Super Gene - Chapter 914: One-Hit Killing Thunderdevil

Chapter 914: One-Hit Killing Thunderdevil

Chapter 914: One-Hit Killing Thunderdevil

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Thunderdevil King was the son of a king, and had entered the first spirit base only a few months prior. Wielding the powers of thunder, he was renowned for not losing a single time. As such, he was given the t.i.tle Thunderdevil King.

This king proclaimed that he was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with the very essence of thunder, and that he was an organic descendant of the element itself.

This was only partly true, but his father was extremely proficient in wielding thunder powers. His mother was a spirit princess that also excelled in wielding thunder powers.

On the day Thunderdevil was born, he came into the world crackling with the charge of electricity. As such, it prompted his father to boast and declare that his son was the strongest being of thunder to ever exist.

His father wasn't far off the mark, either. Thunderdevil King had only just entered the first spirit base a few months before, and in that short amount of time, he had managed to kill countless spirits. All who opposed him, he destroyed, and not once was he ever beaten.

"So, you are the obscene individual that calls himself The King?" Thunderdevil lived up to his name; his face was cold and sharp, just as one might imagine a genuine devil to look like. His voice boomed and snapped like the striking of thunderbolts, as if your eardrums could tear asunder any second.

"Yes, I am The King. And who might you be?" Han Sen responded with a flat tone.

"Pah! You really are an ignorant boy, aren't you? Challenge me. Challenge me and I will bring an end to your parade within three hits." Thunderdevil King's eyes possessed the horrifying glint of murder.

If his rank wasn't too high, he'd have tried to kill Han Sen already.

All the other spirits in the vicinity trembled in fear. They had heard much about Thunderdevil King's cruelty before, and had learnt he was able to kill thousands of creatures within minutes of being born.

Although you could not be killed while in the spirit base, that wouldn't stop Han Sen from being recognized and tormented out in the actual sanctuary. If he lost out there, it'd all be over.

With the spirit king father that he had, everyone in the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary was frightened by Thunderdevil King.

But his notoriety did not spook Han Sen, and so he gladly decided to challenge him. Even though he was a second-generation spirit king, Han Sen still believed he could end him quickly. His only regret was not being able to kill the spirit for good.

Seeing Han Sen invite him for a duel, the protective aura around the islands fell. Wasting no time, Thunderdevil King leapt in front of Han Sen and coldly said, "You should strike first. I'll give you a free one, because if I go first, you'll be done and dusted in no time."

"Okay." Han Sen did not move a single step, and on the closure of his word, threw a lame, single fist towards Thunderdevil King.

When Thunderdevil King watched Han Sen casually swing a fist, he felt disrespected. This provoked a greater ire and anger within him.

Thunderdevil King had been through much to reach the rank of seventh.

And in no time at all, Han Sen had gone from having no rank, to the ninety-millionth, to the one-hundred-thousandth. He had not faced a worthy challenger yet, or at least one that was willing to put up a fight.

For a guy like that to disrespect him, Thunderdevil King wasn't having it. He quickly became fuming mad.

"Pah, you know what? Killing you in one hit will be a waste of the fun time I can have with a puny worm like you. Allow me to demonstrate the full extent of my power!" Thunderdevil King's body shone with a purple light. He transformed into what could best be described as a thunderG.o.d. And in response to this tumultuous turn of events, the islands and the fabric of the spirit base realm seemed to quiver and shake.

It looked as if the lightning that ran along his body could severe the atmosphere in two.

The other spirits were speechless at the sight. Thunderdevil King had only opened his first gene lock, and their hearts sunk when they thought of how powerful he might become once he had unlocked all nine of his gene locks.

Han Sen, however, did not waver. He had no reaction to the outburst of power and energy that flashed before him, and his casually-thrown fist did not divert an inch. The fist shone with a white light, and landed neatly on Thunderdevil King's body.

Flame Giant and the other spirits, who watched Han Sen launch what they believed to be a farcically weak punch, thought Han Sen might have actually been afraid of Thunderdevil King.


During the next second, in which Han Sen's fist landed on its target, everyone's shock amplified to an unfathomable degree.

It was only a random-looking punch, and yet it seemed to be infused with the most wicked power. Thunderdevil's body broke into pieces. There was nothing but bits left, and so quick was the spectacle over, Thunderdevil King didn't have the chance to react or even scream. He died, just like that.

The spirit base remained quiet in the moments following. No one could expect Thunderdevil King to be killed in a single punch, like an ant.

"Kingthunder Gene +1; Seventh Rank Achieved. Top Ten Placement Achieved; Self-Spirit Gene +1."

A purple thunder entered Han Sen's body, and all of a sudden, he felt as if his super king spirit body was fused and charged with the element of thunder. He tried casting it, but could not. He did, however, feel his thunder resistances increase by a lot.

If he was able to collect a hundred kingthunder genes, his thunder power would certainly exceed that of Thunderdevil King.

Han Sen was pleased that he had obtained a self-spirit gene, and he immediately felt his super king spirit body become much stronger as a result.


Amidst everyone's confusion and awe of the spectacle they had just witnessed, Thunderdevil King resp.a.w.ned with fury. He roared to the skies in absolute madness and attempted to re-challenge Han Sen.

He had been killed by Han Sen, resulting in an exchange of ranking. And because he was much lower than Han Sen now, he was free to challenge him as much as he pleased.

Thunderdevil King would not concede and accept such a miserable, humiliating defeat. He had tried to use his thunderG.o.d mode in a bid to deflect Han Sen's punch, but it was a mistake that allowed his electrical powers to backfire and incinerate himself.

But Han Sen's seemingly random punch was most strange. It went past his thunderG.o.d body and broke his actual self.

Therefore, Thunderdevil King did not relent in his desire for another match. He believed it all to be a mistake, and that Han Sen had not actually killed him.

So, this time, Thunderdevil King decided to strike first. He gathered a fist of obscenely destructive power and loosed it towards Han Sen.

A thick purple beam was cast out, and it appeared directly before Han Sen. So great was that power, it appeared wretched enough to not only destroy Han Sen, but his island also.