Super Gene - Chapter 927: Arrival in the Second Spirit Base

Chapter 927: Arrival in the Second Spirit Base

Chapter 927: Arrival in the Second Spirit Base

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After opening his second gene lock, Han Sen noticed his super spirit mode was considerably more powerful. While this was advantageous for a number of obvious reasons, there was a certain drawback that weighed on his mind.

This mostly stemmed from the fact that his fitness hadn't risen to coincide with the second gene unlock. With an even greater burst of strength, using super spirit mode could very well last even less time than it had before.

So Han Sen continued practicing the Dongxuan Sutra, wanting to fill up his geno points. But from his current locale, his options were limited. He had to wait for the shelter to arrive at the edge of Thorn Forest before going out to hunt and obtain meat. All he could do for now was harvest spirit geno points to bolster his elemental powers and resistances.

Han Sen fancied obtaining s.p.a.ce and time geno points in particular. They were incredibly rare, though, and he had only managed to obtain one s.p.a.ce point in his entire time in the spirit base. That one point came from The King of Truth.

The King of Truth was a king cla.s.s spirit. Out of all the squire, knight, aristocrat, and royal spirits he had fought, he had not managed to obtain a single s.p.a.ce or time geno point.

"Can these two elements only be obtained from king spirits?" Han Sen entered the second spirit base, and drove his island to the nearest island he could see.

He was unranked there, so he did not care who he opposed. Freely, he challenged the first he was able to.

Han Sen was naturally better than king spirits, so it did not matter who he challenged. There was nothing for him to be afraid of.

"Are you The King?" The spirit, seeing Han Sen approach, stood where he was as a frightened grimace fell across his face.

"Yes, I am. You have heard of me, then?" Han Sen did not immediately begin a battle, and decided to talk to the spirit first.

"Of course. Everyone knows who you are. I admire you a great deal." The spirit, like before, did not want to fight. Graciously, he offered Han Sen a spirit gene.

Unfortunately for Han Sen, it was a fire element gene. He had already maxed this statistic out, so there was no need for him to kill the spirit.

When Han Sen declined the gene he was offered, the spirit looked very disappointed.

But quickly, news of The King's arrival in the second spirit base made the rounds. Many spirits drove to meet him, offering up their spirit genes. Han Sen was able to just pick and choose those that he wanted.

If humans learnt of Han Sen's fortune, they'd all be incredibly jealous.

Traditionally, humans were only able to obtain spirit genes by signing contracts with spirits. If they did not sign contracts with spirits, gathering the genes would be impossible.

Aside from trading with spirits, there really was no other way.

Normal high-cla.s.s spirits would not give out their genes to humans who had not signed a contract with them, and this was especially true of king-cla.s.s spirits. No matter what they were offered or the service that was provided to them, they would never give a human a spirit geno point.

What Han Sen was able to do, and the amount he was able to receive freely, was something beyond the realm of human fathoming.

Soon after, Heavenly Empress learnt of The King's arrival in the second spirit base.

"That was quick. He has already opened his second gene lock?" The King of Truth frowned.

"The King is very talented, you cannot deny that. He has perfect genes, ones befitting an emperor," Flower Empress said.

"If anyone is able to beat him, there is only one person I can think of. He resides in the second spirit base, too," Heavenly Empress said.

"You mean Phoenix King?" The King of Day's eyes suddenly turned white as he looked at Heavenly Empress.

Heavenly Empress said, "He is not an emperor, but he is the offspring of two king spirits. What's more, he has Phoenix Body. That makes him immune to physical attacks. If anyone will topple The King's winning streak, it will be him."

"Phoenix King's personality is so strange, though. He is always alone, and he is tremendously difficult to talk to," Flower Empress commented.

"I know him well. Perhaps I can convince him to challenge The King." Heavenly Empress was confident in his abilities.

"That is great news! With Phoenix King around, The King is dead. G.o.d, I wish I knew where that conniving spirit's stone is. I'd crush it beneath my boots!" The King of Day said spitefully.

He hated Han Sen. Han Sen had taken one of his king spirit genes and kissed the girl he had long had a crush on.

"Even if we knew where his stone was, we couldn't destroy it. Do you really think you have what it takes to find it, grab it, and smash it, all before this emperor?" Flower Empress said.

"He has offended all the king spirits in the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary. No emperor would be able to withstand the wrath that will be brought down on his shelter," The King of Day explained.

"Who would ever want to offend an emperor, just so they could get ahold of a king? And what's more, it seems likely The King himself will become an emperor one day. If you failed; congratulations! You would have two emperors for nemeses. Only idiots would subject themselves to such torment," Flower Empress reb.u.t.ted.

"Why are you speaking in favor of that *sshole?" The King of Day now started to look angry.

Flower Empress was. .h.i.t with a sudden shock, and so she said, "I'm only telling you cold, hard truths. I'm not saying anything to protect him."

"Stop arguing, you two. I will open my second gene lock and consult Phoenix King about these matters. What will you all do?" Heavenly Empress enquired.

"I'm going to watch him get killed," The King of Day said.

"Me, too," Flower Empress concurred.

The King of Truth merely shook his head, saying, "I can't open my second gene lock, so I will not come."

"Then let us return and practice! I will invite Phoenix King to come over." Heavenly Empress stood up. Then, she approached Flower Empress and said, "Let's go together, and it'll help if I can receive some flower liquid off you."