Super Gene - Chapter 841: Steel-Knight King Beast Soul

Chapter 841: Steel-Knight King Beast Soul

Chapter 841: Steel-Knight King Beast Soul

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Inside the waiting area, Han Sen looked relaxed. Dong Lin had calculated their strategy very well, and their pangolin was indeed a very strong creature. Their only mistake was picking the wrong opponent.

If they had discussed business formally, Han Sen would not have opposed the idea of putting on a show in their favor, to boost the sales and renown of their new pet pill product. With money to line his own pocket in return, they'd have both benefitted.

But Dong Lin was playing dirty, and they sought to manipulate Han Sen. In response, Han Sen was going to play dirty and cruel, too.

After Han Sen summoned the little angel, he did not immediately send her to the stadium to fight. Instead, he summoned a beast soul.

A green shadow appeared in front of Han Sen: a phantom beast soul.

This phantom-looking beast soul entered the little angel's body and possessed her.

The little angel's body did not change very much, save that her eyes now flickered with a green flame.

Han Sen had obtained this beast soul after defeating the Steel-Knight King, and it was a humanoid pet possessive beast soul.

Just like any other super pet armor, only pets could make use of it. This one was restricted to armoring humanoid pets only.

After Han Sen first got it, he fed it a black crystal. Over time, it slowly evolved into a berserk super beast soul.

Perhaps the Qi family was unlucky, or perhaps the white deer's luck had already provided a boon to Han Sen, but the beast soul had only just finished evolving the night before.

Now that it had possessed the little angel, and she had received the buffs from the Steel-Knight King, her power increased by a large amount.

"Qi Xiuwen, you chose not to talk this out. And now, you must suffer the consequences." Han Sen spoke aloud to himself, and then he told the little angel to enter the stadium.

The pangolin was already there waiting. With Han Sen's short delay, people began to talk.

"Did Han Sen give up?"

"No way, that means everything will end up in the Qi family's favor."

"If he doesn't give up, and gets destroyed by the pangolin, won't things end up even worse?"

"I hope he doesn't quit. If that pill works as advertised, then fighting super creatures should be considerably easier."


As people discussed amongst themselves, a beautiful angel emerged. Immediately., everyone's attention was ensnared and their excitement erupted.

"What will Han Sen do? Look at the pangolin; I don't think the little angel can finish it off quick. Fighting as he has been would play right into the Qi family's hands," Son of Heaven said. He was speaking to Ning Yue.

"The Qi family won't achieve what they've planned with this charade," Ning Yue coldly responded.

"Why not? I viewed the a.n.a.lysis of the pangolin, and it is projected to withstand a few strikes." Son of Heaven was quite confused.

Ning Yue smiled and said, "That intel is fair, I'll give you that. But you should look into people's hearts. There are many things in this world we are yet to understand, and merely reading data would have you believe everything is absolute and fixed. I can a.s.sure you they are not. If you can read a person's heart, even if you don't know anything else, you can foresee the true results."

"I lack the patience you do, I am afraid." Son of Heaven gave a wry smile.

"It's fine. We are still young, and it is fortunate for us to be born in such a good era. Many opportunities lie before us, and it is simply our task to grab a hold of them and see where they lead." Ning Yue coughed.

"Are you okay?" Son of Heaven worried deeply for Ning Yue, despite being afraid of her.

"It's fine, I am used to it. Keep an eye on the field, the match should begin soon. We wouldn't want to miss it." Ning Yue shook her head and looked at the little angel.

Qi Xiuwen, upon seeing the little angel arrive, became ecstatic. Even if the little angel had not shown, they were fixed to walk away a wealthier family. The only negative to a no-show would be a lack of oomph to underscore their latest work.

After the countdown, the little angel wasted no time and swung her sword towards the pangolin. As she did this, Qi Xiuwen clenched his fists tight. In his heart, he shouted, "Slas.h.!.+ The era defined by the Qi family is coming!"

Half a million people were watching this in person, and countless more streamed the fight live. All of them stared at the little angel, antic.i.p.ating the crazy fight to come.

In the next second, the little angel's transparent greatsword cleaved across the pangolin's back. The sh.e.l.l was like black metal, and it looked extremely st.u.r.dy. And it truly was; sacred-blood creatures couldn't even scratch it.

But under the sheer force that drove the little angel's greatsword, it was like tofu. Her sword sundered the sh.e.l.l like a hot knife through b.u.t.ter. And it did not stop there. The sword went on to slice the entire creature in two. In less than a second, the pangolin was hewn in half. Blood painted the arena as the body immediately decomposed.

Qi Xiuwen's smile froze as his mind was left barren of even a single composed thought.

Far away, in Dong Lin, a middle-aged man witnessed this. The hand that held his teacup suddenly began to tremble. The cup fell to the ground, spilling its contents everywhere.

The middle-aged man lost it completely. As he stared at the screen he screamed, "Impossible! Impossible!"

Many bigwigs of the Alliance were shocked, and actually looked disappointed. They felt strange.

More than anything, they were disappointed in the latest product created by the Qi family. It was touted as the must-have item for facing off against super creatures, yet it had just been destroyed by a super pet in an instant. The pet pills did not seem to be as useful as they had believed them to be, and their hopes of slaying super creatures were brought to an abrupt end.

The funny thing was, the Qi family had done something very dumb. They had given out many grand prizes, and the sacred-blood pet they raised themselves was killed. Their advertis.e.m.e.nts and promotions backfired.

Everyone knew pet pills could make pet beast souls stronger, but regardless of how strong they were, they could not escape the shackles of being a sacred-blood pet. They could still get one-hit killed by a super creature, so their purchase and subsequent usage was pointless.

After a temporary silence, the applause came in slow like the first droplets of rain before a storm. Then, cheering and hooraying erupted from every corner of the stadium.

"Super pets are overpowered! They really are much stronger than sacred-blood pets."

"It is no wonder it is t.i.tled a super pet. They are so cool. They one-hit kill everything."

"I was hoping to see the pangolin last longer than that; I can only suppose my hopes were misplaced!"

"Haha! They had it coming. Them old Qi's sure think they're powerful, but all they ended up doing was inciting the wrath and ire of Han Sen. He didn't kill a single pet earlier, but here, he made sure to make his feelings known."

Qi Xiuwen's face had been robbed of all color, and he gave out the prizes, embarra.s.sed. For the life of him, he could not figure out how he had lost, and he was so ashamed he almost fainted.

He knew he had screwed up, thinking the pet pills would be enough to make the Qi family famous. All he had done was send them straight to h.e.l.l.

Sure, the pet pills could aid the family's development, but after this, that development would be far slower.