Super Gene - Chapter 963: Relic

Chapter 963: Relic

Chapter 963: Relic

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"D*mn The King! I'm going to kill him!" The next day, Thunder-Devil King's rage reached new heights. It was likely the entirety of Thorn Forest could hear his furious screams.

By now, Han Sen had already safely returned to the underground shelter. He grew the mushroom and his orchid in secret, behind his garden.

"Daddy! Daddy!" When Bao'er saw Han Sen return, she spared no time crawling towards him. She climbed up to his neck and gave him a kiss.

"Did you behave while I was gone?" Han Sen was happy.

"Yes," Bao'er said.

Han Sen brought her back with him to the palace. When he arrived, he was shocked to see that the place looked like a ruin. Trash was littered everywhere, and in the midst of it all was Zero, cleaning.

Many of the things Han Sen had brought back with him from the Alliance had been destroyed, including his softest mattress.

When Han Sen witnessed the sight, he asked Zero with much concern, "What happened here?"

Zero looked at Bao'er and said one word. "Her."

Bao'er kissed Han Sen's cheek and said, "I was good."

He had only been gone for two days, and yet, in that short amount of time she had managed to ruin the palace. If he had been gone any longer, he feared the entire shelter might have been destroyed.

"Just throw it all out. We'll go buy some new stuff." Han Sen took them both to the Alliance, so they could purchase replacement furniture and such.

They could have bought it all on Skynet, but by walking around the shops themselves, they could get a better look at the furniture and feel how solid each piece was.

Bao'er looked excited the entire time, while Zero was quiet and seemingly uninterested.

"Sir, this supermarket has a room for toddlers. Would you like to make use of it and leave your child there for the duration of your shopping trip?" One of the workers in the store stepped forward to ask Han Sen.

"No, that's okay." Although the room for kids was free, Han Sen had no idea what she would do in his absence. Without being under his watchful eye, she might destroy the room or even hurt the other babies.

They went over to where they sold mattresses and checked out the airbeds there. They were the easiest to carry and most suitable for life in the sanctuaries.

"Sir, this airbed uses the latest technology. It is very suitable for the skin of babies. Perhaps you should give it a try?" the salesman said.

"Um, no thank you." An image of Han Sen's old bed flashed through his mind, and knowing that the small child in his arms had caused the destruction, he wasn't willing to risk a repeat there in the store.

"It's okay. You won't be held accountable, even if there is damage," the salesman said, smiling.

After the second request, Han Sen cautiously placed Bao'er down on the airbed.

"Bao'er, is this good?" Han Sen asked.

She looked excited, and she brought her hands down on the bed gleefully.


The airbed exploded before them, and Han Sen quickly pulled her back.

"Oh my G.o.d! Is your daughter okay? I'm so sorry for this!" the salesman apologized, as a manager approached them.

"We apologize for that, sir. Please be sure that we will pay the medical bills for any treatment your daughter needs," the manager said, with obvious concern.

"That's okay. How much is this bed? I'll buy it," Han Sen said, smiling.

The manager did not want Han Sen to pay anything, so they gave it to him for free and even provided him with a few lottery vouchers.

It was difficult to explain what had happened, so Han Sen did not argue and accepted all they offered him.

Han Sen did not want to use the vouchers, but the prizes attracted Bao'er. Many of the items that were up for grabs were toys.

"Han Sen!" When Han Sen entered the entertainment section, someone called out his name. He turned around and saw that it was his second uncle Han Lei.

Han Sen did not hate the Han family members, per se, but he was not fond of them either.

They hadn't done anything too despicable, and Han Sen had so many dangerous enemies that he didn't have time to waste on ill thoughts of the Han family, anyway.

Han Sen's father used to manage the family's company, but the company was owned exclusively by the other members of the family. Han Sen's father was given no shares of the business.

Strangely, they had no idea they owned it until after Han Sen's father died. And after the ordeal, they sold the company to Starry Group.

Han Sen's father used to say he and Han Sen owed the Han family, so Han Sen did not really have to hate them. Still, he preferred to treat them as strangers.

"Han Sen, are you buying stuff from here?" Han Lei looked on Han Sen with a slight awkwardness. This was probably due to how the man had mistreated Han Sen and his mother in the past. Now that Han Sen was famous, and had even managed to defeat a royal shura and become the president's son-in-law, they had been quite rightfully served humble pie.

If they had treated Han Sen better in the past, he could have helped them a great deal. Now, that was unlikely.

"I'm done, and I am gone," Han Sen said, and prepared to leave.

Although Han Sen didn't dwell on what had happened in the past, he still preferred having no contact with the Han family.

Han Lei said, "My brother left something in the company; if you want, I can give it to you."

"What is it?" Han Sen asked.

"Just some private belongings he left behind. Some clothing and communicators, things like that," Han Lei said.

"I'll claim them when you are free next." Han Sen could not be bothered asking why they had not mentioned this before, but the less talk, the better.

"I am free now. You should come over and take them." Han Lei smiled.