Super Gene - Chapter 953: Odin’s Eye

Chapter 953: Odin’s Eye

Chapter 953: Odin’s Eye

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After a lengthy silence, Green's face returned to a smile and he said, "You are already a demiG.o.d. What do you need that for?"

"If I can't use it, then I could at least provide it to my student." Zhuo Donglai smiled.

"You have a student?" Green was shocked.

"No, not yet. But I will soon." Zhuo Donglai paused briefly, then resumed by saying, "Do you still want to establish this wager?"

Green turned back to look at Liu Meng and Han Sen. Through his observations, he could tell Han Sen was weaker than Liu Meng, though not by much.

Han Sen's number of opened genes could not be higher than Liu Meng's.

"Yes; we have a deal. If Han Sen loses, you will take Liu Meng as a student. If Liu Meng, by some miracle, happens to lose... I will give you Angel's Wheel," Green said.

Liu Meng had a higher number of gene locks open, and a higher fitness level, too. Because of this, Green did not believe his grandson could lose.

If Han Sen had learned the Falsified-Sky Sutra, he would have been worried. But since this wasn't so, he was fine with accepting the gambit.

"Okay, then. It is settled," Zhuo Donglai confirmed.


Liu Meng and Han Sen continued their barrage of attacks at one another, and then, in the blink of a single second, they stopped.

"Good. With that warm-up over, we can commence the real fight." Liu Meng was getting very excited.

All that had transpired thus far was a test, and now he acknowledged Han Sen's power was not too far off his own.

Han Sen knew Liu Meng was not an easy person to deal with, so he didn't treat his opponent lightly. The man's skills and reaction times were faster than his own, and Han Sen knew this.

Liu Meng's fire went out, but that only made him look scarier. An eye opened in his forehead.

The eye was pitch black, like a demon's.

When the eye opened, Liu Meng's body grew to twice its size. His muscles multiplied in shape and strength, transforming his once gracious body into a hulking, monstrous machine-like ent.i.ty.

"Liu Meng possesses Odin's Eye?" Zhuo Donglai looked shocked, upon seeing this.

The genuine surprise that spread across Zhuo Donglai's face made Green happy to see. Not to present himself too boorishly, he tried to suppress his excitement somewhat, and merely responded with a jiving, "I bet you didn't see that coming."

Zhuo Donglai's shock turned to utter confusion, and so he asked, "I thought you said only those that have pure Lan Te blood can practice this skill. Your grandson is a mix, is he not?"

Green dropped all pretense and started to look unabashedly He said, "I told you he is a child prodigy, and that he is a genius. Even I sometimes believe his learning of Odin's Eye is some strange hallucination of mine. If he can learn Odin's Eye, then he can learn Purple-Manor Sutra."

Zhuo Donglai gave no response to this. He knew how powerful Odin's Eye was, and this birthed a worry in his heart. To see a non-pure blood member of the family was able to learn this skill was shocking.

Zhuo Donglai's confidence in Han Sen's ability to win this fight had actually been dialed down a couple of notches. Odin's Eye was not something to be trifled with.

"Liu Meng does not only have Lan Te blood running through him, but he has your blood, too. If the day comes when he learns both Odin's Eye and Purple-Manor Sutra, we will have created a most terrifying human. He would be unstoppable." Green made no effort to subdue his childish excitement over this prospect.

Zhuo Donglai could only manage to muster a wry smile in response, and say, "So, what? Will you allow him to fight?"

Green shrugged his shoulders, saying, "Old friend, don't say that."

Liu Meng himself, down on the battleground, was very excited. His third eye, the black one, had a white pupil. It exuded a certain mystic quality.

"I see you have opened two gene locks. I will open two, as well." It was as if Liu Meng's third eye had been looking right through Han Sen.

"Sure." Han Sen nodded and cast the Dongxuan Sutra.

Annie, still on the sidelines, was getting very nervous. She was beginning to acknowledge that this was no longer a traditional practice session.

If either one of them was hurt, there'd be much trouble. She wanted nothing more than to stand up, run over to them, and get them both to stop.

Just as she opted to do just that, the housekeeper appeared beside her.

"Annie, please do not disturb the fighters. Watch the match." The housekeeper, as always, spoke with soft politeness.

She did as she was bidden. She sat down and prepared to watch the fight, in dreadful anxiety.

She did not hesitate in obliging the housekeeper's command due to what she felt from him. While he was indeed gentle, there was a certain power br.i.m.m.i.n.g just below the surface. She believed it wasn't a power she should risk upsetting.

Han Sen's fists were like cannons, as the powers of sonic and thunder exploded in the air. He ran towards Liu Meng.

Alongside Sonic-Thunder Punch, Han Sen cast Heavenly Go on his approach and used them to the best of his abilities.

Liu Meng's mechanical body made no effort to avoid the attack, and instead just raised his arm to accept the incoming Sonic-Thunder Punch.


The sonic and thunder build-up exploded. Silver-lightning skittered and hopped along Liu Meng's muscles, but dealt no damage.

And even worse, the sonic power did nothing to mess with his energy flow.

There was no cause for alarm just yet, however, for Han Sen did not expect to beat Liu Meng quite so easily. He had a greater plan; a trap. And that attack was only the first part of what it was going to take to lead Liu Meng into the position Han Sen needed him in.

As Han Sen punched, ducked, and weaved, Liu Meng continued to stand still. The white pupil glowed strangely on his forehead, as only his hand moved. With perfect precision, every attack was blocked with this single hand.