Super Gene - Chapter 962: Raiding the Garden

Chapter 962: Raiding the Garden

Chapter 962: Raiding the Garden

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"Getting in should be easy. There is an old tree close to the east side of the garden that is hollow on the inside. It has many roots all around it. If you drill your way through below it, you can enter the garden without sounding any alarms." Thorn Baron paused, then said, "But the tree that is closest to maturing still needs another thirty years. There is nothing for you to take there; you can't obtain anything of value right now."

Despite being unaware of Han Sen's trick for growing plants, Thorn Baron still led the way. Before long, they came to the tree she had spoken about.

As she had described, there were many thick roots protruding from the earth. After digging downwards, he soon came to a s.p.a.cious pocket beneath the roots. After entering, he traveled a short distance to enter the garden. Without much effort, they had infiltrated the area without triggering any sort of alarm.

It was in the middle of the night, so there wouldn't be anyone going for a walk in the garden at this time.

Han Sen was delighted, seeing all the plants there that were ripe for the taking. He grabbed a nearby swordvine and sucked it dry.

"Suck it! Suck it! Suck it!" Han Sen drained as many plants as he could, and obtained over a thousand drops of his most cherished liquid in no time at all.

Thorn Baron had no idea how Han Sen was able to suck the plants dry, but she thought it was quite concerning, watching him ruin the garden in such a manner.

After sucking half of the garden's plants dry, Han Sen had obtained ten thousand waterdrops.

"Wait." Thorn Baron stopped Han Sen, just as he was tugging on another plant.

"What is it?" Han Sen heeded her, stopping for a second.

"I didn't grow these ones." Thorn Baron examined the plants Han Sen was about to destroy.

"Should that bother me? Let me continue absorbing." All Han Sen wanted was waterdrops. He didn't really care who had grown the plants.

"No, wait. Hang on. This does not seem normal," Thorn Baron warned.

"Not normal?" Han Sen looked at the plant he was about to absorb and saw how it looked like an orchid.

"This must be a sacred-blood cla.s.s Purple-b.u.t.terfly Orchid. It is likely Thunder-Devil King claimed the garden and sought to plant his own botanical items here. This is not brand new, so it is likely it was transplanted here from someplace else of his. I'd say it is only two weeks away from maturing, actually," Thorn Baron explained.

"Oooh, I should definitely drain it then." Han Sen had thought obtaining mutant cla.s.s plants was great enough. He hadn't realized that he'd be able to nab some sacred-blood plants, as well.

Han Sen then asked Thorn Baron, "Hm, but is there anything special I should know about it?"

"If humans eat this plant, it will increase their sacred-blood geno points. If a spirit below royal cla.s.s consumes it, it can increase the spirit's self geno points," Thorn Baron said, as she counted the orchids. "There are seven flowers here, so you can increase seven points."

"These things are that effective?" Han Sen looked at the orchids with shock.

Following that, he grabbed his red dagger and started digging around the orchid. When he was done, he picked the entire collection up.

Thorn Baron frowned and said, "This plant seems to have been damaged when it was transplanted here. How are you going to keep it alive, by digging it up again?"

"If I want it to live, it'll live." Han Sen lifted it up and gave it a waterdrop before pocketing it.

When Thorn Baron saw how rudely Han Sen was treating the flowers, she almost felt insulted. She didn't believe the plant would live following the mistreatment.

As this was all Han Sen's business, however, she held her tongue and did not mention her displeasure.

What lay ahead of Han Sen were mostly sacred-blood plants. Heaven knew how long they'd all take to mature, but Han Sen did not care. He unearthed each of them, ready to take them home.

Any plant that wasn't sacred-blood, though, he simply absorbed for waterdrops. When he was done, the garden was like a wasteland; it was a dead and depressing sight.

"This is..." Han Sen saw a mushroom growing at the foot of a tree.

The mushroom was large, its cap about the size of a human head. It was red, covered with the traditional white polka dots. Its smell was delightful.

Han Sen noticed how powerful it felt, and noted that its lifeforce was much greater than the sacred-blood plants that had previously populated the garden.

"Do you know what this plant is?" Han Sen asked, as he pointed towards the mushroom.

Thorn Baron's face changed, and she said, "This is a Flying Mushroom."

"A Flying Mushroom?" Han Sen frowned, none the wiser.

After a while spent examining the mushroom, Thorn Baron said, "Yes, it is a Flying Mushroom. I haven't the faintest clue who planted it here, though."

"Okay, but tell me what it does." Han Sen was annoyed at the lack of answers.

Han Sen had been using his dongxuan aura to hide the movements of the two in the garden, but by now, the garden was in ruin. If the guards turned to look at what had happened to the place, the intruders were sure to be in trouble.

"This is a super geno plant. If a royal spirit eats it, they can become a king spirit," Thorn Baron said, excitedly.

"Really?" Han Sen was delighted, so he quickly dug up the mushroom.

He was so quick, Thorn Baron was unable to stop him, but if he didn't take it now, others would eventually come for it.

Han Sen gave a waterdrop to the mushroom before packing it away

After that last item, the garden had been stripped. It was entirely empty.

It looked like a remnant of some decayed land. Aside from the Flying Mushroom and four sacred geno plants, the rest had been absorbed by Han Sen. He had netted twenty thousand waterdrops.

"I'd love to see the look on Thunder-Devil King's face tomorrow, when he goes for his next garden stroll." Han Sen laughed to himself and disappeared into the moonlit mountainsides.