Super Gene - Chapter 97: Same Style

Chapter 97: Same Style

Chapter 97: Same Style

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When Han Sen arrived at the place Tang Zhenliu told him, he saw Fang Jingqi was also there. Tang led Han Sen into the living room.

After entering the living room, Han Sen saw that on the sofa sat a young man, who was very quiet and did not speak when he saw Han Sen coming in.

"Tang, what do you need me for?" Han Sen asked directly.

"Brother, look at this first." Instead of answering Han Sen’s question, Tang played a video.

The scene was shot in a martial ring. A man in combat suit was surrounded by a group of people wearing masks. The moment Han Sen saw the man he shuddered, although it was just through the holographic image.

Then the video began. Under the siege, the man started a gorgeous murder show.

It was a slaughter. In one minute and twenty-three seconds, the man in combat suit was holding nothing but a dagger. He had killed a total of 34 people, each in one strike. No one survived, and no one could stand up again after taking his strike.

The man was like death himself, harvesting lives casually.

"This person is a lot like you," after the video was played, Tang looked at Han Sen and said.

"That’s not me," Han Sen said quietly.

"Of course it’s not you, but you fight in the same style. Before you strike, there is no warning or signs. But the strike itself was fast and fierce, with perfect timing. You are both," Tang concluded.

Although Tang had not fought Han Sen, he was a great fighter and discovered many things when he was playing that drinking game with Han Sen.

"So?" Han Sen frowned.

"This person is called Yi Dongmu, grandson of Senator Yi who is demiG.o.d. This year he is the champion of Tsar Shelter. In other words, he is one of my compet.i.tors," Tang explained.

"What do you want me to do? Disable him so that he cannot partic.i.p.ate in the contest? I am sorry, but I do not have that kind of skills." Han Sen spread out his hands.

"Of course not. He is the grandson of Senator Yi. Even we couldn’t approach him easily, let alone you. We could never him. In the Alliance, wherever he goes, he’s always closely guarded," Tang said. "We have invited you here because we want you to imitate Yi Dongmu’s tactics and spar with us. Truth be told, I really have no confidence to block his weird strikes and you can help us get used to his style."

"What’s in it for me?" Han Sen did not decline.

Tang pondered, moved his lips but didn’t speak.

They were basically asking Han Sen to teach them how to beat himself, so it was very hard to name the price. If Han Sen was someone important, they would not even have asked as it could be perceived as provocative.

"We can try our best to accommodate whatever you propose," Fang Jingqi said.

"An S-Cla.s.s license of Saint Hall," Han Sen paused and said.

"Deal." Tang replied so fast that Han Sen felt that he might have asked for too little, maybe he should have said two S-Cla.s.s licenses.

But Han Sen had always been an optimist. One S-Cla.s.s license was a great price already and what they asked him to do helped himself in turn as well, as Yi Dongmu might be his opponent as well.

"I have to say this before we start. My skills are inferior to Yi’s. Even if you could parry my attacks, you might still be stabbed by him," said Han Sen.

"I know. Here are some videos of him fighting. Watch carefully and then we will start. We don’t have much time left and we can only hope that our first opponent won’t be him so that we’d have more time to practice." Tang Zhenliu sat on the couch and joined Lin Feng, leaving Han Sen to watch the videos himself.

Han Sen watched one video after another. None of the videos were shot officially. Han Sen felt this trip was worth it, because if he encountered Yi Dongmu without knowing his style, he might be killed in the match.

Indeed, they shared the same style. The difference was that Han Sen had formed the style himself, while Yi clearly had a great mentor. That was why Yi’s skills were much better. He seemed to have a better fitness level than Han Sen as well.

As for beast souls, Han Sen was sure that Yi had better ones than his as well. As the grandson of a demiG.o.d and senator, his grandfather would manage to get him nice stuff no matter which shelter he was in.

Although time is limited, none of Tang Zhenliu, Fang Jingqi and Lin Feng asked Han Sen to hurry. They let Han Sen repeatedly watch the footages.

Han Sen sometimes would replay some details several times. Yi had taught him a lot through these videos, which meant more to Han Sen than an S-Cla.s.s license.

In just less than four hours, Han Sen felt as if he had been through a revolutionary change.

However, after full understanding Yi’s way of fighting, Han Sen was surprised to find that although Yi’s strikes looked terrifying, there were subtle defects to his style. And only those who deeply understood this style would be aware of these defects.

Tang was getting impatient and wanted to interrupt Han Sen, but Lin Feng the quiet man stopped him. It was in the evening when Han Sen had finished with the videos.

"Let's get started," Han Sen got up and said.

"Well, let me see how well you can imitate Yi." Tang took Han Sen into a combat room in the villa.

Hen Sen grabbed a dagger the same shape of Yi’s dagger. Its edge was not sharpened and its blade was retractable, so that no one would get hurt.

The way Yi Dongmu and Han Sen fought required them to do their best with each strike. If real weapons were used, Tang was afraid that he would be injured by Han Sen.

"Let’s begin." Tang tightly watched Han Sen, and did not step back. They wanted to practice how to parry Yi’s strikes after being approached by him.