Super Gene - Chapter 839: Qi Family's Scheme

Chapter 839: Qi Family's Scheme

Chapter 839: Qi Family's Scheme

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The stadium that hosted the pet matches could seat five hundred thousand attendees. The turnout was even larger than expected, however, and it wasn't long before all the seats were taken.

Fortunately, Han Sen had been invited to compete in the matches directly, and did not have to compete in the knockout stages for eligibility in the final compet.i.tion. Being given a slot in the top one hundred saved him much time.

Han Sen was surprised to see Qi Xiuwen as the primary host.

He was equally surprised to see that not many of the Qi family were attending, and there were only a few surpa.s.sers present. With such a gathering surrounding him, Han Sen felt as if he didn't have to fear anything the Qi family might try.

"Does the Qi family truly have a favor they wish to ask of me?" Han Sen frowned, still feeling uneasy over the entire affair.

If there was something the Qi family wanted, they could have sought him out in private. There was no need for them to go to such lengths and make such a big fuss.

When Han Sen came out, he summoned the little angel and commanded her onto the stage.

When the audience saw Han Sen arrive with his little angel, there was much screaming. Many people had come solely so they could see the little angel with their own eyes.

The ordinary people of the audience did not know about the history of the little angel, so when they laid eyes upon the beautiful humanoid pet for the first time, they were rightfully taken aback.

The little angel beat her first opponent with ease. She laid waste to the opposition effortlessly, but under Han Sen's command, she didn't destroy their beast souls.

This was just a friendly match in a spirited compet.i.tion, so there was no need to harbor a grudge or take things too far; there was no need to kill the beast souls of others.

"Old Han, your pet is awesome." While Han Sen rested in between matches, many people came to see them. Many of them wished to get a closer look at the little angel.

"Something is wrong," Han Sen thought.

"Is the Qi family using my little angel as a way to attract greater numbers of people? If so, what benefits might they earn? More money from ticket sales? Greater amounts of beast soul sales? Even so, the money they'd get would not cover the cost of the prizes they want to hand out," Han Sen mulled.

When finished, Han Sen got up and left the sitting room. He wanted to observe the other matches that were taking place and see what other pets were being used.

Han Sen, upon seeing them all, thought one stood out in particular. It was a black, heavily-armored pangolin pet. When he saw it, his eyes sparkled with desire and understanding.

"That's why! The Qi family really did think this through. They have used my super pet as an advertis.e.m.e.nt. Well played." Han Sen coldly laughed in his heart.

But at the same time, Han Sen was surprised. He had unearthed the true purpose of the Qi family's supposed charity. The pangolin beast soul was very powerful. It didn't show its true strength yet, but it managed to beat a sacred-blood creature with ease.

Most people believed it to be a berserk sacred-blood pet, but it wasn't. Its lifeforce was greater than what a berserk sacred-blood pet could achieve.

Although it wasn't as strong as a super creature, its power was still quite scary. It was far more powerful than an ordinary berserk sacred-blood pet.

After this particular beast soul showed up and displayed its prowess, Han Sen knew exactly what was going on.

Dong Lin became famous through the creation of geno medicine. Their Geno Creation Pill was something even the silver fox loved, and not only that, it was something that seemed to benefit the silver fox quite a bit.

It looked like Dong Lin had created another type of medicine to make pet beast souls even stronger. They definitely wanted to try this amped-up pet of theirs against the little angel.

If a sacred-blood pet could fight a super pet and not lose too badly due to a new type of medicine, the medicine would be much sought-after. Not to mention that the pangolin was already crus.h.i.+ng other sacred-blood pets along the way.

After the compet.i.tion was over, Dong Lin would most likely announce their new pet medicine. It would be a remarkable advertis.e.m.e.nt ploy, and the money they'd rake in would be unfathomable.

Han Sen believed the medicine would take a long time to take effect, though. As a result, such a product needed an effective advert to sell it.

Plus, it was highly likely Dong Lin would sell the medicine at a high price. But for something that would allow a person's pet to challenge super creatures, countless people would be willing to cough up the fee.

"That's smart," Han Sen said to himself.

Although Dong Lin offered a brilliant prize for those who came first, it was almost as if it served as payment for Han Sen being manipulated into advertising for them. And as enticing as the prizes were, he didn't like the fact he had been used.

"Do they think they can get away with using my little angel by offering me a measly prize? They are too naïve!" As disgruntled as he now was, Han Sen thought he should still give the Qi family a chance to correct their mistake.

He looked up Qi Xiuwen's phone number and gave him a call.

When he received the call, Qi Xiuwen was watching a match. With a frown, he answered it.

"Leader Han, what can I do you for?" Although Qi Xiuwen was one of Han Sen's subordinates, he didn't like him very much.

"If the Dong Lin company wishes to use my pet as an advertis.e.m.e.nt, the least they could do is consult me for my asking price." Han Sen said, not beating around the bush.

"How does he know what we have sought to do?" His face changed, and so he smiled and said, "Leader Han, we are having a pet contest. It is only natural that we advertise and make our company heard. But we offer high prizes, and such is the cost of business."

"I am giving you one chance right now to pay me a suitable fee. If you don't pay me, don't blame me for any unfortunate accidents that might soon occur," Han Sen coldly said.

Qi Xiuwen forced a smile and said, "Leader Han, if there is anything you ever need, you know you can tell me. And I will help you achieve your desires to the best of my abilities!"

Han Sen acknowledged Qi Xiuwen's attempt at s.h.i.+rking. Understanding he wasn't going to be serious with him, Han Sen said, "I don't need your help. Instead, I am helping you. Think about it, would you?"

After that, Han Sen concluded the call and hung up.

Qi Xiuwen's face drooped with immediate worry, and in a great haste, he contacted his father.

"Father, Han Sen knows what we are up to! What should we do? Should we pay him?" Qi Xiuwen asked.

"Ignore him. We have already started advertising the pet medicine, so we no longer have need of him. The pangolin only needs to perform well in its fight against the super pet, and once it does, our plans will have fully succeeded." The cold voice came from the other end of the communicator.

"What if we don't pay him and he quits?" Qi Xiuwen said.

"We have already begun advertising. If he quits now, people will believe he feared our sacred-blood pet that consumed the pills. If we win first place, it will achieve the same effect. He has already joined the compet.i.tion, so whatever happens next is up to him, though nothing will change on our end either way." The voice was very confident. It was cold and resolute.