Super Gene - Chapter 848: Rushing into the Shelter

Chapter 848: Rushing into the Shelter

Chapter 848: Rus.h.i.+ng into the Shelter

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Han Sen leapt into the shelter, and before he reached the ground, he espied a red whip las.h.i.+ng towards him. He quickly dodged it, before turning to see more headed his way.

It was a super creature that looked like a lion, but it's mane was a nest of red snakes. Those snakes were the vines that lashed towards him.

Han Sen's movements were quick, and he used Aero to dodge each attack. Like a sparrow on the breeze, he gracefully evaded each strike. Returning to the ground, he sprinted forward, bewildering the red whips.

Following his evasion of the whips, the ground suddenly began to rise. Directly in front of him, the very earth rose to form a wall and prohibit his pa.s.sage.


Han Sen was not willing to bend to the will of the phantom wall. He summoned his Flaming Rex Spike and drilled directly through the earthen clumps.

But as he drilled through one, another arose directly behind it, determined to prevent Han Sen from continuing. The red-haired lion had not given up on Han Sen either, and now, it was closing in on the intruder and the walls he drilled through. Han Sen continued to drill as the walls continued to rise. It wasn't long before his drilled holes began to resemble a cave, but soon after, the snakes of the lion's mane began slithering inside.

Han Sen gritted his teeth and cast Toxic-Dragon Drill in a bid to drill through the wall and escape their trap.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After quickly drilling through the next set of earthen walls, Han Sen broke through into a vast emptiness. Soon after, he noticed that he was standing inside a behemoth's mouth.

The mouth was lined with a number of fangs, and it smelled like rotten blood. It was the mouth of something not unlike a h.e.l.lhound, and Han Sen was aware of what he had just walked into. He felt the jaw of the monster move, and the roof of the mouth began to close in and come down to crush him. It was too fast for Han Sen to contemplate an escape, so he straightened his rex spike to act as a sort of pillar.

When the monster bit down, it bled and produced a strange noise at its inability to close its mouth.

Han Sen took this brief opportunity to drill his way out of the wretched maw, but upon escaping, he found that the lion was already waiting for him. The mane of snakes l.u.s.ted for Han Sen's blood, and they barred his way.

Suddenly, spikes pierced through the floor below in a bid to impale Han Sen.

But Han Sen was quick to react, and he took off airborne once more. Like a bird, he was able to evade both the spikes and the las.h.i.+ng of the red vines.

In the next second, the crying of a baby sounded in Han Sen's ears. He turned to look and saw a black bat, bigger than any human, come flapping towards him with its claws raised.

Han Sen clutched his Flaming Rex Spike and blocked the slashes of the bat's talons.


The Flaming Rex Spike had three dent-marks in it, and the force sent Han Sen falling back down to the ground.

The hungry maw, the red-maned lion, and the black bat were now descending upon him simultaneously. Han Sen cast Aero in a bid to evade each of their attacks and used a formation skill to plan his route. He managed to fly past the three creatures and realign his course for the Spirit Hall.

If Han Sen managed to reach that hall, he would no longer have to fight. All he would have to do was secure the spirit stone.

The three super creatures that followed him were horribly powerful, and each were vastly stronger than Han Sen. But with the grace of Aero's movements, they could not do anything to stop Han Sen from racing towards the Spirit Hall.

Han Sen combined the Dongxuan Sutra and Aero, and for as long as he had s.p.a.ce, no super creature could stop his pa.s.sage.

w.a.n.g Yuhang's movements were different than Han Sen's, as they were all random. He never knew where he would step next, unable to focus and calculate an appropriate target of where he should place his foot.

In comparison, the Dongxuan movements and Aero were very different. Each move had a purpose. There were no unnecessary movements, and each step worked towards a common goal. Everything was under the user's control.

In the next second, however, Han Sen frowned. A beautiful woman appeared; one with bat wings and a scimitar—a bladed weapon that curved like the fangs of a wolf. She quickly came to block Han Sen's way.

The woman was not wearing anything, and she had no armor. She had the tail of a monkey, and with her red hair, her appearance was a perplexing sight.

The woman used her scimitar to prevent Han Sen from nearing her. She was so fast, Han Sen's pa.s.sage was instantly halted.

Han Sen had already used Aero, but still, he was unable to dodge the witch. She moved so quickly, she was like a sudden shadow that was determined to block Han Sen, and one that was keen to leap right into close-quarter combat with him.

The sword emitted a distracting fragrance of dried blood, and it l.u.s.ted for more. Madly, it slashed towards Han Sen repeatedly. And as this happened, Han Sen's aggressor pulled out another sword in an attempt to strike him down.

It was fortunate Han Sen had already summoned his Devil-Ant King armor, for one of the two swords she wielded connected with his belly. Blood was immediately drawn.

It was lucky that most of the damage was spared, due to the hardy strength of his armor. He was knocked away, but at least his organs were still intact.

The other three creatures had now caught up, as well. With his wild, beating heart, Han Sen's kidneys kicked into overtime as they imbued him with constant energy. A weird noise hummed from within him.

While his body was operating like mad, every step he took left a shadow. Under the thumb of four cruel super creatures, he was still able to march forward. He might not have been the absolute fastest, but he had what it took to dodge each and every attack. None of the creatures could stop him now.

If Han Sen wanted to enter the Spirit Hall, it would take him another two hours. He was afraid that by then, the creatures w.a.n.g Yuhang had drawn away would have returned.

Han Sen spoke to Moment Queen telepathically, and he learned the Devil-Blood King had summoned the creatures to return. They weren't following w.a.n.g Yuhang any longer; they were already on their way back.

Moment Queen attacked the host of creatures from behind, in an attempt to slow their return. Unfortunately, her efforts were in vain.

"One hour. I have one hour to enter that hall. If I fail to nab the spirit stone, at least I'll still be able to run. If I take any longer, I'll be a dead man." Han Sen looked upon the giant Spirit Hall ahead of him in awe; it looked like a cathedral.