Super Gene - Chapter 856: The Birth of Six Treasures

Chapter 856: The Birth of Six Treasures

Chapter 856: The Birth of Six Treasures

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The three treasures shone with a golden light, and from each chest, something appeared directly in front of Moment Queen.

There was a purple shortsword, a small purple hammer, and a small purple s.h.i.+eld.

Hilt and blade combined, the shortsword was about two feet in length. The s.h.i.+eld was around the size of an average frying pan. The head of the hammer was about the size of a fist, with a handle that was barely half a foot long.

The three items were tiny, and it was hard to guess what use they would be. When they exited the chests that initially harbored them, the chests shattered into dust and scattered on the wind.

When the Devil-Blood King and the rest of the super creatures saw these items, they each tried to grab a hold of them.

The creature that came closest was the black bull, and with its ten-meter long metallic body, it rushed towards them with unprecedented speed.

Moment Queen grabbed the small hammer and drove it into the bull's head.

The little hammer did not seem threatening, like a mosquito going up against an elephant. The bull paid no heed to its approach, but was quickly brought to a stop when they collided.

It was like a train that was going three hundred miles per hour had been brought to a sudden halt. The black bull stood still, and blood seeped from the area of the bull's head that Moment Queen hit.

Katcha! Katcha!

The noises came from all through the bull's body, as if all of its bones were breaking, one after another. The ten meter long body dropped to the ground like a crumpled sack. It was very dead.

Super creatures, spirits, and humans alike were shocked to witness what had just happened. A dreadful, gripping fear had taken hold of their hearts, and kept them from moving.

The bull was a second-generation super creature, and it was difficult to believe that it had been one-hit killed by a hammer.

Han Sen and the Devil-Blood King both looked shocked, and they looked upon Moment Queen with wide-open eyes, as she hovered mid-air with the three articles of weaponry.

No super creature moved in response to what had just happened, but Moment Queen did. She flew over to the giant centipede that had procured a chest for itself.

Swinging the purple shortsword, she sliced the monster in half, as if it was composed of tofu.

The fourth golden chest was in Moment Queen's hand. Seeing things were getting out of control, Han Sen decided to return Moment Queen to the Sea of Soul.

But Moment Queen raised the purple s.h.i.+eld and encompa.s.sed herself in a purple light. Han Sen's control over her was revoked, and the authority of his contract with her had been nullified.

Moment Queen merely smiled at Han Sen, and then ignored him. She opened the fourth chest, which was a little bigger. A set of armor was inside, which Moment Queen immediately donned.

Moment Queen was starting to look more and more like some primordial demon. She wielded a sword and hammer, as she went over to another super creature that was in possession of a golden chest.

No matter how strong the super creatures were, they were nothing in comparison to Moment Queen. With her s.h.i.+eld and armor, any attack she took was useless, as well.

As Moment Queen's smile creeped Han Sen out and soured his disposition, Han Sen turned around with a desire to run. He no longer wanted treasure; he only wanted to run as far away as he possibly could.

Moment Queen was able to use the weapons inside the chests to destroy their contract. She had become so powerful, she could slay super creatures as easily as one could kill livestock. Without his ability to govern her actions, Han Sen was undoubtedly the easiest target.

Han Sen had treated her like a maid for so long, he figured that she must have despised him. And when she procured the contents of each and every chest, he figured that she would come after him. He couldn't fathom the gruesome manner in which he would be killed.

Han Sen was feeling bitter over the circ.u.mstances, but no one could ever expect that a claimed spirit would have the potential to destroy their contract. It was the first he had heard of such a thing happening, and it could have quite possibly been the first occurrence in history. Such things hadn't been recorded to happen even in the demiG.o.d sanctuary. No one thought that claimed spirits could rebel.

And now, it wasn't only Han Sen running off. All the super creatures had snapped from their daze and chosen to flee, the Devil-Blood King included.

Not long after, Han Sen had escaped the Purple Mountain. And far-off, in the distance, the painful cries of super creatures could be heard. Having taken all the golden chests, Han Sen pictured Moment Queen mercilessly slaying each and every super creature without reprieve.

With Moment Queen's speed, she was undoubtedly the strongest being in Second G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Now that she had overpowered armor and weaponry, a super creature's survival in her shadow was entirely dependent on the mercy she was willing to offer. Currently, there had been none.


Han Sen heard a voice cry out. He could tell it was from the Devil-Blood King, and Han Sen figured he must have been slain.

Han Sen's determination to escape heightened, and he decided to flee even harder. He couldn't resp.a.w.n like the Devil-Blood King could, so all he could hope to do was run.

But the Devil-Blood King's death cry was the last thing Han Sen could hear. After that, only the silence sung. The profound quietness brought Han Sen discomfort, and when he turned around to take a look, he jumped.

Moment Queen was standing behind him, silently. She was staring at Han Sen intensely, with eyes that were as cold as ice.

Aside from the purple armor she was now clad in, she was also garbed in a pair of purple, metallic wings and a purple crown. She looked like some ancient queen, hailing from some mythical h.e.l.lscape of a different world. She was even wreathed in a purple, flickering flame.

Despite the fact she was standing so close to him, Han Sen was unable to detect her energy. But still, nothing accentuated her terrifying visage more than a crystal-clear image of her standing right before him.

"My Queen, congratulations! It brings great joy to my heart, seeing you obtain all this treasure for yourself," Han Sen said, as his mind raced for a solution on how he might escape his predicament.

But no reasonable idea came to him, and fleeing actually seemed impossible. The items she had received from the golden chests were too powerful, and Han Sen's gear would be no match.

"You had fun bossing me around, didn't you?" Moment Queen smiled at Han Sen.

The smile was so beautiful and radiant, it seemed genuine enough to thaw the icy image she was previously conveying.

But to Han Sen, personally, it still felt as if he had a bucket of icy water thrown on his heart.

Han Sen turned around and started running. Moment Queen flapped her wings, and appearing behind him, grabbed his back.


The silver fox was furious, and it spat out silver lightning. But the lightning was immediately cancelled by the purple aura that encompa.s.sed her body. It dealt no damage. She didn't even react to its touch.

Uninhibited, Moment Queen grabbed Han Sen and the silver fox. Not willing to give up entirely, they both cast their best attacks. Han Sen aimed for her belly, while the silver fox aimed for her head.