Super Gene - Chapter 96: Amazing Talent

Chapter 96: Amazing Talent

Chapter 96: Amazing Talent

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Qin Xuan felt suffocated as she almost stopped breathing when she saw Han Sen’s hands dancing madly.

Halfway through evoler-3, Han Sen had made no mistake yet. His hands were moving so fast that sometimes all she could see was the afterimage, which amazed her.

Although the test had not yet been completed, Qin Xuan was able to determine that Han Sen had the ability to pa.s.s evolver-3. Judging from what she saw, he was not just lucky, but making progress constantly.

"Evolver-3... This is evolver-3!" Qin Xuan was suddenly pleased with herself.

She was the one who discovered Han Sen and insisted that he join her squad. The potentials he was exhibiting proved her decision extremely wise.

An unevolved who could complete evolver-3 in Hand of G.o.d was very likely to be invincible among all the unevolved once he learned how to operate a warframe.

"This kind of ability seems wasted on a sniper or archer." Qin Xuan was swayed for a moment, as he would make a better warframe operator in an open battle than a sniper in the dark.

But thinking of Han Sen’s cautious character, Qin Xuan soon gave up the idea as he was not cut out for close combat.

But this discovery still made Qin Xuan happy, because Han Sen was the best candidate to operate a warframe equipped with multiple long-range shooting weapons.


A crisp sound interrupted the thoughts of Qin Xuan. It was the tone of Han Sen pa.s.sing evolver-3. She was no longer surprised, because she had predicted that this was not his limit.

But she was now more convinced of Han Sen’s amazing potentials and felt more determined about one thing.

"This person is mine," Qin Xuan thought eagerly, as Han Sen started to play evolver-3 again.

Even Qin Xuan herself could not have foreseen that she would have such high hopes for this guy who mistook her for a creature and stabbed her in her b.u.t.t the first time they met.

"Evolver-3, if he got more geno points and became an evolver, how great could he be then?" Qin Xuan was slightly excited. She quietly watched Han Sen practice for a long time before she went out of the gym.

"Maybe I could raise the bar for him," Qin Xuan thought with a smile that would make Han Sen shudder.

Ten days had soon pa.s.sed. Han Sen was stuck and couldn’t pa.s.s evolver-4 in such short time. There were ten phases in each level and Han Sen’s performance had been exceptional for an unevolved.

Practicing Hand of G.o.d not only benefited his Sleeveblade skills, but also helped his speed of Bladestorm, as his improvement.was comprehensive.

"The contest of all champions has finally come. I have to be in the top 10." Han Sen had read a lot of information from previous years and felt that he stood a good chance.

It was not to say that he was invincible. This year, several powerful Chosen had gone to Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary, which meant he had less compet.i.tion.

Han Sen studied his potential compet.i.tion for a long time and found that his biggest rivals were likely to be Tang Zhenliu and Lin Feng.

Tang had been the Chosen several times. He was the fifth last year and three of the four that ranked higher than him had gone to Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary this year. The only one who didn’t go was named Lin Feng, similar to the name of Han Sen’s friend Lin Beifeng. Lin Feng was the second place last year.

There was no doubt that this year the two men would be the ones to beat.

He looked through the description from a lot of people who had watched last year’s contest and found the two strong indeed.

Great fighting skills, plenty of advanced beast souls plus the sacred-blood beast souls awarded to them last time, as well as their growth this year, all meant they shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Han Sen has met Tang Zhenliu before. Although he kicked Tang’s a.s.s in the game, it was completely thanks to his reflexes and prejudgment. In a real combat, he needed more to win and just Tang’s beast souls alone were trouble enough.

"How come these two guys did not go to Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary?" Han Sen was ever more concerned after he read the description. No matter how well they could fight, the beast souls they had would be fearsome enough.

"I hope I won’t run into them too early, or I would probably be in bad shape even if I won, which would be a disadvantage in the following matches," Han Sen thought.

He could gain a sacred-blood beast soul as long as he was top 10, and the beast soul was a.s.signed randomly. Therefore, Han Sen did not think of the first place, but would be happy as long as he was one of the Chosen.

When Han Sen was considering all kinds of possibilities, he heard his comlink and saw a strange number on it.

Han Sen frowned. He was not sure who it would be and answered the call hesitantly.

Beyond Han Sen’s expectation, popped up in the holographic image was Tang Zhenliu.

"Surprise!" Tang laughed.

"It sure is. What's up?" Han Sen asked.

"I need a favor from you," Tang said.

"Let’s hear it. I am just a n.o.body and may not be able to help you," Han Sen said with a smile.

"You sure can. It has to be you, too. But no worries, you could name your price," Tang Zhenliu said.

"What favor exactly?" Han Sen cringed.

"Let’s talk about it in person. Are you home now? I'll pick you up," Tang said hurriedly.

"No need. Tell me the place and I’ll go to see you." Han Sen felt strange. Tomorrow was when the contest would start. What was Tang doing looking for Han Sen rather than preparing himself?

"Is it about the contest?" Han Sen guessed and felt it necessary to figure out what Tang was up to.