Supremacy Games - Chapter 1163 A Small Victory, But Unsatisfactory...

Chapter 1163 A Small Victory, But Unsatisfactory...

Chapter 1163 A Small Victory, But Unsatisfactory...

"As you wish."

Seeing that Fenrir was pretty adamant about the fight, no one bothered to talk sense into him anymore.

Since the Darkins weren't attending the council, Elder Aspidochelone could only send them another invite.

When they didn't respond, he said with an annoyed tone, "They aren't coming."

"Then, tell them about the clash and warn them if they ignored the challenge, they would be kicked out of the council." Thor said coldly.

This was one of the few moments where he regretted not being alive and still possessing his perfect manipulation.

He was extremely furious about this whole matter, yet he could do nothing to the Darkins besides cheer by Fenrir's side.

It didn't feel good one bit...

"I guess that's only fair." Erebus supported Thor's suggestion.

"I think the same."

"They have been going too wild for a while and undermining our status as primogenitors." Siren added with a displeased tone, "Now, even our descendants are starting to believe that we have no issues with killing non-threatening families."

The rest of the primogenitors nodded in agreement with irritated expressions...None of them were impressed with Darkins sleek way of destroying the planet with that weapon.

In fact, they were more disgusted since it screamed of being a dishonorable coward.

In their eyes, if they had no self-respect to stoop that low, they might as well use their powers to destroy the planet.

Thus, this clash was literally their last chance of regaining the respect of their peers...If they also ignored it, there was no point in keeping them in the council.


"He really challenged us." Wendigo frowned in displeasure as he looked at the council's written warning to attend the meeting and accept Fenrir's challenge.

"What do we do?" Saurous inquired with a severe tone, "Do we accept it?"

"We can't." Mannanangal disclosed, "It's too risky for us. We have already irked most of our peers and the Asgardians have Lady Sphinx and Lord Khaos on their side."

In the eyes of Mannanangal, this clash was fraught with variables that were stacked against them.

Sure, the council's clash meant that it would be organized by the council and most of the primogenitors would be there to make sure that no one would interfere when things get tough for one side.

However, Mannanangal wasn't too trusting of the process when his faction's reputation was in the sewers and most of their peers were clearly going to be unfriendly with them.

"He is right." Wendigo sighed, "Who can say for certain that the Asgardians won't take advantage of us being in place to launch an attack with their allies? Even Lord Khaos can use the opportunity to get rid of us once and for all without much annoyance."

They might be proud but they weren't stupid to put their safety in the hands of the council at this crucial moment.

"If we are going to fight them, it has to be on our terms and turf." Mannanangal nodded.

"I'm not saying I don't agree with your take on the matter, but rejecting the challenge implied getting kicked out of the council." Saurous knitted his eyebrows, "Then, we will really be on bad terms with most of our peers."

"F*ck em and their council." Wendigo said coldly, "The only thing we will be losing is the privilege of joining the games and events related to it. Who cares about that now?"

Mannanangal and Saurous nodded in agreement, knowing that the games didn't interest them anymore when their strongest players were taken down by the Asgardians.

In other words, there was no entertainment to be extrapolated from the games anymore but mere humiliation and a reminder that their descendants were trashed by a single human.

So, they all closed the notifications and ignored the challenge.

In fact, they went a step further and muted the messages of all of their peers, going completely off the grid just like in the old times.

Since they planned on lying low, they might as well do it properly.

"I really hope that punk gets back on his feet and makes sure that he doesn't get killed off before Lord Khaos finishes with him." Saurous narrowed his eyes dangerously as he envisioned Felix's face.

The other two didn't add anything but their eerie silence supported Saurous's take.

At this point, they had suffered way too much at the hands of Felix to be satisfied with anything but killing him personally in the worst possible manner...


"I guess the fight is not happening." Elder Aspidochelone smiled wryly as he eyed Fenrir, "They didn't just ignore my message, they muted me."

When the primogenitors heard so they attempted to reach out to those three and found out that their messages weren't going through.

"I guess they muted me too."


"Wait, me too?" k.u.miho pouted in annoyance, "What did I even do?"

"Well, I guess this makes it official then." Erebus shrugged his shoulders, "Those three will no longer be part of the council or anything related to it."

Although they heard so, not a single Asgardian was pleased with such a disappointing ending...Especially Fenrir, whose murderous intent had just increased by tenfolds even the furthest primogenitor was affected by it.

"Cowards...Bunch of f*cking cowards!" He cursed hatefully under his breath.

"Honestly, I expected such a reaction." J?rmungandr shook his head, "Those f*ckers have never dared to fight us three vs three and were always either ganging up on us or evading us in our era."

Most of the primogenitors nodded their heads in agreement as their memories were still vivid of those two factions' conflict in their era.

The Darkins' fighting style was not honorable in the slightest as they make sure to take advantage of every single opportunity while simultaneously avoiding losing fights.

In a sense, there was nothing with this and was actually the best way to handle such serious death or life battles...Not a single primogenitor here had a problem with it.

However, this was different since Fenrir was literally asking for a one vs one fight under the order of the council.

Not agreeing to it was simply a cowardly act no matter how they spin in it their heads.

That's because he was planning to fight them while both of his partners were mere wisps of consciousnesses!

In other words, he was taking a real risk!

"Queen Ai, eliminate the contracts of all champions belonging to Manananggal, Saurous, and Wendigo." Elder Aspidochelone ordered.

"I need the approval of the majority." Queen Ai stated.

The primogenitors offered their affirmation on the order one by one...With one last confirmation, Queen Ai kicked hundreds of the Darkins' champions out of the champion's games!

Now, they were mere normal players and they had absolutely no relation to the rest of the champions even if they met in the same game!????e???e?.co?

While this was a small victory to be celebrated, it didn't brighten up the Asgardians one bit...

Fenrir placed a lot of hope in this battle to help reawaken his student from such a nightmarish trauma.

Alas, even when he offered himself, the Darkins didn't bite...