.

However, the divine inheritor was very strong. In addition, Fang ping and the gray cat had also broken through the seventh tier, which was comparable to a person who had broken through the eighth tier.

The Dao trees words were clearly telling Fang ping that even if he broke nine, he was not invincible.

He was really afraid that these people would all run away.

If they really ran, this pa.s.sageway might really not be able to open. Fang ping had quite a number of powerhouses on his side.

With that, the Dao tree said with a smile that was not a smile,Besides, the town hasnt arrived yet!

There was still hope, even if there were many problems.

Only by opening the pa.s.sage could his master and seniors instantly seize the seed.

Otherwise, with his masters power, once he descended, the secret realm would collapse very quickly.

Once it collapsed, the projection of the seed would disappear.

If the pa.s.sageway was not opened, the deity Emperor would have to first break the pa.s.sageway when he descended.

By the time he broke it open, the day would have turned cold.

The Dao tree had its own plans, and danger was not a danger.

Even though there were many avatars here, the moment his masters true body arrived, he would instantly s.n.a.t.c.h the seed and shatter the secret realm. It was fine if his master didnt kill those avatars, but if he wanted to kill them, none of them could escape.

The Emperor G.o.d was so powerful!

By then, when the item was in the hands of the master, even if the other Emperors true bodies were here, who could s.n.a.t.c.h the treasure from the hands of the divine Emperor?

This was the Dao trees plan.

The premise was that the pa.s.sage had to be opened.

Even if they joined forces with the other emperors, they would still have to open the pa.s.sage.

He had been here for so many years and had tried countless times. This would be the last time.

He would definitely be able to open it!

Fang ping was too lazy to say anything more, so he said casually,Do as you wis.h.!.+ If you want to continue, then continue! Theyre all very confident, Im afraid theyve been prepared for this.

Fang ping sneered and did not bother to say anything more.

At this moment, he found a place to sit down and closed his eyes to cultivate.

When everyone saw this, some frowned while others focused their attention.

Fang ping had always been the type to take advantage of things immediately. Why had he changed his gender this time?

Was he really afraid?

He still felt that there were too many experts and he had no hope, so he wanted to give up.

On Fang Pings side, however, there were quite a few powerhouses, right?

Fang ping was meditating. Li Zhu glanced at him and quickly sent a voice transmission,Brother Yu, be careful! Fang ping has to be on guard. The divine creators and the Heavenly King suppression arent kind people either.


Hongyu responded and suddenly sent a voice transmission,Brother li, are you confident?


Li Jing paused and sent a voice transmission,Ive talked to the human Emperor! He can join forces with us. To the human Emperor, he has two goals for this trip.

First, stop the Dao tree from breaking through.

Second, he had to find the real seed.

On the other hand, what we need is life force and the power of True Blood. They dont conflict with each other.

As for finding the location of the real seed, it is also our goal

Human Emperor

Hongyu fell into silence. After a moment, he said,You, me, and the human Sovereign realm are still not strong enough

Li Zhus voice transmission carried a smile.Brother Yu, you didnt make any preparations?

They all knew that the Dao tree had broken through nine, but they did not leave. Were they really not prepared?

Feng Hui will join forces with us. After this, I will invite Feng to join the celestial heavens and become the third Lord. What do you think, brother li?


Li Zhu had no objections at all. Feng was very powerful, and after they went out this time, they could break through the second gate very soon.

Now that the heavenly court was being suppressed by the human race, it was a good thing that an expert from the broken two gates had joined.

With Fengs help, he was indeed more confident.

Hongyu continued,this isnt enough, but its enough to protect myself for now! If you really cant do it, then just give up!

Who do you think Hongkun will work with? asked Li Zhu.


Hongyu fell into deep thought. After a long while, he sent a voice transmission. Its hard to say. The Emperor of heaven reverse might be working with him. He cultivates the way of energy and has been taught by the Emperor of heaven reverse for many years. The fact that he could break eight is related to the Emperor of heaven reverse.

The demon Thearch might join forces with him! Hongyu added.


Lizhu was a little confused. Hongyu explained,He and the demon Thearch have always been in the sea of bitterness, so the two sides must have had some exchanges. Otherwise, the divine sect and the demon Thearch would not be so peaceful.

Of course, they might not join forces. We can only wait and see!

I know.

While they were having a discussion, King Qian, King Gen, and the others were also exchanging their opinions quickly.

The fluctuations of these peoples voice transmissions could not be hidden from the Dao tree.

The Dao tree didnt care. At this time, if everyone held back and didnt move, that would be terrifying.

He didnt care about this, as long as he broke through!

His only goal was to break the pa.s.sage!

What happened after that was simple.

The Dao tree glanced at Fang ping out of the corner of his eye. He was slightly worried. It was best to kill Fang ping and get the heaven-cleaving Jade back. It would be safer. Otherwise, he was worried that something would go wrong.

The divine Emperors true body was his true safeguard.

Everyone, lets continue!

The Dao tree lightly shouted,try them one by one. This time, summon Emperor Nan!

Everyone had ulterior motives, so they had no objections.

The summoning began again.

Chaos was a little anxious.

Hefting his greatsword, he paced around Fang ping. He could not help but sit down again, saying quickly,Kid, what are you thinking? Where did the Treasury go? Theres a problem with so many stages, and these people clearly know that theres a problem, but they still continue. They must have come to an agreement with some of them!

Fang ping opened his eyes and smiled.Theyve reached an agreement. Didnt we reach an agreement with the spiritual Emperor?

Can I believe that?

Can their cooperation be trusted?

Fang ping did not think much of it. Cooperation based on interests, it depends on interests! Whoever had a higher chance of winning would be able to attract a fence-sitter. If it really doesnt work out, well just join one side

Don t! Luan said grumpily.Be careful, or hell end up like you and get rid of the third party first! Sh * t-stirrer, were all sh * t-stirrers. If you dont kill us, who do you kill?

Fang Pings eyes widened!

Ill go!

Youre too self-aware!

Why was he pulling a long face?

Dont admit it?

You should have some idea in your heart!

He was starting to regret it. He should not have sided with the biggest s.h.i.+t stirrer, Fang ping. It was too late to back off now.

He had just thought of it not long ago. Now, everyone was used to Fang Pings methods and knew of Fang Pings ability to stir sh * t.

If there was a conflict and there were multiple forces, who would he kill?

Of course, it was Fang Pings side!

Fang ping, stone break, chaos, heavenly dog, gray cat, divine Smith

None of them were good.

One by one, their att.i.tudes changed like the pages of a book, one faster than the other.

There was a limit to the chaos, and it was too dangerous.

He was a little scared now.

That was because No one had contacted them!

This was not normal.

In the past, with the Dao tree around, everyone would have privately discussed how to get rid of the Dao tree, but no one mentioned it this time.

Fang ping had raised this topic a few times, but no one responded.

This was very abnormal!

Just as he was speaking, Emperor Nan was summoned.

Emperor Nan sighed softly and did not say anything. He stepped into the air and walked towards the pa.s.sageway. Then, he repeated what the previous two had done.

On Fang Pings side, Shui Lis face was full of sorrow.

Li Wuji did not feel anything, and he was not familiar with Emperor Nan.

After all, Emperor Nan had taught him the origin returning technique. Fang ping still bowed slightly and sent him off. However, it was limited to this. This was the mission of these projections.

As for Zhan Tiandi He was related to Lao w.a.n.g. Otherwise, Fang Yuan would not care about his life or death.

When Emperor Nan went to challenge the levels, the divine forging envoy also came over.

Be careful, kid! He said with a grave expression. Somethings not right. I went to test the underworld G.o.d, and it seems that theres something wrong with this old man. There are three people who have broken through eight, seven, five, and more than sixty people on the beginner martial stage. If they join forces, they can even fight against nine people!

The G.o.d of the underworld Might not have given up on the idea of killing the gray cat!

Especially now that Cang Mao had broken through to the seventh level, his origin was even stronger. Killing Cang Mao might cause an even greater disturbance to his origin!

Be careful, dont fall into their trap!

Fang Pings heart trembled slightly. A beginner martial artist Still not giving up on killing the gray cat?

Thats true, its not that easy!

After persevering for so many years, how could he give up so easily?

The martial Saint was also in the ranks of those at the beginner level!

There were more than one or two people in the Chu Wu line who wanted to kill Cang Mao.

Back then, Fang ping had thought that killing the gray cat might not be of much use. At most, its origin would shake. So what?

However, the Chu Wu lineage had persisted for so many years just because it might shake?

The black quagmire in the origin of the gray cat was the real trouble!

It cant be that if I kill the old cat Those negative things will be like inner demons and pollute the entire great Dao, right? To cause even the essence experts of the Three Realms to go berserk?

This thought suddenly rose in Fang Pings mind. Then, his eyes moved slightly, and he transmitted his voice to the innocent-looking gray cat,Big cat, who knows about the black mud pool in your origin?

The Chu Wu line would not kill the grey cat for no reason.

Even back then, did he know that the source world of the old cat was different?

Cang Mao looked at Fang ping innocently. After thinking for a while, he said,One for you, one for the captain of the cat guards, one for the big dog, one for the small sword Thats all, right?

It didnt remember clearly, so it thought for a while and said,The fatty seems to know about it, but I cant remember.

Fang ping frowned. Five people might know.

Of course, he would not reveal it, and neither would mo Wen sword. That was because the first time he killed the old cat was in ancient times, and Mo Wen sword had not even been born.

Tian Chen, Tian Gou, and Ling Huang!

Fang Pings eyes flickered. If he killed the gray cat, the origin bloodline would probably be greatly affected. The beginner martial path kept wanting to kill it, but someone was trying to protect it.

To protect it Tian Chen should be protecting it?

Otherwise, he wouldnt have fought the fire G.o.d to his death in the past.

The heavenly dog This dog wouldnt sell out the gray cat, right?

Otherwise, the heavenly Hound would have the chance to kill the cat.

Wheres the spirit Emperor?

Fang Pings head hurt. He felt that it was impossible.

Then how did the Chu Wu line know that killing the cat would cause serious damage to their origin?

Black quagmire Still a problem!

The people at the initial stage of martial arts might really not have given up!

Fang Pings eyes flickered. He might have been too optimistic before.

He felt that if the human race had the hope of relying on chuwu, chuwu would not attack Cang Mao again. Would it really be as he imagined?

King Kun and the rest did not know anything!

They probably thought that killing Cang Mao wouldnt have much of an impact. At most, the origin would shake for a while. This was also the reason why these people didnt stop Chu Wu from killing Cang Mao.

However, they did not know about the existence of the black quagmire!

Black quagmire What the h.e.l.l is this?!

Fang ping thought hard. Suddenly, his pupils shrank, and he looked at the gray cat!

The old cat looked at him curiously, what is he doing?

Why are you looking at the cat like that?

Quagmire Cat world!

Origin Flaws, loopholes!

Fang ping murmured in his heart. Were these two things related?

Did I?

There were problems in both worlds. There were problems in the cat world and the origin.

The heavenly Emperors people were protecting the old cat.

The celestial Thearch was suppressing the loophole.

Fang ping suddenly looked at the gray cat. The more he looked, the more he mumbled. Was this cat raised by the celestial Emperor?

An existence that could freely roam the origin!

The gray cat also stared at Fang ping with wide eyes, as if it had discovered something. Its cat face was full of shock!

Whats wrong?Fang ping was shocked and asked hurriedly.

Big cat looked confused.Nothing. Youre looking at me like that, and Im looking at you like that.

Fang ping almost died of anger. You stupid cat, I was wondering what happened.

At that moment, Emperor Nans projection disappeared with a loud bang.

Ive worn down about 15%.

Fang ping mumbled.

Summon the North Emperor! The Dao tree shouted again.

There was no problem with Emperor Nans trial!

Everyone began to summon the North Emperor.

Fang ping, on the other hand, rubbed his cheeks. The problem seemed to be more serious than he had expected.

Beginner martial stage did not necessarily mean that they were allies!

It might even be an enemy, an enemy that dealt a fatal blow!

He had thought that since heaven arm had been helping him, they could work together. Underworld G.o.ds att.i.tude was good too, so they could work together.

But now That might not be the case!

Hongyu and the others dont get along with us. If the beginner martial stage wants to attack us

The more Fang ping thought about it, the more he felt troubled.

Even if the Heavenly King could really take the nine-breakthrough sword away, there were still many powerful cultivators present.

Would stone break and chaos really always stand with them?

Not necessarily!

I might be in trouble This wont do. I have to take this opportunity to seize the nine emperors seal! It has to be now. Otherwise, the demon Thearch wont compromise after this. He might even join forces with the others to kill me!

Fang Pings heart trembled again. It was very possible!

Since the demon Thearch knew that he was determined to get the nine emperors seal, he was not willing to give it to him. Did he really think that he would not take it?

Demon Emperor!

Fang ping glanced at the demon Thearch out of the corner of his eye. At this moment, the demon Thearchs mentality seemed to fluctuate for a moment. Fang ping could not sense it very clearly. Fang Pings expression changed. He looked at the gray cat and transmitted his voice,Who is the demon Thearch communicating with?

Cang Mao blinked and scratched his head,That guy is so weak

What an illusionary fellow!

Fang Pings expression changed!

The demon Thearch Had joined forces with Chu Wu!

d.a.m.n it, they were definitely targeting Cang Mao and him. Otherwise, the demon Thearch wouldnt have joined forces with Chu Wu.

No, I cant wait like this.

Previously, Fang ping had wanted to force him to hand over the nine emperors seal at the critical moment when the s.h.i.+fter Emperor and the others were in danger.

Now, however, Fang ping realized that he had been too optimistic.

Since you want the nine emperors seal, you should get it as soon as possible. So what if you have to shed all pretenses of cordiality?

Fang Pings expression was solemn. He could not wait any longer. Otherwise, once those clones arrived, he would have no chance anymore!

d.a.m.n it, Im too optimistic!

I have underestimated the determination of these people to get rid of me and the old cat!

Fang ping stood up abruptly, his Qi exuding, instantly attracting everyones attention.

The group that was about to summon the North Emperor suddenly looked at Fang ping, slightly surprised.

Fang ping, on the other hand, had an outburst of Qi, his killing intent chilling.

If he wanted to take it, he would take it now!

Otherwise, once the battle started, his life and death would be uncertain. The Heavenly King suppression and the others might not be able to help him and he would not have the time to fight with the demon Thearch for this item.

It was only now, when everyone was apprehensive and wanted to break through, that was the best time.

Everyone frowned. What was Fang ping doing?

The G.o.d forger and the others also looked at Fang ping.

Fang ping, on the other hand, looked at the fey Thearch with cold eyes and said coldly,hand over the nine emperors seal!

The demon Thearchs face turned cold!

Hongyu, Lizhu, and the others frowned as well. King Kun even shouted,Fang ping, well talk about this after weve broken through!

Hand over the nine emperors seal!

A saber appeared in Fang Pings hand. His aura rose again, and he shouted coldly,Hand over the nine emperors seal!


The demon Emperor was furious. All the powerhouses of the Three Realms were here, and Fang ping was actually forcing him to hand over the nine emperors seal at this moment. He was going too far!


The surging qi and blood shook the entire pa.s.sage.

The demon Thearch was furious!