Super Gene - Chapter 915: There Are Many Kings, But Amongst Them, Only One Ruler

Chapter 915: There Are Many Kings, But Amongst Them, Only One Ruler

Chapter 915: There Are Many Kings, But Amongst Them, Only One Ruler

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Han Sen stood upon his spirit base island like a G.o.d. His white hair drifted with the ethereal breeze, and his handsome face was as calm and composed as ever. He lifted a fist and launched it at the purple lightning that was bearing down on him.

His super king spirit mode made him better than a king spirit, so he was unafraid of what Thunderdevil King sought to do. They had both only opened their first gene locks, so with the improved spirit mode, Han Sen already worked from a position of greater strength.

"Die!" Thunderdevil King roared, as his thunderG.o.d mode grew in power. The purple lightning crackled with greater ferocity, and its size amplified with his warcry. He was putting everything he had into this one strike, hoping he could annihilate Han Sen in a single hit.

All the spirits watched as the lightning made contact with Han Sen's outstretched fist. As it occurred, the deafening snap of thunder drowned out all other sounds.

Han Sen's super king spirit-fueled fist destroyed the frightening projectile pocket of electric power, and it remained on course to wreck Thunderdevil King once more.

All the spirits watched Han Sen as he exuded a most holy light. They viewed him with great admiration.

If killing Thunderdevil King the first time was luck, then the second time would a.s.suredly prove it was down to Han Sen's skill. And if that was true, it meant his power had to be greater than that of the widely lauded Thunderdevil King.

They were both king spirits, and yet one could not withstand the other's punch. Seeing such an intimidating figure crumble before Han Sen was difficult to believe.

Spirits always adored those who were stronger than them, and so Han Sen was cementing himself as something of an idol for sure.

"Kingthunder Gene +1; Rank Unchanged."

Han Sen received another kingthunder gene, which helped to boost the strength of his thunder elements.

Han Sen wanted Thunderdevil King to challenge him some more. If he was able to obtain a total of one hundred kingthunder genes, his thunder power was sure to be significantly stronger than any that were on the same level as him.

But after resp.a.w.ning again, Thunderdevil King just stood where he was. He did not jump back out of his spirit stone as he previously had, fuming with anger. He just looked at Han Sen and did not approach.

Thunderdevil King had wanted to kill Han Sen with thunder, and he had been keen to demonstrate his full power with monstrous tenacity and confidence earlier. Now, the power of Han Sen's punches actually put fear into him. It was fortunate the rule of only having one opened gene lock was enforced in that realm, for if it wasn't, he'd have never believed Han Sen had only opened his first gene lock.

"I am the king of kings. In this world there are many kings, but amongst them, only one ruler. That's me." Han Sen provoked Thunderdevil King, hoping it would trigger his wrath and desire for battle, earning him more kingthunder gene points.

Thunderdevil King, as predicted, could not accept the insult. He roared to the sky and re-cast his thunderG.o.d mode before charging towards Han Sen once more. In one punch, it was all over once again.

The other spirits trembled in their boots. Thunderdevil King was not only getting crushed, but also humiliated. The name of The King felt as if it were getting branded in their hearts, and it seemed to be a name they would not—or should not—ever forget.

Thunderdevil King resp.a.w.ned, but before Han Sen could say anything else to him, he disappeared with his island. He ran off.

Word of this fight spread like wildfire in the community of spirits. Those who heard the tale of a newcomer destroying Thunderdevil King were shocked to hear of his power. It was difficult to believe, even. The king spirits, however, felt even more animosity towards Han Sen. They were madder than ever.

Many king cla.s.s spirits wished to lock Han Sen up in purgatory for the rest of eternity.

Some king spirits even vowed to destroy Han Sen's spirit stone, should they ever discover his true ident.i.ty.

The loudest proclaimer of such a notion was the father of Thunderdevil King. Like the other king spirits, his search for The King's ident.i.ty was on.

But despite their efforts, neither the king spirits nor even the emperors themselves were able to locate or discover who he was. Their best guess was that he was the child of some emperor. The thought that The King might have been a human never once crossed their minds.

In the sanctuaries, despite their tireless struggle for information, they could not find out anything. But all the king spirits that could still enter the first spirit base went after Han Sen, planning to kill him.

But this was exactly what Han Sen had hoped for. Ordinary spirit genes could not boost his power by much, but king spirit genes were far more effective, and their boons were immediately noticeable. Having the king spirits coming to him was a dream come true.

When Han Sen proclaimed himself the king of kings, he knew it'd incite the fury and ire of all the other proud king spirits out there. As such, the kings would end up express-delivering their geno points to Han Sen for the small price of one punch.

And as for the threats from the powerful king spirits he could not yet challenge, Han Sen cared little.

In the sanctuary, where things mattered the most and death was permanent, they could not find him. And with their inability to visit the first spirit base, he had nothing to be afraid of.

"If it wasn't for the spirit genes I am practically being gifted, I'd announce I am a human. I don't want this freight train to stop. Hmm, but doesn't that mean I can't use super king spirit mode back in the sanctuaries now? If the spirits find out who I am, heaven knows how many will be on my tail," Han Sen thought to himself.

Aside from the woman spirit he half-encountered in the valley, no one else had seen his super king spirit mode in the sanctuary yet.

Although she saw the active mode, there was no way she could have guessed it was a human, either. Due to this, there was no need for him to worry about her.

And the first spirit base was ma.s.sive, so he thought it was unlikely she'd encounter him there, either.

But Han Sen was wrong. She, the baron of thorns, saw him; and she recognized him as the handsome spirit that rescued her from the iron bug.

"I am the king of kings. In this world there are many kings, but amongst them, only one ruler. That's me." Thorn Baron pondered the words he had spoken. Her cheeks blushed, and she said to herself, "He's that powerful king spirit. It would be a most wonderful thing, should I ever encounter him again. Why he saved me, without saying a word, I'll never know."

Ever since she found out The King was the one who saved her, she believed the dagger falling into his hands, in exchange for her saving, was a good thing. She had been saved by a valiant spirit, she thought. She was unaware Han Sen merely wanted to rob her.