Super Gene - Chapter 838: White Deer

Chapter 838: White Deer

Chapter 838: White Deer

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Ji Qing returned from Yi Dongmu's place with an altered perception of Han Sen.

"Brother-in-law, if you ever find the time, please teach me something." Ji Qing believed Han Sen must have been a very powerful person to have Yi Dongmu request his a.s.sistance in training, and then to point out every mistake he was able to notice. One could learn many things from practicing with Han Sen.

"Perhaps, in the future. For now, the pet battles will begin soon and I must prepare." Although Ji Qing was a beautiful lady, Han Sen wasn't very fond of her.

It was not difficult to find someone who was your mirror image in this world. What was most difficult to find was a firm heart. Few people could listen to others pointing out their flaws.

Ji Qing was not Yi Dongmu, and she might not have had the patience and understanding to listen to and follow the guidance he could provide. If she could not accept her flaws and work to eliminate them, she would not improve. There was also the chance she might have ended up doubting herself, something that could lead to an entirely different problem.

Han Sen knew much about Yi Dongmu, and their mutual respect went beyond simple friends.h.i.+p. It took something special to accept the constant revealing of flaws, so Han Sen wasn't willing to offer this manner of training to just anyone. If Yi Dongmu was only a good friend and nothing more, he wouldn't do this for him.

The concept dates back to the ancient emperor Li s.h.i.+min. He said Wei Zheng was a mirror image of himself, and the emperor sought for him to expose all of his flaws.

But in the end, he could not accept the admonition. The hate that had swollen up inside Li s.h.i.+min grew over time, and when Wei Zheng finally died, Li s.h.i.+min dug up and desecrated his body.

Not everyone could handle the truth, and this included Han Sen. Unless it was a very special person, he wouldn't say too many truths.

Ji Qing was not fond of what he said, and so she told him, "There is nothing to prepare for. You have a super pet, so you'll definitely win, won't you?"

"I don't think Dong Lin and the Qi family are willing to just hand over such generous rewards. I think something big is set to go down, and so I need to prepare just in case." Quickly, Han Sen said goodbye and returned to his room. He was going to go back to the sanctuary the next day and return when the matches were about to begin. He wasn't keen on having his little auntie hanging around and annoying him much longer.

Back in the sanctuary, Han Sen continued playing with his gourd. His eyes did not rest still for a moment, as he had received some information indicating the presence of a nearby super creature. He left in search of the creature, interested in taking a look at it before the pet fights began.

After walking for a while, he saw a white male deer trotting across a moor. He was overjoyed, for this was the super creature that he had been told about.

The white deer approached, and so Han Sen used his dongxuan aura to scan it. His joy elevated even more upon learning it was a second-generation super creature.

"I am far too lucky today. A solo second-generation super creature, huh? I am going to be rich!" Han Sen was delighted, so he summoned the little angel and Moment Queen. With his Flaming Rex Spike in hand, he ran quickly towards the deer.

The white deer, when it saw Han Sen, began to run. It ran so fast it was like white lightning, and so Han Sen commanded Moment Queen to prevent its hasty departure. She teleported right in front of the white deer and punched it crudely, knocking it down to the ground.

The little angel flew in front of the white deer and cleaved it with her greatsword, slicing a nasty cleft across its back. With the cascade of blood that flowed out, its previously white fur became red.

Han Sen joined them in front of the white deer, planning to slit its throat. But just as he was about to, the white deer appeared to beg Han Sen for its life. It didn't look harmful, and it didn't seem as if it wanted to attack. It looked frightened, and all it did was plead for mercy.

"Is this really a super creature?" Han Sen used his dongxuan aura to take a look and confirmed that it was indeed a second-generation super creature. "But why does it not resist me, and lash back at its attackers?"

Han Sen did not yet make a move, and all he did was frown. If it was a murderous monster, he would have slaughtered it already. With the white deer not having fought back, it seemed like a harmless sheep, and he felt bad at the prospect of killing it.

"Moment, should I kill it?" Conflicted, Han Sen turned to Moment Queen. Not wanting to be responsible for its death, he wished for her to kill it on his behalf. To pretend that its death would not be on his hands, so he could feel better about it.

In simpler words, he would be lying to himself. Han Sen truly did not want to kill such a harmless creature, but he didn't want to let it go and hinder his own personal development.

The super geno points it could provide would further the progression of Han Sen's evolution.

Moment Queen looked at the white deer and said to Han Sen, "Well, if you can spare it, spare it. Return it to Moment Shelter."

"Why?" Han Sen furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Moment Queen, believing she did not have what it took to slay the helpless creature, either.

What use would a creature be in a shelter if it could not fight, but could only run away? It would not be able to guard or even call out for aid.

Moment Queen looked at the deer and said, "If I am not mistaken, this deer possesses luck. It may look useless, but it provides good fortune to those in its proximity."

"What!? Couldn't you have told me that sooner?" Han Sen immediately put on a smile and moved in front of the deer. He squatted down beside it and used his holy light to heal its wounds.

"It was a misunderstanding, my deer. Do not take it to heart and harbor ill sentiments. I love animals and I am a pacifist, believe it or not. I go on protests and everything. Come with me, I will treat you well!" Han Sen kept healing the dear, waxing lyrical without a care over whether or not it understood what he was telling it.

Han Sen was well aware of the benefits luck could provide. With good luck, there was a higher chance of obtaining beast souls. And that was important.

People like w.a.n.g Yuhang, born into a state of constant misfortune, struggled terribly. Little ever happened to improve their luck. With this deer in his shelter, Han Sen's luck was most likely only going to improve.

It wasn't easy to track or trace a creature such as this, and even when they found it, pursuing it was difficult. Moment Queen had no choice but to use her teleportation to stop it from getting away. It would have most likely been impossible for any other person or super creature to catch up with it.

After Han Sen healed the white deer, it appeared very tame. It did not run off again, but merely stood where it was.

"All right, let's go to Moment Shelter." Han Sen decided to end his hunt for more super creatures and instead returned the deer to Moment Shelter.

He thought the deer might run off if they did not return at once. Furthermore, the pet battles were soon to commence, and Han Sen could not waste any time or stray too far.

Back in Moment Shelter, Han Sen was able to put the white deer at ease. It didn't look like it was going to run off, so that took a load off his mind.

It was almost time now, and so Han Sen quickly packed. He returned to the Alliance and prepared to join the matches.

"I want to see what the h.e.l.l the Qi family is up to." Han Sen looked at his beast soul and then smiled.