Super Gene - Chapter 842: Jade-Gold Tree

Chapter 842: Jade-Gold Tree

Chapter 842: Jade-Gold Tree

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"Haha, that is so funny! Why would the Qi family even do all this? Their pet pills really were effective, and things would have turned out much better for them if they had instead just come and hired you to do something promotional." Huangfu Pingqing met with Han Sen to receive her portion of the beast pills they had agreed on. She smiled and continued by saying, "I'm afraid the price of the pet pills will be significantly reduced now."

Han Sen shrugged his shoulders and said, "Yep, and there's nothing I can do now. I'm an easy person to talk to, so I'm perplexed by their hesitation to consult me."

"If the person in Dong Lin heard you talk like that, he'd be furious!" Huangfu Pingqing said, with the same vibrant smile.

"Well, it doesn't matter to me. I have the goodies, and that's all I ever wanted. Provoking them any further would be unnecessary." Han Sen couldn't be bothered doing something that would not directly benefit him.

He didn't stay much longer after the event, and after bidding farewell to his mother-and-father-in-law, he returned to camp.

Aside from the beast pills he gave to Huangfu Pingqing, he also received a few exclusive medicines that were not available for sale. After reaching camp, he entered the sanctuary so he could feed some of the new medicine to the silver fox and see if they helped.

Han Sen brought the medicine to Moment Shelter, but was startled to find everyone absent.

He called out for the missing creatures, but he received no response. Believing something bad to have happened, he used his dongxuan aura to scan the area. Eventually, he found them all gathered in the plaza.

"What are you guys doing here?" Han Sen asked, as he ran into the plaza. He saw that Moment Queen, the silver fox, and the rest were in the middle of the plaza observing something.

"There is a tree growing here," Moment Queen told Han Sen in a strange, captivated tone.

"What is so special about a tree growing? Does its slow-growth make for a fascinating watch?" Han Sen continued walking closer, and as he went he said, "You guys are super creatures, how can you not know anything about trees? You guys must be dumber than planks."

Han Sen approached the silver fox and then saw what had caught their attention. A small tree had taken root between the cobblestones.

When Han Sen saw it, he froze. His face looked even worse than the silver fox and Moment Queen's did.

"How... how... how did this tree come to be?" Han Sen struggled to ask, as his trembling finger pointed towards the tree.

The tree was only two feet tall by now, but it was growing healthily. With it being so small, it almost looked like a bonsai.

The entire tree was like perfectly sculpted green jade. Each and every leaf was stunning.

What surprised Han Sen the most was the presence of six fruit growing amongst its leaves.

For fruit to grow on a tree was nothing outstanding, but these weren't your average fruits. They were in the shape of miniature treasure chests. They were gold and adorned with a number of distinct, indiscernible carvings.

The tree was luxurious, and a strong lifeforce crackled from it. It emitted some form of holy aura, which manifested in a white mist that veiled the tree. It was a curious sight.

A green jade tree with golden chests. Whoever saw such a thing would need to pinch themselves.

Han Sen knew that it wasn't some created artpiece, it was something natural and alive.

The mini gold chests were the fruit, and Han Sen could see they were very lively.

Moment Queen shook her head and said, "We don't know. When we came out here this morning, it was just here. We haven't a clue when it began to grow."

"When we saw the tree, Little White was next to it," Moment Queen then added, as if she just remembered something. And as she said this, she pointed towards the white deer.

Han Sen was pretty pleased at hearing this. He approached the deer, held it, and kissed its head. He then merrily said to it, "Little White, you are awesome! You really are a lucky beast. You've only been here for a few days but already you have bequeathed me treasure. I love you!"

The white deer just stood there without eliciting any reaction or emotions.

Little Silver, on the other hand, looked incredibly mad. It leapt onto the deer's head and ruffled its fur. The silver fox was consumed with envy, as it detested the times Han Sen was affectionate with other creatures.

Han Sen then picked up the silver fox in his hands and returned to observe the Jade-Gold Tree. The energy it possessed was like that of a super creature.

Perhaps it was like that cactus or peach tree? When the tree grew larger, perhaps the six chests would yield a greater benefit than the peaches had.

"Can I eat the gold-chest fruit thingies? Or are they something I can open? Perhaps there are creatures inside?" Han Sen thought to himself.

After a period of observation, he gave up trying to guess the nature of the mysterious tree. Instead, he turned to talk to Moment Queen. He asked, "Can you tell me anything about this tree?"

"Not really. The only thing I know for sure is that this isn't normal. If these gold chests do mature however, they should present something valuable," Moment Queen replied, with her eyes still fixed on the golden fruit.

"Even I know that! Of course they'll yield something good," Han Sen said, thinking Moment Queen had not elucidated a single thing to him.

But Moment Queen shook her head and said, "I mean, treasure like this is very similar to the Empty Vine. What's more, it will draw the attention of many super creatures. I am not sure if we can keep it. We cannot beat the Devil-Blood King, and if he does bring his army of super creatures to attack, I do not believe we can withstand such a siege."

Han Sen froze. Amidst his joy, he hadn't considered this possibility.

Hearing Moment Queen tell him this, he believed that the possibility she proposed was quite realistic.

"That would be a big problem, wouldn't it? But if this tree has grown in one of my shelters, then nothing can deny it belongs to Han. I cannot allow others to intrude and steal what is rightfully mine," Han Sen said, with obvious greed.

"With the power we have at our disposal, I don't think so. I'd say you're wrong." Moment Queen emptied a bucket of cold water on the blazing fires of Han Sen's greed-fuelled hopes.

"Well, don't you worry your little mind. I have an idea. Tell me, when do you expect the gold chest fruit to mature?" Han Sen asked, as he looked over at the chests once more.

"Judging by the rate and pattern of its current growth, I would estimate another two to three months," Moment Queen said.

"Two to three months, huh?" Han Sen frowned. Even he knew keeping claim to the Jade-Gold Tree would be difficult.

Still, it did not quell his excitement for the fruit. Feverishly, he pondered what sort of treasures might await inside.