Super Gene - Chapter 98: An Interesting Person

Chapter 98: An Interesting Person

Chapter 98: An Interesting Person

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Han Sen approached Tang, holding a dagger backhandedly, a way he had learned from Yi.

Two feet away from Tang, Han Sen suddenly wielded the dagger and stabbed it at him from an unexpected angle.

Fang Jingqi was shocked, and the quiet man’s eyes lit up. Tang was covered in cold sweat and it was too late to parry that attack with his broadsword. He abruptly turned sideways but was still stabbed in the waist.

"S*#t! Your strike was not that different from his," Tang called out, staring at Han Sen.

Fang Jingqi looked at Han Sen with a strange look and the quiet man’s eyes also fell on Han Sen’s hands.

Hen Sen was surprised himself as well. He was practicing Jadeskin madly these days. And practicing Hand of G.o.d had also enhanced his speed.

In addition, he just saw Yi’s way of fighting and had some new insights. Now his strike was so powerful that he couldn’t believe it himself.

"Ha-ha, G.o.d loves me. With you sparring with me, Yi will be no big deal." Tang laughed out loud.

For a whole night, none went to bed, but the only one who was practicing with Han Sen was Tang. Fang Jingqi didn’t register in the contest and the quiet man was just watching and did not meant to join them.

Having practiced for a night, Tang could not avoid Han’s dagger as long as Han Sen was within a foot from him. Tang didn’t develop a way to defend himself, while Han Sen was getting better and better.

"S*#t! I give up. There is no way to parry your attacks. Maybe I’m doomed," Tang said sullenly, as he saw it was about time to go to G.o.d’s Sanctuary for the contest and there was no point in going on.

"Now you are able to deal with Yi," Lin Feng who had been watching in silence suddenly said.

"Lin, what do you mean?" asked Tang, sitting up straight and staring at Lin Feng.

"Yi Dongmu is not as good as him. You can’t parry his strikes, but with Yi you would be able to avoid being stabbed in fatal parts. If your luck is not too bad and run into Yi in a few days instead of today, you could block Yi’s strikes at a very small price." Hearing this remark from Lin Feng, Tang and Fang all looked Han Sen, appalled.

They knew Lin Feng well and was shocked that he would speak so highly of Han Sen by saying that Yi Dongmu was not as good.

Han Sen’s background was much inferior to Yi and Yi was probably also older, yet Lin Feng said Yi Dongmu was not as good as Han Sen.

If the remark was from another person, they would certainly have scoffed, but they knew Lin Feng and he was never wrong. Last year, the only reasons he was not the first place were that he hadn’t broken the bottleneck in his hyper geno art and that he entered G.o.d’s Sanctuary two years later than his opponent.

"No need to look at him that way. I’m just saying his style is better than Yi Dongmu’s, but his fitness was still inferior to Yi of course." Lin Feng smiled, and reached a hand out to Han Sen. "I am Lin Feng. Very pleased to know you. You are an interesting person."

"Han Sen. A pleasure," Han Sen shook his hand, smiled and said.

"Well, it is late. Let’s shower and teleport." Tang interrupted the eye contact between Han Sen and Lin Feng. He turned to ask Han Sen, "There is a teleport device here. You want to join us?"

"No, I did not register so I will not go," Han Sen declined and left.

Watching Han Sen leaving the villa, Tang asked Lin Feng, "Is he really so good?"

"He’s better than you think. If he had the same background as Yi, he would be 100 times more impressive than the latter. He understands the essence of, while Yi only has some skills. His growth was limited by his background but he will be well-known in a few years," commented Lin Feng.

"Such high praise from Lin. He must really be something," Fang Jingqi said.

"In a few years, will he surpa.s.s you?" Tang was interested.

"In First G.o.d’s Sanctuary, I am invincible," said Lin Feng casually, exuding confidence.

This time Han Sen had gained a lot. Not only did he get an S-Cla.s.s license from Tang, he also enhanced his advantages in sneak attacks. As pointed out by Lin Feng, his strikes were more threatening than Yi’s.

But no matter how powerful his strikes were, he had to first get close to his opponent, which was not easy.

In practice, he started from the proximity of Tang, who would never let him get so close in a real match. After all, the art of was better used in the dark.

Yi had practiced a kind of footwork that allowed him to easily approach others even from the front, but Han Sen had never learned it so it was hard for him to get close.

That footwork was also a hyper geno art and involved special techniques. Han Sen was never good at footwork and could not imitate from watching the videos. Even if he tried, he couldn’t get the essence of it. Therefore, it was essential that he should learn his own footwork.

"Maybe I should consider using this on my footwork." Han Sen squeezed the S-Cla.s.s license in his pocket.

But now he had no time for that--practicing a new hyper geno art took time. Han Sen went to the teleport station, entered G.o.d’s Sanctuary, dressed himself as Dollar and entered the martial ring.

In the middle of the martial ring erected a giant sacred stele that was a hundred times more magnificent than the martial stele. Under the watch of people from Steel Armor Shelter, Han Sen marched into the sacred stele and was teleported to a huge martial ring--Chosen Martial Ring.

In all the shelters of G.o.d’s Sanctuary, there was a similar sacred stele from which the image of Chosen Martial Ring was projected. At this moment, champions from all the shelters were entering Chosen Martial Ring from the sacred stele.