Super Gene - Chapter 878: Killing Thunderbull

Chapter 878: Killing Thunderbull

Chapter 878: Killing Thunderbull

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"Mister Han, the thunderbull is there atop the peak. We saw it!" Zhao Xuebin happily exclaimed to Han Sen.

The others excitedly chimed in, saying, "Mister Han, the bull is there on the peak. Please, go and slay it!"

"You really saw the thunderbull?" Han Sen eyed Zhao Xuebin curiously.

"Yes, Mister Han! Please hurry, do not let it get away," Zhao Xuebin hastily responded.

Han Sen shrugged his shoulders. He knew they hadn't seen the thunderbull, for they did not have what it took to scale the peak. If they had seen the thunderbull, they would have also mentioned the three-tailed fox and the thunder flower.

They were purposely lying to Han Sen.

Knowing this, Han Sen still smiled and said, "I understand how you feel, but let's be honest; there is no bull up there. For me to go back up there would be nothing more than a waste of time."

"Mister Han, we really saw the bull!" Zhao Xuebin was still determined to make Han Sen believe they had seen the bull.

They each pleaded for Han Sen to go up and slay it, but Han Sen knew what they were planning.

If there was a bull up there, and Han Sen did not kill it, they could claim Han Sen violated the contract, and they would not have to pay Han Sen with the vials of Angel Gene Fluid.

If this matter was taken to court, they wouldn't be able prove a thing, but that wouldn't matter. Even if their claims were thrown out the airlock, it would still be enough to tarnish Han Sen's reputation.

"Now, are you sure you saw the bull?" Han Sen asked with a smile.

"It is up there! We weren't mistaken," Zhao Xuebin said.

"And you're sure it's the thunderbull?" Han Sen asked.

"Yes, unmistakably," Zhao Xuebin quickly answered.

"And there was nothing else?" Han Sen asked.

"Nope, nothing. Just the bull." Zhao Xuebin believed Han Sen was testing his claim.

"Then I will go and slay it." Han Sen promptly stood up and started walking off towards the peak again. Zero and the silver fox went with him.

When Han Sen arrived at the peak, the three-tailed fox and the bull were still there, locked in their staring compet.i.tion. Han Sen summoned Little Angel and commanded to both her and the silver fox, "Kill the bull first, guys."

After that, Han Sen's combined force of sonic and thunder powers coursed this body to gather in his fists. When primed, he took aim at the bull.

The Little Angel flew up high with eyes aflame of a green fire and swung her greatsword towards the bull.

Death Knell also went airborne, ready to trap the bull in its tolling maw. Meanwhile, the Spirit Owl hooted menacingly on its way towards its given target.

The silver fox gleamed with silver electricity, transforming into a thunderfox. It leapt towards the bull fiercely.

When the bull took notice of the large host of super creatures bearing down on it, it looked ready to scream in fright.


Sonic-Thunder Punch exploded, drowning out all other sounds; the desperate cry of the bull included. Following that force, it couldn't muster the composure necessary for another cry for a long time to come.

Little Angel's sword slashed across his neck, forming a deep crevice from which blood cascaded.

Before it could make a sound, something muted the bull's voicebox. Han Sen's Flaming Rex Spike had been shoved deep into its throat, drilling with a mutilating force and a green flame.

The silver fox and the Spirit Owl now struck the thunderbull in unison, delivering a mult.i.tude of deep lacerations across its flesh, draining its blood. The thunderbull tried to gather lightning to discharge and dispel its attackers, but beneath the barrage of fierce hits, it couldn't do a thing.

The next moment, Death Knell appeared on top of it. Although it moved slowly, the thunderbull could not escape amidst the artillery of a.s.sault it was incurring. The Death Knell successfully landed on top of it.

Dong! Dong!

The Death Knell tolled for the injured bull, and in its devastated state, it could not withstand the sound. Its face began to bleed and its entire body began to dry, crack, and ooze.

When the bell arose, Little Angel delivered one final strike to the thunderbull's head.

"Super Creature Thunder-Devil Bull killed. No beast soul gained. The flesh of this creature is edible, and you may harvest its Life Geno Essence. Consume its Life Geno Essence to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly."

Upon witnessing the bull's ma.s.sacre, the three-tailed fox had frozen. It initially believed it was only the two of them who were vying for the fruit, and it didn't expect so many horrible creatures to suddenly appear and slay its sole compet.i.tor.

Super creatures were intelligent, and upon seeing its situation, the three-tailed fox did not dare remain. It quickly fled the mountaintop.

Han Sen commanded Little Angel to chase after it, but not kill it. He wanted it to pursue Zhao Xuebin and his people down the mountain.

Han Sen and Zero followed after the fox, as well. The silver fox, Death Knell, and Spirit Owl remained atop the mountain to guard the flower and the dead bull's corpse.

Zhao Xuebin heard the sounds of battle drifting down from the peak, and with great glee, he said, "Han Sen was lying! The thunderbull was indeed up there. Pah! It is lucky our little scheme worked; he is too much of a noob to try to trick people like us. You can't con conmen!"

"I hope Han Sen and the bull both end up injured; if that happens, we can kill them both at once," Feng Lin excitedly said.

Amidst everyone's happiness, a snow-white shadow began to descend from the mountaintop, ready to sour their mood. They initially believed it to be the bull coming down, but upon closer inspection, they realized it was not the bull. It was a fox with three tails.

"Oh, no! Run! Run for your lives!" Zhao Xuebin's face dropped like a sack of rocks, and he quickly yelled for everyone to flee.

Even if they used their Angel Gene Fluid, they couldn't outrun the fox. And not long after, the fox caught up with them. It swung its three tails and wrapped them around one person, electrifying him into charcoal.

Han Sen and Little Angel caught up and pulled the fox away from the Angel Gene runaways. Zhao Xuebin and his people were currently in terror. Not wanting to stay and fight, they kept on running.

The three-tailed fox was savagely attacked by the tag-team of Han Sen and Little Angel, all the while they descended the mountain.

Although the three-tailed fox was powerful, it didn't stand a chance against Han Sen and Little Angel. It wasn't long before its fur was painted red with blood; the foe would soon be vanquished.

The fox acted as if it knew it was dying, and suddenly, it started running back up the hill towards the peak instead.

"Is this thing crazy!? Why is it running back?" Han Sen asked himself, in surprise.

"Mister Han, kill it!" Zhao Xuebin called back, as he watched the fox ascend the mountain again.

Han Sen coldly replied, "I won't kill it; this has nothing to do with you. You wanted the thunderbull, right? All I saw up there was this thunderous fox, and it is my prey."

After that, Han Sen ignored the terrified collective and brought Little Angel and Zero along with him in pursuit of the fox that was headed back up the mountain.