Super Gene - Chapter 926: The Dumb Dinosaur

Chapter 926: The Dumb Dinosaur

Chapter 926: The Dumb Dinosaur

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The dinosaur's interest was only suppressed by its fear. It stood behind Han Sen, wondering if it should approach.

Observing the bone himself, Han Sen couldn't note anything particularly remarkable about it. With no value to himself, he just decided to throw it to the dinosaur and say, "This is what you wanted, isn't it? Take it; it's all yours."

The blue dinosaur jumped away about fifty meters, to hide behind the worn architecture of the palace. Its eyes were fixed on the bone.

Han Sen thought to himself, "Its intelligence is very low, indeed. Doesn't it have a brain in that thick skull?"

But then, another thought struck Han Sen. "Hmm, maybe that's a good thing. Perhaps because it's dumb, it'll be easier to control. I learnt my lesson with the fairy; I could never properly control her, and that was because she was too smart."

Thinking of this, and then looking towards the scaredy-cat dinosaur, he felt a little better concerning the circ.u.mstances.

Han Sen was still a little weak, in the grander scale of the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary. If he could use the dinosaur as a fighter, things would become considerably easier for him.

Han Sen then started to ponder why it seemed so friendly to Han Sen, and yet so hostile to Qu Lanxi. Qu Lanxi was a pretty girl, so he was surprised to see the dinosaur take a liking to him and not to her, at all.

"Am I just too handsome? Am I so d*mn handsome even creatures fall in love with me?" Han Sen pulled out a mirror and looked at himself from all angles, coming to the conclusion that his hypothesis was most likely correct.

The dinosaur started to slowly emerge from hiding. Despite its distance from the bone, it still looked utterly terrified.

"What should I call you? w.a.n.g Cai, maybe? Yes, that sounds good." Han Sen smiled and picked up the bone, continuing to say, "w.a.n.g Cai, it is only a bone. Come here or I'll eat it."

Han Sen pretended to bite the bone, but it did not incite the reaction he hoped to receive. The dinosaur remained where it was, unmoving.

Han Sen started to harbor doubts over his initial belief that it'd be easy to command the creature. It was not only dumb, but a scaredy-cat, also.

Looking at the bone, Han Sen knew he couldn't eat it. There was no meat, and it was incredibly tough.

The blue dinosaur continued to watch from a distance. Still hoping to get a reaction, Han Sen decided to place his tongue on the bone and give it a lick.

"Mmm, oh yeah! It tastes so good. w.a.n.g Cai, get over here; it's as safe as this thing is succulent." Han Sen smiled at the dinosaur as he spoke.

The dinosaur, seeing Han Sen lick the bone, carefully came forward.

After Han Sen's lure, it made its way over to where he was. The dinosaur joined in with Han Sen, using its own tongue to lick the bone.

Soon after, all semblance of the dinosaur's fear had gone and it licked the bone with a great appet.i.te.

"That's right." Han Sen smiled, as his mind mulled the ways in which he could use the bone to make the dinosaur obey his every command. But then, the dinosaur opened its mouth and bit on the bone.

"Hey, don't eat it all! Save me some." Han Sen didn't want the dinosaur to consume the whole bone at once, as he needed some of it to lure and teach the creature.

The blue dinosaur cared little for the command, though. It merrily chomped away at the bone until it was down its throat, not saving any for Han Sen.

As Han Sen's heart sunk, the dinosaur roared to the sky in delight of its meal. Blue fire spewed out of its mouth like a geyser, which then fell down to wrap beast up in a blanket of blue flame.

A second later, it was entirely enveloped in a scorching blue bonfire. The heat was intense, and the brightness was too much. Han Sen couldn't even open his eyes to get a good look at what was happening.

Feeling the power in those flames, he made sure to cast his dongxuan aura to inspect it. All he could see, however, was a blur.

Fortunately, the blue spectacle did not last for long. Soon after, the flames subsided. And as the ribbons of fire shrunk, so too did the dinosaur.

When the flames were only a meter high, the dinosaur had grown too small for Han Sen to see.

"Did the bone make him grow smaller?" Han Sen looked at the solemn blue flame, wondering what happened to the dinosaur.

The flame now faded, as well. When it was twenty centimeters high, he spotted a blue metal ball as the source of the fire. It was around the size of a fist.

Taking a closer look, Han Sen observed that it was more of an egg-shape than an actual circular ball.

When the blue flame vanished, the blue egg remained where it had been on the ground.

"Did it evolve, maybe?" He wasn't sure whether or not the dinosaur was a super creature, as he had never seen a super creature evolve before.

"w.a.n.g Cai? Are you in there, buddy?" Han Sen squatted down to ask the ball, but he received no response.

Picking up the egg, Han Sen tried to give it a squeeze and feel if there was something in there. He couldn't discern what the item was. He couldn't feel the beat of a heart, and his dongxuan aura only presented him a blurry image.

"Is it evolving, or is it being reborn?" Han Sen wasn't sure, but he knew he wouldn't be seeing his blue dinosaur again for some time.

There was no life inside the egg, so whatever was in there, was most likely yolk.

"Should I cook it?" Han Sen wondered, with a sinister grin.

As tasty as it might have been, Han Sen dropped the thought. If it was actually evolving, whatever came out of it would likely be incredibly powerful. Eating it would be a waste, in comparison.

"I guess I should keep it for now. It'll be pretty cool if it is actually a super creature." Han Sen stroked the egg and then said to it, "w.a.n.g Cai, you better come out of this thing soon, okay? I need to put you to work; I need you to help me kill creatures. Don't be lazy!"

Han Sen pocketed the egg and then decided to return to the Alliance. He told Qu Lanxi and Chu Ming that the dinosaur had gone.

The two of them returned to the sanctuary, but there was nothing much for them to actually do there. All the three of them could ever do was exit the shelter and check whether or not they were at the edge of Thorn Forest. If they were still deep in its p.r.i.c.kly depths, they would simply return to the Alliance.

Han Sen followed mostly the same schedule, but he preferred to visit the second spirit base instead.