Super Gene - Chapter 854: Stealing the Chests

Chapter 854: Stealing the Chests

Chapter 854: Stealing the Chests

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The creatures were awoken from their daze. Han Sen didn't know which monster began roaring first, but after that roar, they all began rus.h.i.+ng to the peak.

Every creature ravenously raced towards the gold light. Each and every creature there had an insatiable appet.i.te for the golden fruit borne by the Jade-Gold Tree.

The energy that consumed the mountain top was like a fountain, and it seemed to energize every creature that walked upon its slopes.

Gritting his teeth, the Devil-Blood King now rushed up the mountain and into Moment Shelter. He had come to a decision, and that decision was to not give up on the potential treasure that resided within.

Unlike the rest, Han Sen was still quite hesitant. He felt as if something bad was still going to happen, so he hadn't sent word for w.a.n.g Yuhang to come.

Han Sen summoned Moment Queen again and asked her, "Observe the situation there and report back to me."

Moment Queen did as she was commanded and went up. At the peak, she was able to see the energy that consumed the area. She told Han Sen, "An energy burst like this would suggest something good is being born."

"Hmm, perhaps we should go take a look." Han Sen nodded, but still decided against giving w.a.n.g Yuhang the signal. Stroking the silver fox's head, he let Moment Queen lead their way up towards the golden light.

He traveled through the mist towards Moment Shelter, a place he had come to be both fond of and familiar with. There were no visible changes, from what he could initially tell. All he could see was that the tree had grown to be about one hundred feet tall. It basked in a holy presence, and the chests beamed with gold light.

Han Sen, seeing those six chests, was shocked. Before, they looked fairly ordinary. Now, they looked different. All six of the golden chest fruits were of different sizes, and they were all shaped differently.

The combined light of the chests was so bright that looking towards them was difficult. But still, each golden chest emanated with a certain scary energy.

The crane he had seen before screamed. It flew past Han Sen's head and collected the golden chest that was the furthest from the ground, and then flew away with it.

The big dragon and a four-winged beast quickly flew forward to stop the crane and retrieve the chest.

The creatures, seeing the crane grab one of the chests to no ill repercussions, began rus.h.i.+ng towards the tree in the hope of nabbing the rest.

The Devil-Blood King brought the silver ape with him to grab a golden chest. After retrieving one, they looked to take another.

Within fifteen minutes, the six golden chests had found new masters. Han Sen was too far away, and due to his initial hesitation, he was unable to procure one for himself.

But this was just the beginning, for even if he did get a chest, escaping the ire of the surrounding creatures would be a bigger challenge by far.

The shelter was in utter chaos, as creatures battled for ultimate possession of the chests. The sounds of combat, the screeches and the roars, it was all deafening.

There was fire, toxic mists, and thunder being cast out, all into one dangerous melting pot of anarchy. It was fortunate Moment Shelter was tough, because otherwise, it would've been reduced to nothing but rubble.

"Should we join the battle and attempt to procure a chest for ourselves?" Moment Queen asked.

"We should wait a little longer." Han Sen was not yet ready to strike. He stared at the Devil-Blood King, who had managed to acquire two chests and was still not satisfied. Leading his pets, he went to try and steal another.

Han Sen had fought him once before, but he had yet to determine what his true strength actually was. Amidst this raging battle, Han Sen believed he'd be able to accurately gauge that strength through observation.

After a while, Han Sen smiled. He could now tell exactly how the Devil-Blood King was able to close the gap and eliminate the distance separating the two like he had in their previous fight.

The Devil-Blood King vanished from sight, and when he reappeared, he punched a super creature away and took its chest.

Han Sen saw this happen many times, and he was now positive the Devil-Blood King could not teleport: he traveled through shadows.

The Devil-Blood King had to stand in a shadow. When he was in a shadow, he could melt into the shadow and move freely within. It was as if he was traveling through another dimension. He could not get hit, nor could he be detected.

"Ah, that's why!" After managing to observe the Devil-Blood King's power, Han Sen felt relieved.

Although that shadow ability was effective, it was not unbreakable. He had to be in a dark shadow, not one that was faint. And to move efficiently, the shadows had to be connected.

All Han Sen would have to do was keep an eye on his shadow and not have it connect with anything else. If he did that, the Devil-Blood King could not warp around and would instead have to approach him like any other combatant.

But this shelter had many palaces, and thus many wide and strong shadows were cast. That gave the Devil-Blood King a big advantage, and he could practically travel freely with that skill. He had already taken three chests.

Because he had taken three gold chests, other creatures focused their attention on him now. But the silver ape was a valiant defender of its master, and it prevented anything else from getting near.

"I can't allow him to take everything." Han Sen, seeing the Devil-Blood King become so greedy, became extra happy.

Han Sen was not going to focus on attacking the Devil-Blood King. Instead, he was going to focus on the big ape.

The silver ape was powerful, that much was clear. Its body was tough, and it was surprisingly quick for its size. It didn't possess elemental powers, but its physical attack strength was through the roof. Its nails could tear through a super creature's body with ease.

It was clear to Han Sen that other super creatures were unable to touch it. Regardless of what element hit it, the worst that happened was a faint scorch mark upon its fur. Nothing truly damaged it.

"If I kill that thing first, I rob the Devil-Blood King of its muscle," Han Sen said to himself, as he watched the violent, murderous ape.

There was another reason why Han Sen wanted to kill it. The ape was a second generation super creature, and he'd get a mighty reward for slaying it.

But the silver ape was too strong for a prolonged fight, so Han Sen tried to think of a way in which he could one-hit kill it.

After a bit of thinking, Han Sen noticed something strange after it slew a dragon with one swipe of its claws. Its invincibility may have been overstated.

Han Sen noticed it was strangely protective of its ears. Whenever a heavy attack came its way, it made sure to protect its ears above all else.

The ears looked like silver snails, and were about the size of eggs.