Super Gene - Chapter 952: The Bet

Chapter 952: The Bet

Chapter 952: The Bet

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There was a strength tester in the training room. Liu Meng punched it hard, and on the display, the number 1203 appeared.

"This is my fitness level. My strongest skill has unlocked its third gene lock. If you haven't reached that level yet, then I can only open one gene lock to match a similar strength to your own," Liu Meng said.

"No, do your best. Otherwise, what is the point in winning?" Han Sen said, as he looked at the number.

Liu Meng said, "Good. In that case, use any weapon you fancy."

"Um, I think my fists will do just fine," Han Sen said.

"All right, then. It is settled." Liu Meng's body blazed with a sudden flame, and immediately, a fiery fist was thrown Han Sen's way.

The fire that snared his maniacal fist was carried by a gust of wind, and it reached for Han Sen's head with an alarming speed.


Han Sen punched Liu Meng's fist, and with the collision of fire and lightning, sparks obscured the battlefield.

They both fell back, regathering their composure. With no cause for delay, they lunged towards each other again.

The dance of lightning and fire was wild and unpredictable. It was like a lightshow of the elements, and so bright and quick were they, the arms that carried the elements could not even be seen. And thus they remained engaged, with not one of them taking a step back.

Annie watched the fight with keen interest, unsure which of the fighters would end up injured.

Inside a room in the yard, away from the training area, an old man with blue eyes and hair settled his eyes on a screen. It was a video feed of the fight, and he watched it intently.

Near the blue-haired old man, there was a black-haired old man, also. He was watching the fight, as well.

The black-haired old man was the one Han Sen had thrown-up on, outside of a bathroom one time.

"Tell me, old friend; who do you think will win?" the blue-haired old man asked Zhuo Donglai.

"Your grandson is more talented than you were. He is the strongest person of his age, but I must confess that if I were a betting man, I'd put my money on Han Sen prevailing," Zhuo Donglai said.

The blue-haired old man looked offended, but he still smiled and said, "Why? Do you think Han Sen has received better training than my grandson? Or is it because he is the heir of Mr. Luo? What I do know, is that he chose not to practice the Falsified-Sky Sutra."

Zhuo Donglai was aware of the temper that silently flared beneath his feigned smile. His name was Green, and although he appeared to be gentlemanly, he was extremely stubborn. What's more, he always wanted to win.

Green did not fight much, but he believed the Lan Te family was superior to all others.

If Han Sen wasn't from the Luo family, Green would have already stopped the match, proclaiming it to be disrespectful.

Zhuo Donglai smiled in response and said, "Believing Han Sen will win does not stem from any part of his muddled heritage. I simply believe he is the best."

"You think he is better than my grandson?" Green asked, with a serious look.

Green was not willing to veil his true thoughts, despite sitting beside his old friend. He was not happy about what Zhuo Donglai said, and he was fine with allowing his face to carry a scowl that explained this on his behalf. When the words my grandson were spoken, the tone of voice deepened.

Zhuo Donglai smiled and answered, "Yes. I think he is better than your grandson."

Zhuo Donglai was not a person to beat around the bush. He was happy to tell Green exactly what he thought, as straight as an arrow. Besides, it was not out of the simple respect he had for Han Sen; he had plans for the boy.

He planned to take Han Sen on as a student of his, and of course, he'd never agree to a student that he believed was inferior to any others.

Green was visibly disgruntled by the answer, but he still tried to maintain a graceful appearance. He then proposed, "How about a wager?"

"And what wager would that be?" Zhuo Donglai said.

"If Han Sen loses, take Liu Meng as your student and teach him the Purple-Manor Sutra," Green proposed.

Zhuo Donglai frowned and responded, "Don't you remember what I told you? It is not that I am unwilling to teach him, it's just that your grandson is unsuitable for its learning."

"And how would you know that? He is the best in our family, and I believe he can!" Green took a moment to collect his composure and then said, "If you are that confident in Han Sen's abilities, then agree to the wager. Or are you merely saying Han Sen will win so you can be contrary and go against me?"

Green knew Zhuo Donglai well; Zhuo Donglai wouldn't let others think he was not firm in his beliefs.

"Han Sen will win," Zhuo Donglai said.

"Then there is nothing to worry about, is there?" Green laughed.

"But this seems to be a lop-sided wager, don't you think? What if you are the one who is wrong, my friend? What will you be coughing up?" Zhuo Donglai asked, looking at Green.

"Hmm, then take an item from my collection. Once upon a time, didn't you want them?" Green offered.

Zhuo Donglai said, "They are good, yes, but... None are superior to my Purple-Manor Sutra.

"Then what would you like?" Green asked.

"Angel's Wheel," Zhuo Donglai slowly answered.

Green's face dropped to a cold stare at Zhuo Donglai.