Super Gene - Chapter 961: Botanical Garden

Chapter 961: Botanical Garden

Chapter 961: Botanical Garden

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Han Sen was having trouble with the baby, following all this. And its presence in the shelter drew much attention.

The shelter's residents were shocked at the sight of the baby, as humans typically weren't allowed or able to enter the sanctuaries until they were sixteen years of age.

Due to its appearance and behavior, no one took it for a spirit or a creature. There was nothing ominous or unusual about it, so no one thought of it as being anything other than a human baby. There it was, alive and well in the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Whenever Han Sen was in her company, others would interrogate him with questions. He couldn't answer any of them, of course.

Still, he was glad that he was able to command Old Huang and his people to take residence in the east side of the shelter. This meant they couldn't come to Han Sen's side and pester him whenever they wished.

"So, what should I call you?" Han Sen put the baby in front of him.

The baby sat there on the ground, looking up at Han Sen. Seeing him standing still in thought, she tugged at his pant leg, wanting to be held and cradled. Then, she went to sleep.

Han Sen wasn't the most proficient when it came to naming things, and this was no different. He'd never had so much trouble coming up with a name before.

And what's more, this was apparently a human girl he'd be naming. He couldn't devise any-old random name.

If it was a male, he could be less careful.

He wanted to come up with a good one, because he planned to treat her well. He wanted to raise her as an actual child and instill her with good morals. Any child under his care would grow up with her head screwed on right. If she got older, he didn't want her running off with any cheap man who sought to woo her.

But, every tear she cried was able to grow a six-Gear Tree. And those things were more valuable than a tree made of money.

Since he'd always be getting something in return, Han Sen was confident in his decision to raise her well. He was going to treat her far better than any creature he ever owned.

After another half-day's thought, he was unable to devise the right name for her.

"I'll just call you Bao'er," Han Sen told her, putting the baby on the bed. Then he stood up, deciding to go to the Alliance so he could buy her some clothes.

After going through the teleporter, though, he heard the baby cry out, "Daddy! Daddy!"

"What? How did you get here?" Han Sen was shocked. He'd never before seen something non-human that could make use of teleporters.

"Daddy, hug!" Bao'er said, as she sat on the teleportation plate.

Han Sen picked her up, with a head chock full of questions following her arrival from the sanctuary. And it wasn't just that; she had also arrived at Han Sen's destination.

He picked her up in his arms and decided to give it another test. He walked through the teleporter and was taken back to the sanctuary with her in his arms. Then, he returned to the Alliance, and lo and behold, it worked.

Bao'er was like a human, freely able to enter and exit the sanctuary.

Fortunately, Han Sen teleported to his home in the Alliance. It would only freak out the, were they to see or learn about a baby that had teleported in from the sanctuary.

And furthermore, if the Child Protection Agency saw Han Sen do that, he'd be taken straight to jail.

So, Han Sen kept her in his room and gave her good from Little Yan. After scoffing it down messily, her face was covered in cream.

Then, Han Sen bought many clothes for her off of Skynet. Once that was done, he returned to the sanctuary.

Although Bao'er looked like a human, her behavior was a little different.

She didn't p.o.o.p or pee everywhere like human babies did, and she didn't cry easily.

Aside from the two tears she had cried on their first encounter, Han Sen hadn't seen her release single tear.

Of course, that was also partially due to Han Sen's good behavior with her.

And for now, the two six-Gear Trees were enough. He couldn't take care of anymore, for the time being.

The two trees were not entirely like the ones grown by Moment Queen, and these ones were likely to require dozens of thousands of years to fully mature the fruit they'd bear.

Getting waterdrops to sustain the trees was already enough of a trial. So, with the hope of learning a new trick or two, Han Sen decided to consult Moment Queen and ask her how her tree developed so quickly.

The answer she gave surprised Han Sen, though. She told Han Sen the tree had already spent much time growing in the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary. It stopped growing after she was kicked back into the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, but when the opportunity appeared, it started again.

"I need more waterdrops." Han Sen now needed to care for his Blood Pine and the two Gear Trees. For now, though, he had to prepare.

For the duration of time he would be gone, Han Sen tasked Zero with looking after his trees and the baby. In his absence, he gave her a number of waterdrops to apply each day.

Fortunately, Bao'er did not make a fuss and was more than willing to remain in the shelter. Had she insisted on coming, Han Sen had no idea how he would have hunted.

After exiting the underground shelter, Han Sen decided to pay a visit to the abandoned human shelter which was now possessed by Thunder-Devil King. The hold was overrun by creatures and monsters.

Amongst them all, Han Sen saw a royal spirit and two sacred-blood creatures.

He was surprised to see Thunder-Devil King stuff so much defense in a such a small compound.

But, keen to learn more of what Thunder-Devil King had brought to the area, Han Sen decided to venture past this shelter and see what might now reside in Thorn Shelter.

He wasn't dumb enough to think of a.s.saulting the shelter by his lonesome; the forces that were present ensured he wouldn't be able to take it easily, even if he had many accompanying him.

Han Sen's purpose wasn't to conquer the shelter, though. His aim right now was to pillage Thorn Shelter's botanical garden. It resided outside of the shelter, and even though there were guards in place, Han Sen knew he had what it took to infiltrate the garden.

Sneaking towards it, Han Sen could already make out the presence of many peach trees. The entire garden was packed with good stuff.

"Thorn, you said you could sneak in there. How?" Han Sen asked, after summoning Thorn Baron and gesturing towards the garden.