Super Gene - Chapter 850: Killing Continuously

Chapter 850: Killing Continuously

Chapter 850: Killing Continuously

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Yi Dongmu wasn't the only one dexterous in the arts of; Han Sen was, too.

When the cane approached Han Sen's forehead, he made a quick dodge to the left. As he moved, he threw his palm towards the spirit's chest like the sudden lunge of a snake.

The Devil-Blood King coldly snickered, seemingly prepared for this. His dagger-like fingers s.n.a.t.c.hed Han Sen's wrist, and his lethal nails pierced through the armor and into the flesh.

"You have already been poisoned by my Devil-Blood powers. How can you willfully elect to escape? And worse yet, attempt to me. Fool; do you have a death wish?" The Devil-Blood King was ready to break Han Sen's wrist.

"Not really." Han Sen's eyes glimmered with amus.e.m.e.nt. He reversed his hand and a fairy appeared, blowing white mist into the Devil-Blood King's face.

In a single moment, the spirit became ice.

"Kill him." Han Sen summoned over Little Angel and issued the command. With her greatsword, she sliced the icicle in half.

The Devil-Blood King scattered into dust and returned to the spirit stone, dead.

Then, Han Sen used his holy light to remedy the Devil-Blood poison. Wasting no time, he immediately took off running towards the Spirit Hall.

The scimitar-witch had yet to submit, however. She went after him, but Han Sen was aware. His eyes shone blue as he caught her gaze, and she froze in place for a moment.

And in that single second Han Sen cast his Sonic-Thunder powers. He punched the scimitar-witch's lights.h.i.+eld, and so great was the power of the strike, it pierced directly through without reprieve. The silver sun of his fist smashed into her body, unyielding.


The scimitar-witch's body was enveloped by lightning. Her body convulsed as she tried to retreat.

Little Angel found her window of opportunity, and after flapping her wings to draw closer, swung her greatsword. She cut open the lights.h.i.+eld and severed the witch's head from her body, allowing blood to gush from the exposed throat.

"Super Creature Cruel Witch killed. No beast soul gained. The flesh of this creature is edible, and you may harvest its Life Geno Essence. Consume its Life Geno Essence to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly."

Han Sen summoned his Spirit Owl and let it gorge on the witch's flesh, and then, he took off running towards the Spirit Hall without any impediment.

The status quo in the shelter had yet to be wholly flipped, but Little Angel and Han Sen's pets had more than what it took to handle four rival super creatures. Without worry, he ran to the Spirit Hall as quickly as he could.

There was a statue inside, reminiscent of Yaksha. In its forehead, a spirit stone rested. But as he looked, Han Sen began to develop an uneasy feeling, suspecting something was amiss.

The spirit stone did not seem alive. It lacked its spirit and was instead just a stone.

Regardless, he flew towards the statue and collected the lifeless gem. The Devil-Blood King did not show after this, and so Han Sen crushed the jewel into dust. He didn't believe that the spirit had been killed.

"D*mn it! This is not the Spirit Hall." Han Sen felt awful. If this wasn't the Spirit Hall, then he knew he'd have great difficulty searching for the true location in such a large shelter. The real Spirit Hall must have been hidden, a machination of the Devil-Blood King, undoubtedly.

Running out of the false hall, he used his dongxuan aura as he ran all across the shelter. His time was running out, and still, he could not find the Devil-Blood King nor the spirit stone.

"D*mn it!" Han Sen cursed his predicament. He calculated his remaining time, and determined he had fifty minutes left before the rest of the super creatures returned to the shelter.

But Han Sen stopped scouring the shelter for the Spirit Hall. The Devil-Blood King had obviously devised a way to make finding the Spirit Hall nigh impossible, and he knew he wouldn't have been able to find it in the time he had.

Instead of wasting more time, he thought it would be better to kill as many super creatures as he could.

The red-maned lion was battling the silver fox, the black-bat fought with Little Angel, and the fairy did combat with the big-mawed monster. Although Han Sen's pets were stronger, the holy light bug had continued buffing and increasing the defense of its compatriots. As such, the time it was taking them to kill the super creatures was far longer than it should have been.

Seeing that the Spirit Owl had devoured half of the Cruel Witch, Han Sen then summoned his Death Knell to soak and drink as much blood as it could.

The blue bell hovered in and above the blood, sucking the blood up like a vacuum.

The blue bell then became red, with diagrammatic symbols and etchings illuminated brightly across its surface. After that, the bell tolled.

Of course, Han Sen didn't have the time to inspect what had happened closely. He summoned his Flaming Rex Spike and kept on running towards the holy light bug. If he did not slay that pest, it would be extremely difficult to kill anything.

Han Sen had already sensed that the holy light bug was a second generation super creature, due to his ability to discern the energy flow inside it.

The holy light bug, seeing Han Sen approach, skittered away rapidly with its four legs.

Han Sen was surprised by this. He was exhausted and weak, so he was taken aback about why the critter would be so scared of him.

The holy light bug ran away from him as if it was panicking. Suddenly, its condition became clear to Han Sen.

"That bug keeps on buffing other super creatures, yes; but it never joins the fight itself. Does that mean it is really weak?" Thinking of this, Han Sen's mood lifted. With greater haste, he sped up to chase after it.

But when Han Sen ran faster, so too did the bug. And with the speed of the super creature that it was, Han Sen was unable to catch up.

The holy light bug eventually turned around, as if to mock Han Sen.

When it looked back, Han Sen summoned his devil-eye mask. His eyes flashed with a blue light that seemed to confuse the bug. It stopped moving and its holy light dimmed.

"Die!" Han Sen cast Sonic-Thunder Punch at the sh.e.l.l of the creature with unbridled force.

Thunder sounded in the shelter as a sun of silver light was driven inside the bug. It screamed as lightning poured out of its every orifice.

"Little Angel?" It hadn't been killed yet, so he called over his pet to deliver the finisher. With her greatsword, she pierced right through the sh.e.l.l.

"Super Creature Holy Lights.h.i.+eld Bug killed. No beast soul gained. The flesh of this creature is edible, and you may harvest its Life Geno Essence. Consume its Life Geno Essence gain zero to ten super geno points randomly."

"Again, no beast soul? Why am I so unfortunate?" Han Sen recalled his promise to w.a.n.g Yuhang, who was set to receive the first beast soul. Now, his thoughts were starting to s.h.i.+ft. "I shouldn't have allowed him to get first pick of a beast soul. With his bad luck, we are likely not to receive any today, anyway."