Super Gene - Chapter 849: Devil-Blood

Chapter 849: Devil-Blood

Chapter 849: Devil-Blood

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Through the use of his dongxuan aura, Han Sen was able to predict every single movement of the red-maned lion, the big-mawed beast, the black bat, and the scimitar-witch.

Every time they attacked, every time they turned, every twitch of muscle; it was all foreseen by Han Sen. He orchestrated each of their movements, unbeknownst to them. With everything going to plan exactly as he wished, he was feeling very good.

This was the first time he had ever pushed his dongxuan aura so far in a fight. In combination with Aero, Han Sen was like a G.o.d, conducting the fates of all that sought to usurp his rule.

Four powerful super creatures, despite their greatest efforts, were unable to capture, ensnare, or damage Han Sen. The combat was a mess, but Han Sen saw everything crystal clear. He was playing his opponents like a fiddle. He even had the time to observe their energy flows.

Out of the four, three of them were blurry. Only the witch had an energy flow he could follow, which meant she was a second-generation super creature.

Han Sen's eyes didn't look strained in concentration, as he effortlessly weaved his way between spikes and walls, red vines and black claws.

Han Sen had allowed the witch to lightly strike his chest a number of times.

But suddenly, this time, Han Sen dodged. A red snake became tangled across the scimitar, and a black bat flew directly against a stone wall.

The four super creatures had been tricked to go against each other.

"This is it. Little Silver, kill them!" Han Sen shouted, and then also summoned Little Angel.


The silver fox, which had been casually resting on Han Sen's shoulder, finally moved. It opened its mouth and shot out a bolt of lightning towards the scimitar-witch. With a wicked screech accompanying the hit, her body became paralyzed. Little Angel's green eyes lit, and he swung her transparent greatsword across the witch's neck.


Han Sen had been working towards the execution of this plan the entire time, thinking he could take out his greatest threat: the witch. But suddenly, a s.h.i.+eld of light encompa.s.sed her.

Although Little Angel was able to break the s.h.i.+eld, half of the power that would've been delivered directly to the witch's neck was gone. What's more, the sudden s.h.i.+eld also helped the witch recover from her state of paralysis. Raising her two scimitars up, she was able to deflect Little Angel's strike.

Han Sen frowned at this turn of events, and when he looked towards the cathedral, he saw a holy-light ladybug. Its eyes peered directly towards Han Sen.

It looked like a ladybug, but its sh.e.l.l was like jade. It glowed, adorned with a number of symbols.

The silver fox cast out much lightning, attempting to break the knotted web of super creatures in front of them.

But before the lightning reached them, the bolts were repelled by the light s.h.i.+eld again. Nothing was able to hurt them while that s.h.i.+eld was in in play.

"Tzitzi!" The holy-light bug made a sound. It was able to create an aura of protection for the dazed foursome, defending them from any attack that came their way.

Little Angel could break the s.h.i.+eld, but couldn't harm the creatures inside.

"d.a.m.n! How can there be a super creature like that?" Han Sen was speechless. If it wasn't for that troublesome creature, he'd have killed the witch by now.

His plan had failed. Fleeing the battle, Han Sen took off running towards the Spirit Hall. He didn't care about killing the witch as much as he did retrieving the spirit stone.

Little Angel and the silver fox did their best to kite a few monsters and keep them from following Han Sen. But as he neared the Spirit Hall, Han Sen saw a black shadow. A chill followed, freezing his spine in sudden horror.

He touched his neck and his hand was suddenly covered in blood. His armor had been cut open, exposing an area of his neck that had been nicked. If he had not reacted, he would have been beheaded.

"You dare come to my shelter? You are brave and foolish, young one." The Devil-Blood King wore a black robe, and his cold, red eyes peered directly into Han Sen's soul.

"I am fairly brave, yes." When Han Sen said this, he resumed his race to the Spirit Hall.

The Devil-Blood King's eyes blinked, and after that, his body disappeared.


Han Sen had already a.s.sumed a defensive posture, but somehow, Devil-Blood King had slipped behind him and scratched his back with his wretchedly long, dagger-like fingernails.

It was so close. Han Sen tried to dodge, but the armor was broken to expose his bloodied back.

"How did he get so close?" Han Sen frowned. He was confused about why his dongxuan aura was unable to sense his movements. It was as if he had an unbridled ability of teleportation.

Han Sen knew such a thing was impossible; even Moment Queen wasn't able to teleport. The Devil-Blood King couldn't have been any stronger than her, so how was he able to suddenly teleport in the manner that he had?

Han Sen was starting to feel as if something was wrong, and he felt his body begin to numb. The Devil-Blood King coldly laughed now, no longer attacking.

Han Sen was shocked. He touched his wound and noticed his blood had turned into black, sticky goo. This was bad.

Han Sen was able to heal himself with the holy light, but it seemed as if he had been poisoned.

"You have been poisoned by my Devil-Blood, boy. In fifteen minutes, your blood will have become stone. Once that occurs, you will die." The Devil-Blood King coldly laughed and continued by saying, "If you want to live, hand over all your super pets. Tell them to obey me and I will spare your life."

"And let me guess; do I have to obey you, as well? Obey you, and I don't have to die?" Han Sen said, with simmering terror.

"Yes," the Devil-Blood King coldly said.

"Okay, I'll obey you. But first, uphold your end of the bargain and cure me of your Devil-Blood," Han Sen said, with a face full of fright.

"Accept my spirit mark and I will." The Devil-Blood King pulled out a cane, and then, Han Sen knelt in front of him. He allowed The Devil-Blood King to use his jewel-encrusted cane to brand his forehead.