Supremacy Games - Chapter 1164 Invading His Dream.

Chapter 1164 Invading His Dream.

Chapter 1164 Invading His Dream.

Four Months Later...

Less than four months was all it took for life in the universe to go back to normal as no one kept discussing the universal war or the destruction of Earth like it never happened.

With trillions of entertaining distractions in this era, it was near impossible for the populace to keep focusing on one matter forever.

Though, there were still many changes occurring in the alliance in those four months. Firstly, Zosia relocated the Mariana Federation's capital to the Everglow Kingdom, her own kingdom.

Everyone in the council had approved of this since it was a temporary solution.

The long-term solution was transforming Mars into a habitable planet with oceans, seas, forests, and such...Then, build as many cities on it and populate them. When everything was set, it would become the new capital.

It was done like this as a sign of respect to the real leader of the Federation...But, it wasn't really as celebrated by the public as in the council.

After all, forty billion lives were lost and they were from all different areas of the Federation.

Whether people loved or hated Felix, every one of them came to the same resolution...It was Felix's fault.

In their eyes, he was the one launching a sudden and peculiar war against three races in the alliance for seemingly no reason by leading the most hated and feared species in the universe.

At the start, they cheered for him and wanted him to win it since they knew that their race was going to be close allies with the Void Nation when it joined the alliance.

This would bring them many benefits in the short and long term.

But now? Not everyone was feeling the same after forty billion innocent lives had to suffer because of one man's decision.??e????n???.co?

One could only wonder how would they react if they knew that if it wasn't for Felix's interception, they would have gone extinct...

Anyhow, whether they liked the decision or not, the Federation was going all in to reform Mars.

As for Earth? Well, even with their advanced technologies, it was impossible to restore it back to its habitable environment in the same frame of time.

The explosion had simply caused too much damage to the planet's foundation and it would take centuries if not more to recover.

Right now, Earth was beginning another Ice Age and no one knew for sure when it would end.

All they could do was wait for it to recover at its natural speed.

On the other hand, The Void Nation had successfully cleaned most of the Darkins' territories of their citizens.

Candace supervised the immigration process, knowing that most void citizens were at edge lately due to Felix's absence.

She had busted out many of their squads being too rough to the immigrating citizens, showing absolutely no mercy.

Candace would have allowed all of this to happen by her evil nature. But, she spent enough time with Felix to know that he would hate them for this when he wakes up.

On another note, Candace ignored all of the alliances' calls to a meeting, knowing that they wanted to make them join the alliance as fast as possible.

However, she refused to speak on behalf of Felix in such an important matter without him being on her side.

Speaking about Felix, it didn't seem like he was planning to wake up from his self-induced coma anytime soon.

"It's been already four whole months." Asna emphasized with a bit of agitation in her tone, "I really don't think this is normal."

Ever since Felix fell into that coma, she had never left his side. She waited hours and days for Felix to wake up...Yet, his eyelids didn't even bat once.

The only reason she didn't take any drastic measures to wake up Felix was because of his masters telling her that he needed to handle his trauma on his own and when he succeed, he would wake up by himself.

She agreed at the start but after weeks and months, her patience was running thin and her worry was increasing day by day.

"Noah's situation is the same."

Fenrir sighed as he recalled Noah's current robotic day-to-day life in those four months.

He might be much more active than Felix, but he never listened to anything Fenrir said and he merely 'eats, sleeps, and s.h.i.+t akin to a cat.

"Asna does have a point." Thor frowned, "Clearly our approach isn't working and I believe if we kept waiting, Felix might end up staying in a coma forever."

"For him to take this long, looks like he isn't really confronting his trauma in his dream." Lady Sphinx stated, "He must have created a fantasy dream to avoid it completely."

"There is only one way to find out." J?rmungandr said as he looked at Candace with the others.

"Do you just want me to spy on him in the dream or make my presence clear?" Candace asked.

She understood that they wanted her to use her powers to invade Felix's dream.

"Just spy on him and link your consciousness so we can see as well." Lady Sphinx a.s.serted, "I still believe that Felix needs to handle some of the trauma on his own. So, if he really was living a fantasy dream, it's best to correct it and let him deal with it."

"Isn't that too harsh?" Asna asked with a worried tone, "What if he fails and just proves to be too much? I think we really need to be there for him and help him process this."

In her eyes, Felix was still a human and humans need companions.h.i.+p to help them in their difficult times.

"I trust that Felix will be able to handle this." Lady Sphinx stressed, "If he doesn't, well, he can forget about growing mentally and physically strong enough to deal with those beings."

"She is right." Thor agreed, "As much as I hate it, Felix's path requires him to toughen through those obstacles on his own if he really wants to keep his promises."

"I don't care if he keeps it or not." Asna retorted angrily, "I just want him to wake up!"

"He cares about it." J?rmungandr requested with a soft tone, "So if you really love him, it's best that you let him try to handle it on his own at first."


"Don't worry, we have something to motivate him to get him on his feet if he fails." Thor said as he eyed his partners.

"What is it?" Asna asked.

"Well, all I can say is that it's a false hope." Thor smiled wryly, "It's best not to tell him about it. But, if we are left with no choice, we can only use it."

J?rmungandr didn't wait for Asna to ask again as he told her about it, making her eyes widen to the limit.

"That's possible?!"

"Well, that's what we don't know." Thor added, "Plus, even if it was possible, I doubt Felix can pull it off."

"Candace, I want you to tell him about this only when you see the situation isn't developing as we have hoped." Lady Sphinx informed.

"I understand." Candace nodded with a serious look.

"Be on your way then."

The moment she heard so, Candace sat on the consciousness ocean and closed her eyes shut.

Then, a pinkish symbol in the shape of a long-horned goat appeared on top of her...Just like the pride sin symbol, it was created out of a completely unidentified language!

After it was manifested, the symbol emitted a pinkish mist, which enveloped Candace, and Felix's head from the outside.

Eee Eee!

When Nimo saw it, he got excited and had his eyes turn pink as well.

"c.r.a.p! Nimo can enter the dream as well and mess up our plans!" Thor exclaimed after seeing the little racc.o.o.n getting enveloped in the same pinkish mist!

"Bad Nimo! Bad!" Asna scolded as she picked him up hastily and kept him away from Felix...Alas, it was too late as Nimo began snoring soundlessly while dangling from her grip.

He had already invaded Felix's dream and unsurprisingly, much faster than Candace!

He had emerged in Robert's mansion's garden, where little Felix could be seen sitting in front of a small ant colony.

"Fight, little ones, fight for a chance of freedom, hehehe."

Little Felix kept giggling evilly as he placed two ants inside a bottle's top and watched them climb on top of each other to get out.

Eee Eee!! Thud!!

Suddenly, before Little Felix could react, Nimo smashed into him and began licking his face excitedly.

"Help! Help!! I am being attacked!!" Scared s.h.i.+tless, Little Felix screamed out loud while covering his face in protection!

Everyone would react the same if they were jumped at by a pitch-black racc.o.o.n.

Just as the servants were about to rush in and see what was going on, Little Felix got a bit braver and opened his eyes when the licking stopped.

The first thing he noticed was that Nimo had the friendliest and cutest look on his face as he sat on his chest.

"You're friendly, right?" Nervous but a bit curious, Little Felix asked as he reached out at Nimo with his hand.

Eee Eee!

Nimo nodded his head and moved it to Felix's hand, before rubbing it against it eagerly, like he merely desired pats.

When Little Felix saw this, he dropped his guard immediately and began rubbing Nimo's smooth fur while giggling in enjoyment.

"So fluffy..."

Unfortunately, before Felix could enjoy his time with Nimo, the nearest servant arrived.

"Oh My G.o.d..."

Her reaction was out of utter horror the moment she realized Nimo's species!

"Young master!! Drop that thing!! You will get rabies!!" She screamed fearfully as she rushed towards them.

'That little...I just arrived here and he is already making trouble.' Candace rubbed her eyes with a wry smile and used her power to cause both Little Felix and the servant to lose consciousness.

She knew that if the servant dared to touch Nimo or keep him away from Felix after such a long period, he would literally delete her from this dream in front of Felix.

Such a shock was enough to destabilize Felix's dream, something that she didn't want to happen before she finished her mission.

"Little G.o.d, can you not make so much trouble for me?" Candace begged as she appeared next to Nimo and picked him up.

Eee Eee!!!