Super Gene - Chapter 913: Naive Spirit Brother

Chapter 913: Naive Spirit Brother

Chapter 913: Naive Spirit Brother

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Flame Giant's behavior was quite amusing, at first. But now, it had grown annoying. Ignoring him, Han Sen decided to fly his island to others in order to challenge their residing spirits and obtain more spirit geno points.

Many islands, however, did not contain spirits. Han Sen had to fly around for quite a while, observing empty islands with no spirits on them. When he did find a spirit, he was dismayed to learn that they had no rank, and he therefore couldn't challenge them.

Flame Giant was not keen to lose the spirit of his affection, however, and so he followed Han Sen like a puppy. As they traveled, he would frequently announce to the islands around them, "Hail to The King! The King has come; submit an offering of geno points to him."

Han Sen frowned, thinking Flame Giant's behavior was both pointless and annoying. If the spirits did not invite him to battle, he couldn't fight them even if he wanted to.

But what happened next shocked Han Sen. The first spirit they came to, upon hearing Han Sen was the The King, knelt. And just as Flame Giant did earlier, he showed great reverence and adoration for Han Sen who was before him.

He invited Han Sen to challenge, and when the fight started, he did nothing. He stood there and offered his own defeat without contest. It almost made Han Sen feel rather bad.

"You have to take my geno points, my king." The spirit's tone of voice was so firm and resolute, it sounded as if it was a genuine honor to provide Han Sen his geno points.

"If you want to give me your points that badly, I will take them then." Han Sen then punched the spirit to death, as a blue light penetrated his body.

"SquireWater Gene +1; Rank Unchanged."

Spirits seemed fanatical before a king spirit, and when they moved on from that island, Flame Giant did not rest his trumpeting of Han Sen's coming. Far across that strange realm, spirits gladly offered up their geno points.

"I wonder how they'd feel if they knew I was a human?" Han Sen wondered to himself.

But over the course of that day, Han Sen's spirit geno points were increasing rapidly. And that meant all of his elemental proficiencies were improving.

"This is way too awesome!" As Han Sen watched his spirit gene tally increase one by one, he hoped this could keep going until it reached the figure of one hundred and he maxed it out completely.

Obtaining spirit geno points in the sanctuary, by ordinary means, was incredibly difficult. Right now, Han Sen only had to stand in place and wait for spirits to practically deliver them to him on a platter.

He stayed there for a long time, but he began to feel tired after a while, so he returned to the spirit hall. His super spirit mode deactivated and his body entered a state of pain.

In the spirit base, he could keep his super spirit mode activate for the entire duration he was there, but back in the sanctuaries, he could still only use it for three seconds.

When his super king spirit mode ended, his spirit stone disappeared, as well.

Han Sen took a look at his geno points, and he could not stop smiling.

Han Sen tested whether or not he had to be in super king spirit mode to create a spirit stone in the spirit hall again, and it worked.

When outside the spirit hall, no such thing occurred. When his super king spirit mode ran out in the hall, his spirit stone would go with it.

With the spirit base, though, Han Sen's workload in the Third G.o.d's Sanctuary was significantly lessened. Once he rested up, he planned to go back to the spirit hall, transform, and return to the spirit base and continue earning geno points. And after settling on this regime, Flame Giant's deduction was correct; Han Sen's name did indeed become heard of, far and wide.

Everyone in the first spirit base soon heard about the existence of a king spirit called The King, and it wasn't long before it was whispered between the spirits out in the sanctuary.

But when many king spirits heard of this person, all they could do was frown.

A natural king spirit was given a t.i.tle by G.o.d, and for one to be simply called The King, it didn't sound legitimate. It was most certainly not a name in the same vein as they were traditionally given, and if it wasn't a name given by G.o.d, there was only one possibility.

Two king spirits must have produced an offspring. If The King was born from the copulation of two king spirits, then it was only natural the baby would not have a name given by G.o.d.

Many king spirits believed The King was a king spirit that had been born.

If he hadn't been born, then he wouldn't have entered the first spirit base. A natural king spirit always had an extremely high level, and they would never have to go through the first spirit base.

All the king spirits then wondered who that person might have been. Whoever it was, they believed him to be, and they most a.s.suredly wanted to teach the spirit a lesson or two in how to behave.

But most of the king spirits had opened many of their gene locks, and as a result, they could not backtrack through their levels of ascension and challenge The King.

That being said, there were other king spirits still in the first spirit base, and they too were made angry upon hearing the name of The King. Driven mad, they all vowed to kick his bacon.

Han Sen was oblivious to these rumblings though, and so he just relished his time in the limelight, reveling in the love and adoration he was being shown. When he returned, the spirits continued to allow themselves to be defeated.

Flame Giant followed Han Sen around like a shadow, and soon, his presence grew on him. Han Sen felt as if he had a humble servant at his disposal, and so he felt like royalty.

"These spirits are so simple-minded," Han Sen sighed in his heart.

As he searched for a new target, someone drove an island towards him at an alarming speed.

Han Sen had seen this happen many times already, and it was usually a case of another spirit, dying to offer themselves up. Expecting this, he decided to recline against his statue and wait for the person to get there.

As it neared, Flame Giant did what he always did. He shouted aloud, "Hail to The King! The King has come; submit an offering of..."

Before he could finish his speech, Flame Giant froze and fell to the ground, saying, "Greetings, Thunderdevil King."

The statue that belonged to this spirit was about a hundred meters high, and its owner exuded a horrifying feeling. As he looked at Han Sen, a purple light flashed and flickered in his eyes.

All the spirits around Han Sen knelt before him.

Immediately, Han Sen knew he'd encountered someone he could consider a big cheese. When he looked at the statue's number, he noticed it was a simple seven. Very few were stronger than him.