Super Gene - Chapter 840: Pet Pill

Chapter 840: Pet Pill

Chapter 840: Pet Pill

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Han Sen's communicator did not stop ringing, and the number of calls were overwhelming. They mostly came from good friends.

Diligently, Han Sen answered them all, and each caller had contacted Han Sen to tell him about a new pet pill Dong Lin had created. They wanted to warn him.

Han Sen appreciated their concerns and told them that he had already uncovered their ploy and that he was going to sort things out his way.

"Han Sen, if you want to quit, I won't mind. I don't expect you to uphold the deal." The last call he picked up was from Huangfu Pingqing.

"It's useless. If I back out now, Dong Lin can announce I feared their new creation and the results they achieve will be the same," Han Sen said coldly.

Dong Lin was already advertising their creation, so they did not want to make any sort of deal with Han Sen. If they were willing to cut a deal, they wouldn't have gone ahead with their promotion.

"I have an idea, though. There are still a few matches to go before the finale. Before that, you will face a few sacred-blood pets. You need to feign weakness against them, and make it appear as if they are doing well in the fight. When you go against Dong Lin's pet and give it your all, and it does last quite a bit, it won't be so obvious or p.r.o.nounced to spectators," Huangfu Pingqing said.

Han Sen shook his head and said, "All the bigwigs of the Alliance are watching. They will stare at me intently, and that will make the pet pill even more famous."

"Then what do we do?" Huangfu Pingqing had exhausted all her ideas for a solution, and she was feeling guilty. She felt partly responsible for the situation Han Sen had found himself in, as she was the one who invited him to the compet.i.tion in the first place.

Han Sen smiled and said, "It's all right. I will go into the match and do what I always do."

"You will continue the fights?" Huangfu Pingqing wasn't sure what he was implying.

Han Sen did not thoroughly explain. All he told her next was, "Yes: I will do as I have always done. There is no need for another solution. I am going to call Yanran and put her at ease, too."

After he hung up, he called Ji Yanran and spoke with her for a while.

The matches were still ongoing, so after the call was done, Han Sen went to watch. The pangolin's matches were drawing quite a bit of attention, and everyone was keen to learn of how effective the new Dong Lin pet pills were.

When the pangolin entered the battlegrounds, everyone looked at it. Its opponent this time was a sacred-blood bear.

The bear could not compete against the pangolin at all, and it wasn't long before its entire body was shredded with countless lacerations and other wounds. The pangolin just kept on attacking without reprieve, not giving the bear a single moment to fight back.

In under half an hour, the master of the bear threw in the towel. He did not want his sacred-blood pet to be destroyed.

After this match, many people had nothing but praiseworthy things to say about the pangolin, and they all looked at it fondly. If it really was the effect of the pet pills, then the product truly did seem worth the cost.

Of course, the pets it had challenged so far were not enough to convince the bigwigs. They were still antic.i.p.ating the fight between the pangolin and the little angel. If it could not beat a super pet, then who would spend a fortune to purchase such medicine?

People would spend their money on the pills in order to slay super creatures. If it wasn't effective enough, then it'd be pointless for people to purchase, and they would be better off sticking with a bunch of ordinary sacred-blood pets.

After Han Sen watched the pangolin's most recent fight, he nodded. The stuff Dong Lin had created really did impress Han Sen.

Raising a pangolin was a good choice for their display, as well. Pangolins naturally had a high defense, and their could certainly block a few early strikes from a super creature.

After the enhancements provided by the pet pills, their grew even stronger. Even the little angel would be unable to break it open.

If it withstood a few of the little angel's attacks, the audience go wild, and the medicine would be perceived much more favorably. Not many humans had the means to block the attack of a super creature.

A sacred-blood pet like that would be useful in the pursuit of super creatures.

Dong Lin must have researched the powers of the little angel to make this decision. They knew Han Sen would end up being backed into the corner he was currently in, but Han Sen just smiled as if he did not care about their rotten deeds.

He already told Dong Lin he was prepared and had contingencies in place. The Qi family did plan their scheme nicely, but if they weren't willing to pay up, then Han Sen was not going to let them walk away scot-free. He'd rob them of every little benefit they sought to claim.

The next time the little angel was brought onto the stage, she was poised to go up against another sacred-blood pet. Many people focused all they could on this match, wanting to see how well Han Sen could deal with his new foe.

They paid particular attention now that Dong Lin's scheme had been exposed. Everyone knew they had practically used Han Sen's little angel as a test bed to sell the pet pill.

People knew Han Sen wasn't willing to back down after this, however. The little angel showed up like usual and crushed the sacred-blood enemy.

Upon seeing the little angel's performance, Qi Xiuwen sighed. He had been afraid Han Sen was going to make the little angel behave weakly, and when she went up against the pangolin, he'd obscure any advantage the pangolin had received from the medicine.

Qi Xiuwen thought too much, however. Compared to his old man, he was still a noob.

If Han Sen did this, the pet pill would only become more famous.

After witnessing the little angel's behavior, everyone looked strange. There were many important figures there, and they knew the Qi family had been unable to make peace with Han Sen and were not planning to pay him.

Everything the Qi family had planned was coming to fruition exactly as they had envisioned. This was the perfect way to exhibit the powers of their new pet pill, and doing it this way was far better than cooperating with Han Sen.

But Han Sen was still making use of his little angel, and no one was sure what he might have been planning.

The pangolin had performed extremely well in the past few matches, and it even managed to beat a berserk sacred-blood pet. That shocked a lot of people.

Although it did not dominate like the little angel did, it still performed admirably.

Having seen how it dealt with such a foe, everyone turned their thoughts to how it might fare against a super pet.

The little angel won every match along the way, and it was finally time for the final fight. Everyone was paying attention to this match.

If the pangolin's performance was impressive, the medicine would be famous all across the Alliance and would sell successfully at a ludicrous price.

The time for the match to begin had arrived, and everyone stared at the stage in antic.i.p.ation of the opponents to be revealed. Eagerly, they awaited the arrival of the little angel and the pangolin.