World's Best Martial Artist - Chapter 1319 1314-All Ambitious People

Chapter 1319 1314-All Ambitious People

Chapter 1319 1314-All Ambitious People

The Dao tree was not in a hurry to summon the Emperor.

At this moment, the Qi dynamic of the Dao tree was turbulent. With a low roar, whip-like roots appeared in the void and quickly took root near the Heaven's Gate.


A low shout reverberated in all directions.


A crack had actually appeared on the heavenly gate.

"All of you, enter!"

The crowd looked at each other in surprise.


"There's an open s.p.a.ce behind the door. It's covered in an irregular pattern. You can only break through the door after entering!"The Dao tree quickly said.


The crowd was still worried. The Dao tree snorted and suddenly looked at Qing Tong and the medicine G.o.d island's venerable sovereign.

Of course, their strength was different now.

A Heavenly King and a Saint.

This was a member of the divine Emperor's lineage!

Emperor Qing Tong, or rather Heavenly King Qing Tong, sighed in his heart. He had to take the lead.

The Heavenly King of the deity Emperor's lineage, Heavenly King Li, was dead. If he didn't show up, was he going to make the Dao tree not open the door and enter now?

Qing Tong did not say anything more. He stepped on the air and flew to the door. There was a crack on the door.

Just as Qing Tong was about to enter, Fang ping frowned and said,""If it's opened, does that mean we can't get out?"

"That's not the case. "

The Dao tree seemed to be struggling."It can be opened again from the inside, but we have to go in. We can't open the door every time. If this continues, I can't take it ..."

Hearing this, Qing Tong didn't say anything more and stepped into the room.

At this moment, Fang ping and the others saw an amazing scene.

Through the door, they saw Qing Tong!

It was transparent!

The Dao tree wasn't surprised. This was also the reason why he didn't say much before. He smiled and said,""As you can see, he's fine. He's just at the side of the pa.s.sage ..."

Then, he looked at the medicine G.o.d Emperor and shouted,""You go in too!"

The medicine G.o.d Thearch recognized the Dao tree, so he did not dare to hesitate. He did not waste any time as he tore through the air and rapidly entered it.

Two experts from the Emperor G.o.d's lineage had entered in succession, which dispelled some people's concerns.

Fang ping and the others did not leave. Fang ping said lazily,"The rest of you go in first, we'll go in with the Dao tree later!"

What if this was a trap and they were trapped inside?

Everyone looked at each other, and even the broken eight didn't say anything.

The true G.o.ds looked at each other and felt sad. However, at this point, they had no choice but to advance.

Heaven's Fate, who was behind them, was also depressed. 'I was waiting for you guys to leave. I didn't want to go in!'

What are you doing!

Celestial pole was really depressed and wanted to cry but had no tears. The Dao tree didn't expect much from these people, but summoning the Emperor required them.

They had no choice but to go!

One by one, the real G.o.ds and Emperor Venerables entered.

The Saints also began to enter.

Soon, it was the Heavenly King stage powerhouse's turn.

Those without a broken eight had to go even if they didn't want to.

The demon Lord's master Gong Yuzi, Tian Ji, Sheng Hong, Liu Shan, Yin Fei ... All of them entered one after another.

Soon, it was Moon Spirit's turn.

After that, the Dao tree did not enter one after another. It shouted,""Let's go in together. The closed door is also a layer of protection in case someone sneaks up behind us!"

It was difficult to open the gate of heaven.

Only the Dao tree had broken through nine. Otherwise, if a person who had broken through eight came, it would probably take a lot of effort to open it.

It wouldn't be that easy even if more people were to set up an ambush outside.

The group did not delay any longer. The next moment, they all flew up and flew toward the door.

The Dao tree no longer maintained the state of the door opening. It rose into the air and quickly entered.


As soon as everyone entered, a loud bang was heard, and the heavenly gate closed again.

Just as they entered, someone else entered the temple.

In the blink of an eye, a figure appeared outside the heaven Gate.

He looked at the sky Gate and saw many people inside. They were the people who had entered.

"The elites of the Three Realms are all here!"

Sighing with emotion, the figure chuckled and said,""I don't know if these guys will get lost after breaking this door!"

As soon as he finished speaking, someone behind him said lightly,""Zhen, we haven't seen each other for many years, but you're still so naughty!"


Heaven suppression King put on a fake smile and turned to the man. He said,""Ji, you're older than me by a few years, and you're acting like an old man. Does that make your status seem high?"

Heavenly King Zhen laughed and said,""You've come so quickly. Why didn't you wait for them to summon you?"

The human Emperor!

Behind him was the human Emperor.

The human Emperor seemed to have forgotten that Heavenly King Zhen had joined forces with the others to kill his true body and he said indifferently,""There's no need to summon me. Since Fang ping already knows my ident.i.ty, why wouldn't he say anything? he'd rather everyone know that my clone is here. "

"You do understand him!"

Heavenly King Zhen laughed,"if you didn't reveal it on purpose, he might not have known anything!" What, you want to join hands?"

"How about you?"

The human Emperor retorted.


Sky King sighed."I'm an old man. I'm about to die, and I'm not that strong. The two broken doors are good, but they're nothing to you. What's the point of asking me?"

"You were about to break three gates. You didn't break three gates in the void gate?"

"It's not that simple," heaven suppression King said."My spiritual sense has never been that good!" "It was the same back then, and it was the same after I switched to cultivating the origin source. Sigh, that guy was so stingy. If he had taught me the great Dao, I might have broken through three gates back then!"

The Emperor looked at him with bright eyes. After a while, he said,""Is this your real body or a clone?"


The Heavenly King Zhen rolled his eyes,"if it's not the real body, what is it? Do you think that everyone is like you, with powerful avatars? I don't have much strength. Even if I really broke nine, I can't forge a clone that breaks eight!"

As soon as he finished speaking, his aura exploded!

Human Emperor's avatar trembled slightly!

So strong!

At the very least, he had the strength to break the two gates!

Ren Huang frowned slightly and stared at him for a while. Suddenly, he laughed."Others don't have the ability to do so. They don't have such a powerful clone ... You, might not!"

"You've really overestimated me!"

"I didn't overestimate him."

"In the past, your Jade-like bones were broken, your golden body was shattered, and you destroyed your own spiritual sense. You almost died!" After that, he switched to cultivating the origin and advanced by leaps and bounds.

The world thought that you had completely stepped into the origin, and the initial stage of martial arts was a thing of the past.

I'm curious ... Where are the Jade bone fragments?"

"What?" heaven suppression King was speechless,"I used it to forge my Jade bones!"

"Is that so?"

The human Emperor chuckled."Suppress! I won't ask how much other people know about you! But I'm not ignorant. 10,000 years ago, someone wanted to pry into the celestial source, and it was an extremely strong beginner martial artist ...

It stirred up the eighth heaven and almost broke through the ninth heaven. Soon, it was noticed and disappeared ..."

Heavenly King Zhen nodded his head,"I've heard of it. I heard that fist G.o.d was the one who did it. He wanted to destroy the celestial source."

"Is that so?"

"If you say so, then so be it!" The human Emperor said calmly. Fist G.o.d doesn't get along with us anyway, so he won't argue with us. In addition, over the years, there had been people constantly spying on the eighth heaven. Not only did they spy on the celestial source, but they also investigated the source of the resuscitated experts ...

You have always been under the supervision of the patrol envoy. Who went to the eighth heaven?"

"It's none of my business!"

The Heavenly King was speechless."Ji, don't try to make me the scapegoat. Are you angry that I tried to harm you last time? are you trying to frame me?"

The human Emperor laughed indifferently."If you say it's not, then it's not! That strongest beginner martial artist might be an anomaly that appeared out of nowhere!"

"Who knows? maybe it's dark and the others."


Ren Huang realized that after not seeing him for so many years, nothing had changed except that his skin had become thicker.

He had almost said it out loud, but this guy still had an expression that said it was definitely not him.

"You ... What do you want to do?"

The human Emperor looked at him with a burning gaze. You've waited for so many years, what do you want to do?

Heavenly King Zhen said dejectedly,"why are you looking at me like that!" This old man doesn't have such a hobby. "

"Heh, is this an elementary martial realm clone or an origin clone?"

"I don't understand what you're talking about!"

The Emperor snorted coldly."In the past, did you really shatter your Jade-like bones and shatter your initial martial body? Why do you have to be so direct!"


"I thought you were going to say something," heaven suppression King said with disdain."What beginner martial body? it's been destroyed long ago. Where did it come from?" If there was, I wouldn't have been able to step into the origin realm. What are you thinking!"

The human Emperor looked at him deeply,"really? Then this Emperor might be wrong! However, even though your true body has reached the two gates realm, it's impossible for you to scheme anything this time. "

"I just came to take a look."

"The seed might be in the human world, let me see if there's any familiar smell!" Heavenly King Zhen said indifferently. The heavenly Hound is here. Let it smell the seed, it might be able to find it. "


The human Emperor didn't really want to say anything more to him.

The Heavenly King was not sincere at all.???????????. ?o?

He had always suspected that Heavenly King Zhen's initial martial body was not destroyed.

Back then, he said that he had shattered his Jade-like bones, destroyed his spiritual sense, and re-cultivated his origins. Indeed, almost everyone in the Three Realms believed him.

This was because the Heavenly King had truly reached the origin realm!

But ... Zhen really gave up on the beginner level?

Not necessarily!

As for why they could step into the origin, didn't Dou and Qiong also step into it?

He just had to force his way in!

As long as the initial stage martial artist was strong enough, why not tear apart the origin and forcefully step out a Dao path?

Didn't the celestial Thearch also forcefully step into the origin from the initial martial stage back then?

"Elementary martial body ... Origin body ..."

The human Emperor looked at Heavenly King suppression once more, his eyes were like the vast ocean, extremely deep.

'Suppress, have you cultivated both bodies to the limit of breaking 8?'

Or even stronger!

If there really was such a thing, then the fusion of the two bodies would probably ... Exceed everyone's expectations.

The Heavenly King Zhen was a little unhappy with his gaze and said angrily,""Stop looking! If I really had that ability, I would've broken through nine levels at beginner martial arts. Would I need to switch to Origin cultivation?"


The Emperor sneered,"your ambition is no less than your master 's!"

"What ambition? don't wrong me!"

"Also, my master doesn't have any ambitions. He just wants to find a way out for beginner martial stage!" Heavenly King Zhen said with an unfriendly look.

The Emperor sneered."Fang ping, your master's chess piece?"


"Why deny it!"

"I don't know," the human Emperor said indifferently."In the past, your master found a place where the seed was projected. After that, he disappeared without a trace. From then on, there were some abnormalities in the Three Realms!

Later, I found out that your master was secretly developing a great Dao and wanted to create his own heaven and earth, taking the Three Realms as the foundation!

His ambition was not just big!

At that time, the celestial Thearch had secretly attacked and destroyed his inner world. Almost all the lives he had created had died ...

"But Fang ping, I've seen him once before. He has some of the imprints. Isn't it your master's scheme?"


Heavenly King Zhen said in a bad mood,"if my master is so capable, he would have appeared long ago. Why is he like this now? we don't know if he's Dead or Alive. We don't even know where he is!" "Fang ping was born in Sun City, and you thought of my master. What were you thinking!

There are so many cities with sun in the world, and they are all places where my master is hiding in secret?

I've been to that place many times. If I had found it, would I still be afraid of you?"

"Don't think that you're the only smart one. Some people are just short of turning Sun City upside down!"Heavenly King Zhen scoffed.

The Emperor frowned."You really aren 't?"

"Definitely not,"

"My master is so capable, is there a need to hide it?" Heavenly King Zhen said impatiently. Otherwise, he wouldn't have lost in the battle of ten thousand DAOs and was eventually defeated by celestial ruler BA ..."

The Emperor looked at him indifferently and only spoke after a long time,"Celestial ruler BA ... If he really defeated your master, would your master's Jade-like bones still exist?"

"How would I know?"


The two of them conversed for a while and the Heavenly King Zhen was really impatient. He said in disdain,""Don't come with me! This clone of yours seems to be stronger than me. Stay away from me so that others won't misunderstand. If they can't kill you and attack me instead, that would be bad luck. "

After some thought, Heavenly King Zhen left the main hall and cursed as he walked,""You're crazy, they're all hiding in their own checkpoints, and you F * cking had to follow me here? You just have to make things difficult for me!"

This old man kept scolding as he walked. He was a little annoyed.

The human Emperor was very calm and did not get angry. He said in a deep tone,""The origin and the initial stage of martial arts have something in common. However, if we combine them rashly, there might be a rejection and even self-destruction!"

"It's none of my business!"

The human Emperor was still indifferent as he said slowly," 10000 years. I've cultivated my Jade bones. I've cultivated my great Dao of qi and blood. I'm not far from the Dao of spiritual sense!" Not even in ten thousand years!

Eight thousand years ago, you might have had the same strength as you now!

Two thousand years, how did you cultivate to this level?

If you walk on the path of origin, you'll be able to advance at an unimaginable speed ..."

"Don't accuse me wrongly. I'm not as fast as Fang ping. No, I'm not even as fast as that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Zhang Tao!"

Heavenly King Zhen explained and continued to run.

"They ... Are different from you!"

"You ..." The Emperor said faintly,"you ... Two thousand years ... It's almost the same as a war! And you, you are not cultivating the elementary martial arts that you are good at! From what I know, someone stole something from behind the gate of void. I'm afraid they're plotting something.

The power of the projection of the void gate was not as strong as before.

Someone had stolen the power of the projection.

There should be three or four sub-seeds in the Three Realms. Which one did you take?

Is it the life Seed or the vitality seed?"

Heavenly King Zhen turned around and frowned at him. After a while, he said,""I don't understand what you're saying. Ji, if you keep talking nonsense, I'm not done with you!"

Human Emperor's tone became even deeper,"forging Jade bones! Geniuses were like creations, but they also borrowed divine artifacts to forge their Jade bones! Beginner Jade bones were all forged from the power of the seeds of the past!

The original Jade bones were difficult to forge. Even though the moon Spirit had been in hiding for many years and had started forging the Jade bones more than twenty thousand years ago, it was still difficult to succeed!

Forging Jade bones through war and destruction was also something that happened many years after he became a Gokudo path.

You're stronger and more terrifying than them!

In less than 2000 years, you've forged Jade bones from nothing and broken through eight!"

Heavenly King Zhen stopped in his tracks and turned around. He stood at the entrance of the hall and looked at Zhong Yue. At this moment, he was no longer laughing and scolding Zhong Yue. He said coldly,"Ji, if you have a fart, then fart! From what you've said, you've been paying attention to me for a long time. What do you want?"

The human Emperor looked at him and chuckled,"I don't want to do anything!" Survival is also what I seek!"

The human Emperor sighed and said in a self-deprecating manner," 8000 years ago, the king of earth thought that he could turn the situation around with his own strength!" But he was too conceited, so conceited that he thought he was invincible in the Three Realms!

He had failed that time.

Only then did the Three Realms truly understand that there is always a sky beyond the sky!"

The human Emperor sighed,"I only want to survive. I don't want to be like brother Hong. I don't want to become an alien in the eyes of everyone and eventually die." But the others ... Who can be trusted!"

The human Emperor looked at him."Brother Zhen, why don't we join forces? On the day you proved your Dao, I protected you and combined your two bodies. You were probably prepared to transcend and shatter the Dao above the celestial source, weren't you?

But without anyone's a.s.sistance, would you dare to break it?

If I don't help you, who will?

No one will help you!"

Heavenly King Zhen's eyes were cold and he said,""You don't need to pretend to be profound in front of this old man, everything is just your own speculation! You have bad habits. You like to be like that little guy Fang ping, making wild guesses!

"You're not Fang ping. As a King, it's not cute to guess wrong, and it won't make people think that it's harmless!

Ji, there are some things that you can't just decide!"

"Why did you reject my good intentions?" the human Emperor chuckled. I have no ill intentions. "


Heavenly King Zhen straightened his back and said coldly,""You really think I know nothing! Back then, you plotted in secret and caused my brother's death. I'm afraid that from then on, you already had the same guess as today and wanted to force me to make a move!

This matter will be settled sooner or later!"

The human Emperor sighed."I didn't want to die from the shock. I didn't plot against you that day. Do you think others didn't want to?" You and your teacher didn't even show up. The war of the Three Realms will sweep across the heavens and earth. You and your teacher avoided the battle and didn't die from the shock. Who would believe you?"

"Moreover, Zhen is fighting for Hong, how can you blame it on me?"

"Although the king of earth is hateful, he has already died. You are the main culprit!"

Heaven suppression King laughed coldly."Whatever you think. You want me to be your s.h.i.+eld? Ji, you're thinking too much! If he had the time, why not think about whether this clone would be able to walk out alive today!

No matter how strong you are, I'm afraid that your vitality will be greatly damaged after losing nine broken avatars. I really want to see your appearance when you lose control!"

The human Emperor laughed and didn't say anything else.

Heavenly King Zhen didn't speak anymore. He didn't move but the void shattered and he disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The human Emperor didn't care about him.

He walked around the hall and stared at the murals for a while. He murmured,""Teacher, since you left this place and trapped the projection of the seed, didn't you leave anything for yourself?"

"Perhaps ... You're also waiting for this opportunity!" The human Emperor laughed and shook his head.

With that, the emperor's avatar gradually dissipated.

At the same time.

In the heavenly gate.

Everyone looked at the crystal Pa.s.sage not far from them. This was the nomological pa.s.sage mentioned by the Dao tree.

It was like an underwater tunnel, and it looked quite beautiful.

As for the group, they were all standing on a piece of flat land outside the tunnel. It wasn't too big.

"After this path, we will reach the projection world!" The Dao tree said.

Fang ping nodded."Is this rule force really that strong?"

"Very strong!"

"Even breaking nine will kill you?"

"I might, because I haven't broken nine."

Fang ping rolled his eyes. 'What's the point of reneging on a debt?'

The Dao tree, however, was rather serious as it slowly said,""I know that you might not believe me even if I told you, but this place ... You should know that the three gates did not appear, so I did not break them."

Fang ping was stunned when he heard this.

The divine creator's eyes moved slightly, and he sneered,""Indeed, it can't be considered breaking nine gates. What great ambition! You want to break three gates at once and directly prove the emperor's path! He might even want to directly break the three true gates. Even if he becomes an Emperor, he doesn't want to be the weakest among them. The Dao tree has a big appet.i.te!"

As soon as he said that, Fang ping remembered some things old w.a.n.g had told him.

Old w.a.n.g had said that donghuang had asked him to break three gates at once!

Breaking three gates at once would make him more versatile!

Donghuang felt regretful that he didn't manage to reach that level with all three paths. He was lacking something and wasn't perfect enough.

"I'll go!"

Fang ping cursed in his heart. If that was the case, the Dao tree's ambition was really great.

No wonder this guy refused to go out no matter what. He probably didn't want to be projected by the gate of void. He wanted to directly break the gate of truth, and all three gates at once!

There was a lot of vitality in this place. It didn't matter if there weren't three gates.

Everyone looked at the Dao tree.

The Dao tree slowly said,"on the path of cultivation, everyone wants to become stronger, everyone wants to transcend!" I am no exception. What is ambition? If any of you have this opportunity, your ambitions will not be any smaller than mine. "

The Dao tree sighed softly."This path is difficult and fraught with obstacles. Perhaps ... I can try it for all of you once ... If I succeed, all of you will have a chance. If I fail ... Heh heh, it will be difficult for a new emperor to appear in the Three Realms!"

At this moment, the Dao tree was as warm as Jade, but it was a little melancholic.

Everyone's hearts clenched. If even the Dao tree failed ...

Could he really become an Emperor?

Could he really get out of the chess game?

For a moment, he felt a little sad for the loss of his kind.

Soon, someone woke up. Feng looked at the Dao tree meaningfully and said,""Summon the Emperor now? Who should I summon first?"

The Dao tree also returned to its original state and said with a smile,""To prevent any accidents, let's summon the beast Emperor first! There shouldn't be any problems with the beast Emperor stage. "

Everyone looked at him suspiciously. Why was he so sure?

"A beast Emperor is an Emperor, after all, and an Emperor has his dignity ... He wouldn't have been killed dozens of times without any movement."


Everyone looked at Fang ping in unison.

Fang ping rubbed his nose and laughed dryly. "It's a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding. I just wanted to break through. I didn't want to humiliate the Emperor!"

Everyone was mentally exhausted. This brat was really black-hearted!

He killed the Emperor dozens of times in a row. The beast Emperor's true body was there, and he slapped him to death.

Even if his clone was here, he would probably not let him off so easily.

What a bully!

Thinking about it this way, what the Dao tree said was right. To break through, of course, one had to find those with small unexpected factors first to prevent accidents from happening.

The beast Emperor was the most suitable candidate!

"Fang ping, Tianzhi, Sheng Hong ..."

The Dao tree named them one by one. Those who had broken through the beast Emperor stage had to take action and join forces to summon the Emperor.

Fang ping, on the other hand, did not move. Seeing everyone looking at him with unfriendly eyes, Fang ping laughed dryly. "I'll avoid it. After all, I have wisdom. I'm afraid that the beast Emperor will be angry if it sees me. Once it's angry, it will kill me regardless of the rules ... Isn't this a waste of the resources of an Emperor?"


What he said ... Everyone looked at each other. It seemed ... There was nothing wrong with it.

If the beast Emperor saw Fang ping, would he really kill him at all costs?

Yes, the possibility was very high!

Anyone who had been smacked to death dozens of times would probably be angry. Even if it was like this to break through the level, the beast Emperor level was a level where the fusion took place on its own initiative. It was not really smacked to death to become a meatball!

This time, even the Dao tree was helpless. Alright, if it really made sense, it was better not to use Fang ping.