Super Gene - Chapter 879: Eating the Thunderfruit

Chapter 879: Eating the Thunderfruit

Chapter 879: Eating the Thunderfruit

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After Han Sen chased the three-tailed fox back to the mountaintop, the body of the bull had all disappeared. Not even the Life Geno Essence remained. The silver fox was licking its lips happily.

When the three-tailed fox reached the peak, it howled. It ran in front of the silver fox and leaned down with its paws outstretched, as if it was begging for mercy.

The silver fox observed the three-tailed fox's bloodied tails and then leapt on its head, as if it was going to tell Han Sen, "This guy belongs to me now."

"B*stard! You ate the thunderbull and didn't even save me the Life Geno Essence! Now you are giving yourself a companion?" Han Sen looked disheartened.

The silver fox spat out silver lightning to heal the three-tailed fox. The three-tailed fox trembled in fear, and in response, the silver fox looked smug. It jumped into Han Sen's arms and then rubbed its head against his chest, as if it was trying to tell him to forgive the three-tailed fox.

The three-tailed fox seemed intelligent, and it knelt in front of Han Sen as if it wanted to obey him, too.

"I was going to feed it to you, anyway. Keep it and spare the cannibalism, then." Han Sen then pointed at the three-tailed fox and said, "Your name is Three-Tail, you got it? Now, follow me."

The three-tailed fox was well-behaved, and it quickly followed as ordered.

Han Sen returned his beast souls, and with the silver fox in his arms and Zero behind him, they rode the three-tail fox down the mountain.

Zhao Xuebin's people were now in a state of boredom, waiting. That soon changed when they saw the three-tail fox reappear, heading right for them again.

Upon closer inspection, however, they noticed Han Sen and Zero were riding it. Seeing that menacing fox to be now ridden calmly, they were shocked.

"I couldn't find the bull, but look! I found a fox. Thanks for telling me to return to the peak; if you hadn't, I wouldn't have gotten myself a new ride." Han Sen reclined on the fox's back and smiled at them.

Their disbelief was marred by the ugly looks of anger. Their excursion looked set to have them returning empty-handed, since they had failed to slay their bull. Han Sen, on the other hand, was going to walk away far wealthier.

"It's a super creature... By the sanctuaries! How can it obey a human?" Zhao Xuebin may have been angered, but he couldn't help but respect Han Sen for being able to tame a super creature like so.

"Now that I have the three-tailed fox, I can offer you protection from the lightning. I can lead you up to the peak, if you'd like. Do you fancy going?" Han Sen gave the people his barmiest smile.

"Yes, please." Zhao Xuebin was still not quite ready to throw in the towel.

"Let's go, then." Han Sen rode the fox and led them up to the mountaintop. He did not make them suffer this time, and their travel was without hindrance.

Only the thunder flower remained, and all traces of the bull had vanished. But seeing the thunder flower, Zhao Xuebin and his people became greedy again.

"We came here in search of the thunderbull, but alas, we could not find it. But this flower looks special. Do you think I can take this flower as a souvenir and gift it to my supervisor? He might like it." Zhao Xuebin made his request.

"It is not owned by anyone, and it belongs to any who chooses to take it," Han Sen said.

Zhao Xuebin was surprised by Han Sen's words, but he quickly thought something was amiss. He had an unshakeable feeling that Han Sen would never be so kind as to allow them to take something so unique. But a treasure had indeed been put before him, and he would do anything to own it.

He thought about it for a bit and then allowed Feng Lin to collect it, not daring to go himself.

Feng Lin had similar thoughts to Zhao Xuebin, and was also afraid to approach the flower. Still, he had no choice but to obey the order he had been given. He approached the flower and then touched it. Gold lightning burst forth from the bud and electrocuted him.

Zhao Xuebin was shocked, in a different way. He smiled at Han Sen and said, "Mister Han, the three-tailed fox you have can command thunder. May we request that it collect the flower on our behalf?"

"Manager Zhao, do you think such a thing is possible?" Han Sen coldly said.

Zhao Xuebin said, "Our contract was to kill the bull, but the bull is no longer here. Can we perhaps change the terms so it references us collecting this flower, instead?"

"A contract is a contract; you can't go changing it whenever you please. I came here to hunt this phantom bull of yours, and I have no concern for anything other than that." Han Sen was familiar with how obscene the Zhao family could be, so he wasn't too surprised by their absurd request.

Zhao Xuebin obviously wanted to say something, but Han Sen turned around to leave.

The people quickly remembered that the three-tailed fox was s.h.i.+elding them from the lightning. If they upset Han Sen, they thought he could very well allow it to electrocute them.

Thinking of that, Zhao Xuebin kept his mouth closed and did not say anything more.

Han Sen then led them down the mountain and returned to the mountaintop by himself again, so he could wait for the fruit to mature.

Zhao Xuebin knew Han Sen was returning for the sole purpose of obtaining the flower for himself, but he also knew he was helpless to stop him. They had no choice but to pack up and go home.

A day later, on the peak of Thunder Mountain, the fruit grew to the size of a fist.

A lot of lightning continued striking the fruit, and there was a notable increase in the strength of its pleasant fragrance with each lightning strike. Countless booms of thunder rumbled over the fruit over the course of a day, and before long, it shone gold like a thunderbolt itself.

The final thunderbolt hit the fruit, and after it did, the dark clouds of the sky dissipated. The wind and the rain stopped, and the only elemental threat that remained was the golden thunderfruit itself.

The silver fox leapt out of Han Sen's arms but did not rush to eat the fruit. It approached it, and then walked around it, as if it was contemplating something.

After walking a few circles around it, the silver fox looked at Han Sen and then looked back at the fruit. It opened its mouth and swallowed it in one large mouthful.


The golden lightning exploded inside the silver fox's tummy and burned his entire body, making him look like burnt wood.

Han Sen was shocked, and almost wanted to rush to its aid. But luckily, his dongxuan aura was able to detect its lifeforce was actually getting stronger. He remained where he was and did not approach.