Super Gene - Chapter 876: They Dare Believe They Can Strike Me?

Chapter 876: They Dare Believe They Can Strike Me?

Chapter 876: They Dare Believe They Can Strike Me?

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"Perhaps it is because I am not a wretched man who has committed several atrocities?" Han Sen coldly said.

"You..." Lui Gui was quickly infuriated by the response he was given. He pointed his finger towards Han Sen and barked, "You must have done something!"

"Fine, I admit it. I made the lightning keep striking you. You weren't just unlucky, okay? It was me. Are you satisfied?" Han Sen shrugged his shoulders.

Lui Gui didn't know what to say. The thunder came from the sky, and Han Sen clearly didn't produce the lightning. Therefore, he didn't believe it was Han Sen and couldn't outright blame the man for doing what he had truthfully admitted to doing.

"Mister Han, you have misunderstood his meaning! We are wondering if you have a way of preventing the lightning from striking you. Perhaps if you share your method, we could avoid being struck as well. We might finish this adventure a little faster, too," Zhao Xuebin said.

"I am a giver, not a receiver. So, believe me when I say I would be willing to share a method, if I had one. I truthfully haven't a clue why the lightning hasn't struck me or my lovelies," Han Sen responded.

Zhao Xuebin frowned, thinking it highly unlikely for Han Sen to try to trick them.

But if Han Sen really was simply lucky, that amount of luck seemed impossible.

"You must have a beast soul to protect you from the lightning, is that it?!" Lui Gui re-joined the conversation with a raised finger and voice.

"Wow, how rude. With such a disrespectful tone, I do not believe there is anything I can do for you," Han Sen said.

"Well, if you don't have such a beast soul, how about you slow down and dismount, so we can all walk together?" Lui Gui firmly believed he had discovered the truth, and so he shouted out the suggestion.

Zhao Xuebin looked at Han Sen, wondering what his response would be. Han Sen said, "Um, okay. Sure. That's fine by me."

Everyone put away their mounts and surrounded Han Sen like penguins. If Han Sen did have a beast soul to protect him from the thunder, they believed they ought to have been close enough for its protection to extend to them, too.

Two steps later, lightning struck Lui Gui's head again. He fell on the ground like a sack of rocks. From the strength of the bolt that hit him, it seemed far more severe than the earlier strikes.

The silver fox, in Zero's arms, bore a sinister grin.

Everyone looked at Han Sen with a queer expression, and just as Lui Gui was pulling himself back up, another person was struck by a thunderbolt.

As they continued their ascent of the mountain, the thunder became worse. They were still three miles from the peak, and the lightning was already injuring the elites and making them too weary to go on.

"I do not believe this bullsh*t!" Lui Gui kept on walking, unable to believe that the thunder could not hit Han Sen.

But the lightning kept striking the team, and most of them were injured. Han Sen and Zero hadn't suffered a single singed hair, by comparison.

If Han Sen had protection, Zero should have been susceptible to the lightning strikes, too. But she hadn't been dealt any harm, and the lightning never touched her. The lightning only ever struck the Angel Gene members; it was very odd.

"It must be you! Aaargh!" Lui Gui was incredibly mad, and just as he turned to bark at Han Sen and start pointing more fingers, a bolt of lightning struck his head. His helmet was blown off and his face turned black. He dropped to the ground again, but this time, he did not move. He had pa.s.sed out, and he almost looked as if he was going to die.

"I told you. If you are unlucky, it is likely karma. If you do bad things, bad things will happen to you. In this case, you'll be struck by lightning." Han Sen coldly spoke down to Lui Gui, who was on the ground.

"Mister Han, can you please tell us why the thunder only attacks us? Don't tell me you are simply lucky; luck of that breadth does not exist." Zhao Xuebin was starting to lose his patience now.

The other people angrily stared at Han Sen, muttering mean words beneath their breath.

"What? You guys seriously want to fight me? If you do, come get some," Han Sen coldly said.

Zhao Xuebin's people were all shocked. Although they all had Angel Gene Fluid, they had all been severely injured by the repeated lightning strikes. Fighting Han Sen, who had a super pet, would be difficult to say the least.

Zhao Xuebin did not want to use the liquid until the last second, so his face suddenly changed. With a forced smile he said, "Mister Han, you have misunderstood us once again. I was merely stating it has been an unlikely string of coincidences that have left you uncharred by the lightning strikes. But we are partners for the time being, and partners must exercise completely honesty with each other."

"Fine. Do you really want to know why the thunder won't touch me?" Han Sen smiled.

"Yes, please tell us!" Zhao Xuebin politely exclaimed.

Han Sen did not answer verbally. He looked up and saw another thunderbolt, and as it descended, he threw his fist up high. Lightning came out from his fist and impacted the incoming bolt.

The explosion that came as a result knocked everyone down onto the ground. They all looked pale, and many of them started heaving blood. They all looked upon Han Sen with shock, as if he was some G.o.d.

"They dare believe they can strike me?" Han Sen said, and then ignored them, continuing his ascent of the mountain.

The people looked on in disbelief. They quickly scrambled to their feet and followed Han Sen up to the peak as if they were his disciples. No longer did anyone think about using Angel Gene Fluid to combat him.

For a punch to sunder fires born on the wind was incredible, and they had clearly underestimated Han Sen's power. No matter how much Angel Gene Fluid they injected into themselves, they did not believe they had what it took to take down Han Sen.

The area that surrounded them was still getting battered by lightning, and fighting a person who commanded such lightning would be a fool's errand. They knew they wouldn't stand a chance.

"How can Sonic-Thunder Punch be that powerful? It's stronger than what most surpa.s.sers can do," Feng Lin stated, shocked.

"Han Sen defeating Yu Qieland was not simply down to luck. His Sonic-Thunder Punch really is that scary," Zhao Xuebin said.

"What do we do? Do we just keep going?" Feng Lin had lost his nerve and was prepared to escape, and he was not alone in that thought.

They knew they weren't half as strong as Han Sen, so they did not dare continue forward.

Zhao Xuebin sighed and said, "Fine. We'll wait here. If the Thunderbull is on the peak, Han Sen won't be able to hide his killing of it, anyway. He can most likely do it solo."

When everyone heard they would not have to reach the top to fight a super creature, they were washed with relief. They carried the dying Lui Gui away.

Through the silver fox's protection, Han Sen and Zero had almost reached the top without trouble. Then, he saw something.

"It's a super creature, and it isn't alone." Han Sen, seeing the peak ahead, looked surprised.