Super Gene - Chapter 951: Son of All Gods

Chapter 951: Son of All Gods

Chapter 951: Son of All G.o.ds

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Han Sen used his dongxuan aura to take a better look at the sword Taia. Its sharpness was not its greatest attribute.

What was most striking about it were the features of its power, hardness and durability. If two swords ever clashed, and one broke, that meant one of them had better hardness and durability.

But this was a sword that had been crafted in ancient times, and it was believed that no material could be hardier than z-steel. It was perplexing to try and grasp how Taia had prevailed as the stronger sword.

Although it was only a two foot long shortsword, Han Sen was able to detect the presence of a lifeforce within.

This surprised him even more, because it was common knowledge that only beast soul weaponry could possess a lifeforce and be alive."

He was told that the sword was forged through the talents of two blacksmiths, so how could this be so?

"You know, we aren't all-knowing of our past. There are more questions than answers to be found, when seeking knowledge of our history. As for this sword, in place of truths and facts, only myths can be found. Myths, however, are fickle things. One myth claims this sword was forged from outer-world black iron. Meaning, a chunk of a metallic meteor was obtained by the blacksmiths. Somehow, this ore was smelted and used in the creation of the sword," Liu Meng said.

"How did it break?" Han Sen asked.

It was incredibly st.u.r.dy, and it was hard to fathom how such a powerful weapon was broken in two.

"You'd have to ask the Qin family about that. They care very much for this sword, so it is likely they are the ones who can answer the questions you have," Liu Meng confessed.

"And so, if we duel, and I win, this sword can be mine?" Han Sen was excited by this sword, and he believed it might have been greater than the red dagger.

Liu Meng pulled out a contract and said, "If you want a.s.surance, feel free to sign atop the dotted line."

"Okay, sure!" Han Sen did not want to fight earlier, due to the fact that there was no benefit. With such a precious treasure dangling in front of him, he couldn't resist trying.

He knew Liu Meng was a surpa.s.ser, but he had no idea what his fitness or gene lock level was.

Annie said he became a surpa.s.ser two years before, though, so he couldn't have been too powerful. Regardless, with no incurred loss for losing, there was no harm in Han Sen giving it a go. Quickly, he signed the contract.

"Come on!" Liu Meng excitedly proclaimed.

"Out here?" Han Sen looked around the pavilion he was standing in.

"Why do you ask? Is there a problem?" Liu Meng asked.

"Shouldn't there be a training room somewhere around here? I can't imagine destroying this place," Han Sen said.

Liu Meng then said, "Okay, let us go there."

Acknowledging Han Sen would actually try his best in a fight against him, Liu Meng was visibly overjoyed despite his attempts to contain it.

Liu Meng did not want to fight Han Sen due to his inability to find a person who was stronger.

The primary reason was because of Han Sen's defeat of Yu Qielan.

Beating those of your own kind wasn't glorious, but beating a royal shura was. It was quite the achievement.

Unfortunately for him, his family forbade him from challenging a shura. As a subst.i.tute, he decided to fight Han Sen, for he was at least as powerful as a shura.

Han Sen followed Liu Meng, and along the way they b.u.mped into Annie.

"Where are you two going?" Annie asked.

"Liu Meng wants to fight me, so I am going to the training room," Han Sen explained.

"You are fighting him?" Annie asked.

"Is there a problem with that?" Han Sen looked at Annie.

"Liu Meng, do not play with him. I promised Lady Ji I would bring him back safely," Annie said.

But then, Liu Meng showed her the signed contract and said, "We aren't playing, look. We've signed a contract and everything."

Liu Meng then went on to say, "Han Sen, I'll wait for you in the room just up ahead. You talk to her first."

Annie, with apparent concern, hastily asked, "Why would you agree to such a foolish thing? Didn't I tell you he is the only heir of this family?"

Han Sen smiled and said, "We're only having a friendly bout. Don't worry, I won't hurt him too much."

Annie said, "Hurt him? Do you have any idea who you're up against? Do you have any idea what his t.i.tle is?"

"I dunno. I've never met the chap before." Han Sen shrugged his shoulders.

Annie sighed and slowly p.r.o.nounced his t.i.tle, "He is the Son of All G.o.ds. He has never killed a creature, due to many demi-G.o.ds accompanying him; that may be true. But they are the ones who train him. Don't be so foolish as to think he won't know how to fight. Many demi-G.o.ds frequently speak highly of his talents. They say he's even better than Lin Feng. Ji Yanran's great-grandfather has even spent some time training him, too."

"He sounds pretty powerful." Han Sen smiled.

Annie then said, "He is powerful. When we were both in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, although he had many bodyguards with him and he was forbidden from killing stuff himself, his commands saw us through many perilous battles. Even I have learnt a lot from him."

Han Sen looked at Annie, and with a smile, said, "Nice."

After that, Han Sen patted her shoulders and entered the training room.

"What is that supposed to mean?!" Annie sounded a little frustrated now.

She believed Han Sen was implying she was weak, due to his continued belief Liu Meng was an average fighter. But she knew he was joking, and so she just followed Han Sen into the training room.

Liu Meng was there waiting, and as Han Sen stepped forth, he performed a friendly welcome gesture.

Han Sen gave one last look to Annie and approached the stage.