Super Gene - Chapter 877: Thunder Beasts Fight

Chapter 877: Thunder Beasts Fight

Chapter 877: Thunder Beasts Fight

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On the thunder-wreathed mountaintop rested a silver-thunder flower, and in its center, the bud flickered with gold electricity.

Near the thunder flower were two super creatures locked in combat with each other.

To the right was a three-meter-tall bull. Its horns s.h.i.+mmered green and crackled with electricity, drawing more and more thunder down on the mountain like rain.

To the left was a fox with three tails. Its snow-white tails wagged quickly, generating a field of lightning. It seemed to be able to control thunder, as well.

The two thunder-element super creatures were currently in a stand-off with one another. Neither moved forward. They just remained motionless, watching each other intensely, occasionally eyeing the catalyst of their animosity; the flower.

"I've hit the jackpot! Not only are there two second generation super creatures here, but there's this wonderful little flower. The silver fox is in the money!" When Han Sen viewed the scene, he became delightfully happy.

The silver fox jumped out of Zero's arms with his eyes fixed on the thunder flower. Its previously elegant appearance had been eschewed in favor of hunger.

But Han Sen grabbed it by the fur and pulled it back. The silver fox did its best to struggle, but Han Sen held it tightly in his arms.

Han Sen knew the flower was something most desirable, and it'd be rich in nutrients for the silver fox. However, there were two super creatures ahead, and neither looked friendly or charitable. If the silver fox approached right now, it'd incite their ire; Han Sen would have been better off waving a red flag.

That being said, Han Sen knew he had what it took to bring down both super creatures. He merely worried over the noise he might generate. If there was too much noise, it'd be difficult to hide it all from Zhao Xuebin, and Han Sen never planned on handing over the Life Geno Essence of the bull, if they killed it.

It would have been fine for them to have it if it was a first-generation super creature, but there was no chance he'd give up a second-generation's Life Geno Essence.

"Little Silver, hush hus.h.!.+ There is no need to rush. Look closely, the thunder flower has not yet bloomed. If it was ready for consumption, I'm fairly sure those two creatures would be doing more than having a staring compet.i.tion." Han Sen comforted the struggling silver fox.

The words actually calmed the silver fox, and it quit trying to wriggle its way free. Still, it kept its eyes locked on the flower without blinking.

Every now and again, lightning struck the center of the flower.

Whenever this occurred, the flower was not harmed. In fact, it appeared to become brighter and more lively-looking after every strike and shock. It seemed as if it could consume electricity.

In the center of the flower, a golden thunder-fruit grew. It was currently about the size of an average egg. Gold lightning flickered across it, s.h.i.+mmering in a condensed spectacle that was reminiscent of an aerial view of the galaxy.

"I wonder how long it'll take for this fruit to mature?" As Han Sen observed it, he was unsure when it would mature. Though it clearly wasn't ready yet, judging from the behavior of the three-tail fox and the thunderbull, if it had matured by now, one would be tearing out the other's throat for sure.

Han Sen summoned his Spirit Owl and Death Knell. Then, he placed the fairy in a position of potential ambush. With Zero and the silver fox, Han Sen returned down the mountain a bit.

Like a troublesome child, the silver fox wasn't keen to leave the flower unattended. It went into a fit of struggling, but still, Han Sen was able to carry him down. He couldn't leave him up there, as he did not want to evoke suspicion from Zhao Xuebin.

If Han Sen killed the super creatures, he could retrieve their goods but would have to return the Angel Gene Fluid; that is, unless he never wanted to return to the Alliance again.

So, he hatched a scheme. If he returned to them now and reported his findings of there being no super creature atop the mountain, he could keep fifty of the vials of Angel Gene Fluid. With his three pets up there, killing the two super creatures shouldn't prove too difficult, either.

Han Sen, with the silver fox in his arms and Zero in tow, descended the sharp slope of the peak towards Zhao Xuebin and his men. He told them he had not seen the thunderbull on the peak.

"The thunderbull really isn't there?" Someone didn't put much stock in Han Sen's false claim.

"Go have a look yourself, if you don't believe me," Han Sen said.

Zhao Xuebin was feeling very awkward, right now. Neither of them dared to re-ascend the mountain, but if they went home at this point, they had no choice but to pay Han Sen fifty Angel Gene Fluids. It was a significant loss.

The thunder was their biggest concern with climbing back up, and they believed it took flying off the table, too. If they were shocked while flying, they'd plummet to the ground and potentially die.

"You guys continue looking around for that thunderbull. Remember, you have seven days to find it, before having to hand over the sweet fifty percent of that Angel Gene Fluid." After Han Sen said this, he started walking away.

"Hang on, we'll go take a look then." Zhao Xuebin stopped Han Sen.

He couldn't go back to Angel Gene empty-handed, so he had to ascend the mountain in its entirety or at least risk life and limb trying to.

"Sure. I'll wait for you here." Han Sen found a rock and then sat down. He was not hopeful in their success of scaling the rest of the mountain and seeing what was actually up there.

Even without the silver fox's thunder-pranks, it wasn't likely they could get close. There were two thunder super creatures up there, and a thunder flower to boot. No ordinary person could get near.

The silver fox had given Han Sen's super pets a buff, to prevent lightning from hitting them. That was how they could safely remain on the peak.

Unless the fruit matured and the super creatures started fighting, the people were unlikely to see or catch a whiff of the bull.

Zhao Xuebin only brought a few people with him; those who had suffered the least damage from the lightning. When they reached an area with much lightning, they used Angel Gene Fluid to rush up the peak.

They did not dare go slow. They wanted all of this to be over as soon as possible, so they ran up as fast as their legs could carry them. One look at the peak, to confirm the bull wasn't there, was all they needed.

Things seemed fine in the beginning, and the Angel Gene Fluid seemed to strengthen them enough to withstand the strikes of lightning. But when they were within one kilometer of the peak, the lightning grew a lot worse.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Han Sen squinted his eyes as he sat on the rock. Then he heard a lot of thunder. The lightning was like a heavy downpour, and it was quite scary to hear.

Han Sen did not feel any sympathy for Angel Gene's people, so he casually stroked the restless silver fox and smiled.

Not long after, Zhao Xuebin and his people returned with pitch-black faces. Their hair had been mostly burnt off, and smoldering patches of ruined skin riddled their bodies. They looked bad.