Super Gene - Chapter 855: Opening a Chest

Chapter 855: Opening a Chest

Chapter 855: Opening a Chest

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The blood of super creatures not only stained the plaza; there was so much of it that a pool had formed, flooding the paved area. The blue bell was already in the midst of evolving, so Han Sen thought it was a shame to see so much blood go to waste.

The airborne crane let out an ear-piercing screech at the precise moment the dragon swooped in to tear its head off. The golden chest fell to the ground, and was quickly taken away by a centipede-like worm.

The crane was the first super creature fatality of the battle. The body decomposed as it fell back down to the plaza, and as it fell, a Life Geno Essence went with it.

The dragon quickly consumed the Life Geno Essence and attacked the giant centipede.

Han Sen watched the grand battle for a while. When the opportunity arose, he summoned Moment Queen and Little Angel and then sent them over to attack the silver ape.


The silver ape used its thick arms to block Little Angel's greatsword. She had been buffed by the Steel-Knight King, but even so, all her strike could leave behind was a light scratch mark. Its body was incredibly tough.

As this occurred, Moment Queen teleported behind the silver ape and punched its left ear.


The sound was as if a snail had just had its sh.e.l.l cracked, and the sound indicated she had broken his left ear. The ape shouted in pain and moved one of its hands to protect it.

Han Sen, in the meantime, drilled his Flaming Rex Spike into the silver ape's right ear.


The ape thundered in pain. It grabbed the Flaming Rex Spike and threw Han Sen away with tremendous force.

After its ears were both injured, its face began to bleed. The silver color of its body seemed to wash away, and the power it once exuded began to fade.

Little Angel attacked again, and the ape sought to use its arms to block the incoming strike. Unlike before, its entire arm was lopped off. Following the breaking of its ears, it seemed as if the ape's body had become weaker.

When the Devil-Blood King saw Han Sen a.s.sault and damage his silver ape, he became infuriated. No longer caring if the golden chests ended up in the possession of others, he ran towards Han Sen with fuming rage.

As he went, he issued a command for the rest of his super creatures to surround Han Sen. They circled him, and the dragon guarded from above like a lid. The Devil-Blood King flashed and melded in with the shadows. When he reappeared again, he was standing behind Han Sen.

When he struck, the Devil-Blood King's attack hit nothing. Somehow, Han Sen had evaded his strike.

"Better learn a new trick, 'cause that one's getting old." Han Sen picked up his Flaming Rex Spike and swung it down on the Devil-Blood King.

Han Sen had already deduced that the Devil-Blood King moved through shadows. Now, he could use his dongxuan aura to predict his destination.

Even so, the Devil-Blood King did not believe Han Sen could beat him. Repeatedly, he disappeared into the shadows for spring attacks. After several more repet.i.tions, he was taken aback to see Han Sen dodge them all.

When he realized Han Sen truly could track his movements, his face looked dire.


The silver ape screamed, just as Little Angel brought down her greatsword to hew its head from its body.

"Super Creature Silver-Blood Macaque killed. Beast soul gained. The flesh of this creature is edible, and you may harvest its Life Geno Essence. Consume its Life Geno Essence to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly."

Han Sen heard the announcement and was pleased to hear that he had finally obtained another beast soul.

The Devil-Blood King's reaction to this slaying wasn't quite the same, though. His blood boiled with anger. His determination to kill Han Sen doubled, but just as he was about to attack once more, a super creature barred his way. From the sides, other wild super creatures attacked and tried to maul him, in a bid to take his golden chests.

Moment Shelter was in a diabolical mess, and amidst the chaos, the silver fox thought it was a good time to depart Han Sen's shoulders and chow down on the dead silver ape.

While the Devil-Blood King was preoccupied, Han Sen took the opportunity to flee to an area that had fewer shadows. If his nemesis came after him again, things would be significantly easier. Although Han Sen could dodge the attacks, one mistake was all it would take for him to be destroyed. It was better to be safe than sorry.

The Devil-Blood King's fury showed no sign of lessening, however. Shaking off the super creatures, he followed after Han Sen through the air, screaming.

The dragon, hearing its master scream in the pursuit of his most despised human, accompanied the Devil-Blood King. It flew high above Han Sen, forming a shadow.

The Devil-Blood King used this portable shadow to warp towards Han Sen.

To this, Han Sen coldly smiled. He did not dodge; instead, he swung his fist. His fist was like a silver sun, one that illuminated the area and forbid the approach of any shadow.


The Devil-Blood King could not make use of Han Sen's shadow to pounce upon his foe. Spilling blood, he exploded back through the dragon's shadow as if he had been banished from its premise.

Moment Queen used her teleportation-like abilities to swoop behind the Devil-Blood King and smack his head. The Devil-Blood King's his head was driven through the stone platform beside him in a squishy mess. Grabbing the three gold chests he had possessed, she quickly took off.

Despite his ruined, b.l.o.o.d.y, and disfigured head, the Devil-Blood King was not done yet. He called and went after Moment Queen with the rest of his super creatures, wanting those three chests back more than anything.

"Run!" Han Sen commanded Moment Queen to escape with the goodies she had managed to retrieve. Obtaining three was more than he expected, and securing them was his first priority.

With Moment Queen's speed, escape shouldn't have been difficult.

But much to Han Sen's surprise, Moment Queen was not able to escape the pursuit of the Devil-Blood King and his subordinates.

Moment Queen's face was consumed by a look of disdain, cursing the creatures that chased her.

So, Moment Queen opened the three chests in her possession. A gold light burst forth, expelling a wretched energy.

Han Sen was shocked, and his face became gloomy. He knew something terrible was about to occur.

The other super creatures had not been able to open the chests, due to how tightly they had been sealed. One creature had even swallowed theirs, all to no avail.

When Han Sen watched the super creature do this, the beast was torn apart from the inside. When the chest slipped out of its intestines, it was fine and unchanged.

For a chest that seemed to be impossible to open or eat, Moment Queen had popped her lid with relative ease.

Han Sen was already suspicious regarding the Jade-Gold Tree's choice of rooting itself in Moment Shelter, and he still didn't believe she was totally unaware of what the tree's existence meant.

Moment Queen had been performing exceptionally well in recent times, and she had obeyed Han Sen's every command. Her life was in his hands, too, so he never thought to question her loyalties.

But now, something was amiss. Moment Queen must have known something about the tree, and she had decided to keep Han Sen in the dark. Opening a chest now, with apparent ease, was revealing.

Han Sen stared at Moment Queen and the three open chests, wanting to know what was inside them.