Supremacy Games - Chapter 1165 Altering The Dream...

Chapter 1165 Altering The Dream...

Chapter 1165 Altering The Dream...

In an act of defiance, Nimo glared at her in annoyance and jumped away from her embrace, sitting next to the pa.s.sed-out Felix, and started to lick his face to wake him up.

'Leave him be, Candace.' Lady Sphinx said.

'It's not like I can stop him.' Candace sighed.

She knew that Nimo had given her a warning before and if she dared to keep him away from Felix, he had no issues with kicking her out of the dream.

As the true Paragon of Sins, her abilities meant nothing to him.

Still, she knew that he would end up ruining their plan, so she decided to at least inform him about their mission here.

"Little G.o.d, you can stay here with Felix." Candace requested with a hopeful tone, "But, can you not use your powers on anyone?"

Eee Eee?

Nimo was confused by her request...But, when Candace explained that it was all for Felix's sake to wake him up, he nodded vigorously.

"Good." Candace sighed in relief and disappeared out of sight, deciding to be a mere spectator.

To avoid the servants' causing trouble, she installed in everyone's minds that Nimo being a racc.o.o.n was no problem.

She chose this approach to avoid affecting Felix's experience in the dream too obviously.

After all, if she made the servants see Nimo as a cat or not see it at all, Felix would realize that something was wrong with their reactions when they see Nimo.

'Wake up.'

The moment Candace clapped her hands once, both Felix and the servant woke up at the same time with no memories of them pa.s.sing out.

The servant crouched down in front of Felix and asked with a delightful smile as she eyed Nimo, "What do we have here, young master?"

"My new friend!" Little Felix grinned widely and lifted Nimo from his arms, "Touch him, he is so fluffy and friendly."


Just as the servant was about to reach out with her hand at Nimo's head, he gave her a cold glare that sent s.h.i.+vers down her spine.

", ano..ther t..time. I thin..k I am called." She swiftly retracted her hand and excused herself, not daring to touch Nimo.

"Her loss."

Little Felix shrugged his shoulders and picked up Nimo...He scanned him up and down and uttered, "Since you are completely black, how about I call you Blacky?"




Asna and the rest of Felix's masters' eyelids twitched after hearing his naming sense, knowing deep down that if Asna didn't name Nimo personally, he would have been called Blacky...

Eee Eee...

It turned out, even Nimo disliked the name greatly. He wiggled from Little Felix's clutches and landed on the ground. Then, he used his pow to write a Nimo on the dirt.

He might not be able to speak yet, but copying his written name was nothing.

Eee Eee!

Nimo patted his chest and the name on the ground over and over again like he was stating that he wouldn't accept anything but this.

"Nimo? Nimo...I like it."

Little Felix smiled in approval and picked Nimo up. Then, he grinned evilly and asked, "Do you want to terrorize my cousins with me?"

Eee Eee!

Nimo nodded excitedly in agreement. He was sold at the term terrorize.

"Hehe, follow me to the playground." Little Felix placed him on the ground and sprinted inside the gigantic mansion while Nimo was chasing him closely.

All the servants merely smiled in gratification after they saw Felix and Nimo playing together, knowing that Felix had it extremely rough in the past year due to his parent's sudden death.

The moment Little Felix and Nimo exited the mansion's gate, Grandfather Robert spotted them from his balcony and asked out loud, "Where are you going?"

"Playground!" Little Felix shouted back and kept on sprinting towards the exterior gate of the mansion without looking back.

"Don't bully your cousins! I have had enough of complaints from their parents!!" Grandfather Robert scolded angrily as he waved his special belt.

Alas, his threat fell on deaf ears as little Felix wheezed away like the wind.

After exiting the exterior gate, it took him more than ten minutes of walking down a beautiful suburb street with mansions of all sizes built between it, to reach the playground.

No one was worried about his safety because this entire area was owned by the Maxwell Business Empire and housed by their families, who were more into the suburban living style than the city life.

After Felix arrived at the playground, he saw little Olivia, Sarah, Jackson, James, Kenny, and many other cousins of similar age, fooling around in the playground.

'I knew it, they never invite me to play with them.' Felix's smile turned a bit fainter after seeing his cousins having fun in groups...

It might be mean, but Felix quite deserved it as he had taken his parents' death on them constantly until they stopped hanging out with him altogether.

At the end of the day, they were still kids and couldn't be as understanding as adults.

'If I am not playing, no one is.' Felix pouted and looked Nimo in the eyes...Then, he told him to chase them out of the playground.

Eee Eee!

Without an ounce of hesitation, Nimo bolted from his place and charged toward the girls, who were playing on the gra.s.s with dolls.

"Kyaaaa!!! So cute!"

Unfortunately for Little Felix, everyone in the dream had their vision of Nimo deformed by Candace, making them see him as the cutest pet ever.

So, the moment Nimo arrived near the girls, Olivia and Sarah embraced him tightly and began rubbing him all over.

"He is so fluffy!"

When the boys heard the ruckus, they grouped up around them and began looking at Nimo with curious looks.

"Whose pet is this?" Kenny inquired.

"It's mine!!" Little Felix appeared out of nowhere with a defensive expression, fearing that one of them might steal it from him.

"It's Felix!! Run!!"

Some cousins immediately had their faces turn black from fear as they bolted away from the gathering, not wanting anything to do with Felix.

His pranks had traumatized many of them in the past year!

"Young Felix was really a walking menace..." Thor uttered speechlessly.

He might have read Felix's memories, but he never saw this part before.

"How can this cutie be yours..." Before Sarah could disapprove of Felix's claim, Nimo escaped from her clutches easily and jumped into Felix's embrace.

"Let's go Nimo. Clearly, we aren't welcomed here." Felix gave his cousins an annoyed look and walked away, planning to return to his mansion.

"Wait...Can't you stay for a bit?" Little Olivia requested shyly while fiddling with her fingers, "I want to play with your pet a little."

"Me too!"

"I haven't touched its fur yet!"

"Please stay!"

Felix was taken by surprise by their requests as this was the first time they asked him to play with them for a very long time.

Although Felix knew that they merely wanted to play with his pet and not him, it still meant a lot to him.

So, he turned around and shamelessly bragged that he had taught him many tricks, knowing that Nimo was weirdly too smart.

His cousins gathered around him again and Felix began commanding Nimo to sit, roll over, play dead, and such, making his cousins keep exclaiming in awe.

"Do we really need to mess up with his dream?" Asna asked with a sorrowful tone, "Look at him, even in his fantasy dream, he wasn't well-liked and he is trying his best to fit back in. Now, we are going to alter his dream for the worst...He is still a child here and it might break him..."

"It has to happen." Lady Sphinx said, "His dream must have a one-to-one time with the real world. So, if we wait for him to grow up in the dream world, it would take years and years. By then, this dream will really become his real world."

It might be difficult to watch and borderline evil, but if they wanted Felix to return to them, they could only correct his dream right now.

Just like a bandage, it was best to rip it as fast as possible.

"Candace, we have watched enough." Lady Sphinx ordered, "Do it gradually."

"Alright..." Candace sighed as she eyed Felix, "I apologize for this."

Without further ado, Candace began pus.h.i.+ng the sealed bad memories into Little Felix's brain, showing him the death notifications of his grandfather and his friends and what happened to Earth in the real world in a gradual process.


Still, it proved to be too much as Little Felix immediately fell to the ground while screaming at the top of his throat with tearful reddened eyes.

"Felix!" Little Olivia was the first to sit next to Felix and begin to shake him with a worried expression.

Some close cousins like Kenny, Sarah, and Jackson gathered around Felix to check on him while the others kept their distance or outright run away, believing that this must be one of his pranks.

Unbeknownst to them, thousands of images were flas.h.i.+ng before Felix's eyes on the real world...The moment they stopped, Felix quietened down immediately and closed his eyes shut.

Eee Eee!

Just as Nimo wanted to intervene and help Felix, Candace appeared next to him and took him away.

"Asna said that If you want Sir Felix to come back to us, you must not intervene in the process." Candace used Asna's name as a s.h.i.+eld, knowing that Nimo never dare to misbehave in front of her.

Eee Eee...

So, Nimo stopped fighting back and watched the sunny and beautiful dream world begin to change at a noticeable pace.

The sky turned bloodish red and gloomy while the trees and plants wilted rapidly, turning the entire suburb into a nightmarish desolate area.

The faraway new york skysc.r.a.pers began to fall down on each other, creating deafening explosions and thunderous ruckus throughout the entire city.

Yet, the scary thing was the people.

All of them had lost their normal appearances as they were transformed into the most hideous undead zombies...

The moment Felix's vision was restored, the first thing he saw was Olivia and his cousins' faces falling off, showing their fleshy skulls, which were having many insects entering from one orifice and exiting from the other.

It was an utterly a horrific experience for a child...To make it worse, all of them were repeating the same toe-curling sentence as they kept pus.h.i.+ng their hideous faces closer and closer to Felix.

"Why did you kill us?"..."Why did you kill us?"..."Why did you kill us?"...

Felix curled up into a ball and kept apologizing with the most heartwrenching tone, "I am so sorry, I didn't mean it...I am so sorry, I am so sorry..."