Super Gene - Chapter 950: Special First Time

Chapter 950: Special First Time

Chapter 950: Special First Time

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Han Sen followed the housekeeper out into the gardens. The area glistened like polished jade, and it skirted the edges of a lake. In the middle of the lake was a stone pavilion. Liu Meng was sitting there, and he smiled at Han Sen.

"Mr. Liu, is the collection you wish to show me the fish in the lake?" Han Sen approached the stone pavilion, and aside from the active fish below the gla.s.s surface of the water, saw nothing else there of note.

Liu Meng, in response, said, "The collection I wish for you to see is right before you."

"You can't be talking about yourself, can you?" Han Sen looked at Liu Meng with wide-eyes.

With a serious look on his face, Liu Meng answered, "Yes. I have never fought anyone before. I have practiced and done all-manners of training, ascended ranks at an alarming pace, but never before have I fought against another human. To me, it is a valuable collection, and I wish to give this to you."

With a wry smile, Han Sen said, "I think you have the wrong person. Shouldn't you give this to someone who is more qualified?"

Liu Meng calmly responded, "As a family member of Lan Te, I am provided much care and protection. Even in the sanctuary, I am given everything I need without challenge."

"This is a good thing, isn't it?" Han Sen said.

The Lan Te had business with every aspect of the Alliance, so such treatment was not unexpected. And Han Sen believed this to be a great thing.

Liu Meng nodded and said, "This is good, yes. But personally, I feel that it is wrong. And yet, no matter how hard I try, I am still nothing before the Lan Te glory."

Han Sen did not say anything. The two were nothing alike, and Han Sen had been raised in a completely different manner and environment. It would be impossible for him to empathize with Liu Meng.

"I like fighting, and I am learning the arts of combat to the best of my abilities. However, all I challenge never treat me as a proper opponent," Liu Meng explained.

Han Sen thought to himself, "Isn't the reason why obvious? Who would dare harm you?"

"The moment I saw you fight Yu Qielan, I knew I would have to make you an opponent." Liu Meng looked at Han Sen with much excitement.

Han Sen had no idea what to think or feel.

He hadn't done anything and had never met Liu Meng before, yet the man wanted to fight him. The way he spoke made it sound as if they were destined to compete, too.

Han Sen wanted to tell him, "What makes you think I'll challenge you?"

Liu Meng smiled and drew a shortsword. He placed it onto a table and said, "I know I'm putting you in an awkward position, but if you can beat me, this sword is yours."

"No, I am too weak to go up against you. Why don't I recommend you to fight someone who is truly powerful?" Han Sen spoke, but then retreated into his mind, thinking, "Even if you gave me a billion, there is no way I'd beat up a son of the Lan Te family."

Liu Meng slid the shortsword across the table, closer to Han Sen. "Look at it, would you? This is a weapon that comes from ancient times. Its name is Taia."

Han Sen had no knowledge of ancient weaponry, but he knew the blacksmithing required in the past could not compete with what was produced in the current age. Humans were still primitive back then, and even metals such as z-steel hadn't been discovered.

Han Sen picked up the shortsword, and when he felt the power inside it, a chill ran down his spine.

Han Sen observed Taia. The blade was shorter than two feet, and the metal had a certain reddish hue to it. It almost looked as if it had been crafted from bronze.

It wasn't blood-red, it was more like the last light of a sun that was to dip below the horizon.

The bronze, elegant sword looked cold and murderous.

But the sword had been crafted from primitive materials, so it wasn't as if it could serve as a suitable weapon. Even a knock-off z-steel sword could break it with the greatest of ease.

"This sword was created in a country called Chu. Its crafting was the joint operation of two expert blacksmiths, and it was a gift for a king. It became an infamous, well-renowned sword following the king's rule with that weapon," Liu Meng said.

Han Sen was not much of a fan of swords. To Han Sen, practicality always came first. The relic he was handed, he believed, should have been placed in a museum.

"You must think this is some useless sword hailing from a bygone era, but you'd be forgiven for thinking that." Liu Meng knew exactly what Han Sen was thinking.

"The blacksmithing of ancient times can't hold a candle to what is done today, right? It might look good, but it is undoubtedly weak. I can't say I'm much of a fan of art," Han Sen clarified his true feelings.

Liu Meng did not speak, but instead drew a dagger of his own and attacked Han Sen.

He was not expecting Liu Meng to start a fight there, of all places. And being caught off-guard, it was too late for Han Sen to dodge.

He did recognize that the dagger being used against him had been crafted from z-steel, though.

In a flash, he used Taia to block the incoming attack. He was planning to evade as soon as the sword began breaking.


Something broke, and it was not Taia. It was the z-steel dagger.

Han Sen observed Taia in his hand, and then looked at the z-steel dagger's severed blade. He was shocked.

"Taia was not always a shortsword. In the past, Taia was once a five foot long greatsword. After it was cut in half, it was refined into the weapon you now hold. The remainder of the blade that was broken is in the possession of the Qin family. They continually try to buy this back, but I reject them each time," Liu Meng said.