Super Gene - Chapter 925: Bone

Chapter 925: Bone

Chapter 925: Bone

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Han Sen grabbed ahold of the dinosaur's neck, wis.h.i.+ng to slow it down and allow Qu Lanxi to return safely. But the dinosaur was too powerful, and when it leapt towards the open door, it fell through into the shelter.


The blue dinosaur landed on the tiled grounds below, shattering the stone. With its eyes still fixed on Qu Lanxi, it roared, got back up, and tried to bite her.

"Stop! Stop! Stop!" Han Sen called out, as he desperately pulled on the dinosaur's neck.

He didn't dare fight the dinosaur, as he didn't want to incite its ire any more. If things turned dire, he could escape with his super king spirit, but the same could not be said for Qu Lanxi and Chu Ming; they'd most likely be slaughtered.

The dinosaur, thankfully, understood what Han Sen had commanded it. Its pursuit of Qu Lanxi came to an abrupt stop, and all it did was growl and stare at Qu Lanxi with its wild blue eyes. It was very hostile.

"Relax! She's a friend of mine." Han Sen touched the dinosaur's neck and signaled for Qu Lanxi to retreat further.

"Roar!" Qu Lanxi did as she was bidden, and when she started to move again, the dinosaur boomed out a growl.

Quickly, Han Sen then comforted it by stroking its neck. Fortunately, it did not resume chasing Qu Lanxi, following its threatening cry.

But Qu Lanxi had to stop moving to get it to calm down, and so she waited for another signal from Han Sen before proceeding with her retreat.

The blue dinosaur continued to growl and stare at her, and slowly, she pulled herself away from the scene. When she was out of its sight, she hurried towards the spirit hall. If it came after her again, she could quickly hop into the teleporter and return to the Alliance.

Han Sen was relieved Chu Ming was not present. If he was there, he imagined things could have gone much worse.

The dinosaur did not look as if it feared the shelter anymore, and it explored the area with a keen eagerness and interest. It was particularly attentive to the bones that lay about the area.

Han Sen sighed. While it poked about, Han Sen decided to go see Qu Lanxi in the spirit hall. He told her to return to the Alliance for a while, and to get in touch with Chu Ming and tell him not to come back for a while, either.

Han Sen didn't have much time to explain, but she understood every word and quickly departed.

Just as Qu Lanxi left, the blue dinosaur entered the hall. It bit Han Sen by his armor and dragged him out.

The dinosaur's intelligence seemed rather low. It didn't seem to understand what Han Sen wished to tell it in full, and it couldn't explain itself very well, either.

Unsure of what it wanted, Han Sen followed the creature until it stopped next to the bones of a certain creature.

There were many bones and skeletons all about, but Han Sen never really paid them much heed. Their presence in the shelter did not interest him.

Now that the dinosaur had grabbed him to take a look, he had no choice but to comply and feign curiosity.

But compared to all the other bones in the area, the one he was pulled to was unique. It was smaller than the others, around the size of a car. The bones were black and dried out.

From what Han Sen could tell, it looked like some sort of saber-tooth tiger whose composition of flesh had long since submitted to the pa.s.sage of time and rot; they were just ordinary bones. There was nothing particularly remarkable about the dusty skeleton.

But the dinosaur then pointed at Han Sen and then pointed to the skull. It stood a few feet away, though, not daring to get too close itself.

"Are you asking me to open the skull for you?" Han Sen eyed the blue dinosaur strangely.

The blue dinosaur did not seem to understand Han Sen, and instead just nudged him closer.

The blue dinosaur took a few steps back, as if it was afraid of something imminent.

"Is there something dangerous inside this creature's noggin?" Han Sen cast his dongxuan aura to inspect the skull for a lifeforce.

There was nothing alive in there, and from what he could tell, it was indeed just a skull.

The blue dinosaur, seeing that Han Sen wasn't moving, roared at him.

Han Sen frowned. There was no danger, but the way the dinosaur was behaving was so strange. Where he was once certain no danger lurked, now he wasn't so sure.

He actually found himself wanting to fall back, but the dinosaur wasn't having it. It used its head to keep nudging Han Sen closer to the skeleton.

Han Sen thought this wasn't very fair, but if there had been something inside the skull, it should have emerged from there by now.

There was a hole inside the eyesockets, and with the unhinged jaw, it was impossible for something to have gotten trapped inside.

Turning back to look at the dinosaur, he was roared at again. The tone of its screech was different this time, as if it was getting impatient.

Gritting his teeth, Han Sen stepped over to the skull.

Although there was no apparent danger, there was indeed something inside it.

Taking a closer look, Han Sen saw a bone that looked like the arm of a human. Its color was slightly different than the rest that were there, as it was very white.

Han Sen hesitated at first, but ultimately decided to pick it up.

After picking it up, though, Han Sen realized the arm did not come from a human after all. It was heavier than steel, and seemed to weigh a thousand pounds. Not expecting the weight, he failed to pick it up at first.

With a firmer grip, Han Sen managed to pick it up and noticed how it was a bit yellowish and discolored. In fact, it looked like jade.

Han Sen, looking at the bone, could not tell what creature the arm once belonged to. And aside from its incredible weight, there was nothing remarkable about it.

The blue dinosaur, seeing the bone in Han Sen's hand, seemed to desire it greatly. It was a little afraid of it at the same time, though.

Han Sen was sure the dinosaur wanted the bone, but after going around the rest of the shelter in search of a similar bone, he was unable to find another that was like it.

"Why was this bone in there, all alone? Where did it come from?" Han Sen was very confused over this conundrum.