Super Gene - Chapter 837: Brother-in-Law Is so Cool

Chapter 837: Brother-in-Law Is so Cool

Chapter 837: Brother-in-Law Is so Cool

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Han Sen's face remained emotionless, looking at Tu Bin. He thought the young men around him were rather interesting, as they were all considered high-cla.s.s in the Alliance. They might not have all belonged to the same factions, but as was displayed by Yi Dongmu, an individual's power was respected.

This principle kept things simple.

"Hero Han, do you dare challenge our Yi G.o.d?" Tu Bin was very confident in Yi Dongmu's abilities, so he established the proposition of a battle against Yi Dongmu on his behalf.

Ji Qing was sneakily happy at the reaction her comment incited, as this was what she hoped would happen. Her trick had worked, and now, she could bear witness to Han Sen's true power.

Many others were overjoyed at the prospect of what had been proposed, as many people would have liked to see what would occur in a battle between Han Sen and Yi Dongmu. Han Sen had beaten Yu Qielan in a fight and had made the Alliance look good, which had established Han Sen as something of a hero. If there was one thing that united humanity, it was a common enemy, and at this point in time, that enemy was more often than not the shura.

But with the shura out of the picture for the time being, although Han Sen was still regarded as a hero, the desire for humans to fight amongst themselves was always to crop up. When not united, families re-segregated and factions re-established their borders. The people who did not like Han Sen, and those who opposed or did not like the Ji family, cared little for his recently achieved status as hero.

Amidst everyone's joy, Yi Dongmu approached. At his movement, all fell silent.

Yi Dongmu's personality was rather quiet, and he excelled in the realm of skills. He was generally a cold person and being close with him was difficult due to his chilly disposition. Everyone who was present knew about him and admired him, but few personally spoke with him.

And now, everyone watched Yi Dongmu approach Han Sen. They thought Yi Dongmu was ready to challenge Han Sen, and so their excitement began to simmer.

The people there all believed Yi Dongmu was the strongest, but with Han Sen having just beaten a royal shura, they knew he was an opponent who should not be underestimated. Whatever was about to occur, one thing was for certain: it would be a crazy fight.

Ji Qing was supremely excited, just as the rest were. The palms of her hands were sweaty with antic.i.p.ation. Being able to see Yi Dongmu personally challenge another was an extremely rare occurrence, and it had only happened once over the course of the past few years.

Only the enigmatic Dollar received his request.

Seeing Yi Dongmu approach Han Sen, everyone perked their ears and leaned a little closer to hear what might be spoken.

Ji Qing's eyes were open wide, watching Yi Dongmu himself approach her. In her heart, she said to herself, "Come on, Yi G.o.d! Beat him! I know you can do it. Beat him badly."

She watched as Yi Dongmu and Han Sen locked gazes, antic.i.p.ating the big fight that was just waiting to be started. But Yi Dongmu only sat down next to Han Sen, and when he turned to look at him, said, "When did you get here?"

"Today," Han Sen answered.

"Do you have time?" Yi Dongmu asked.

"Yeah." Han Sen nodded.

"Do you want to come over to my place? I've been practicing something new, and it'd be great if you could come check it out for me." After saying this, Yi Dongmu stood up.

"Little Qing, you hang around for a while longer. I have to take off." Han Sen smiled to Ji Qing and left the place alongside Yi Dongmu.

Han Sen was aware of Ji Qing's game and considered it childish, not wanting to play any part in her schemes. Things were always much quieter with Yi Dongmu, a person whose company he vastly preferred. He didn't enjoy hanging around noisy kids, and someone like Yi Dongmu was mature and not into playing silly games or talking nonsense.

Seeing Han Sen and Yi Dongmu walk out together, Ji Qing froze. And she wasn't the only one, either. Many of the other young people who had gathered were all in shock, as well. Han Sen was the first person they had seen Yi Dongmu invite to join him someplace else.

And what's more, Yi Dongmu had asked Han Sen to personally review a new skill he had been practicing.

Yi Dongmu was lacking faith in a skill, and he asked Han Sen for advice. People were quite shocked.

Ji Qing was numbed for half the day. She had only wanted Yi Dongmu to gauge Han Sen's power for her. Her mind was a vortex of confusion, trying to grasp how powerful Han Sen might have been if he was going to teach Yi Dongmu something.

"Wait for me, I'm coming with you," Ji Qing said, when her mind returned. A thought had entered her mind. If she followed Han Sen, that meant she could visit Yi Dongmu's house.

Ji Qing ran really fast to catch up, no longer caring for her previously-established look of an elegant lady.

Tu Bin, seeing Ji Qing run, went after her, too. He knew he had messed up, doing what he did. He was Yi Dongmu's friend, but he had not known Han Sen was his friend, also. He had tried to put them at odds, to go against each other. For this, he was feeling much regret.

"Brother Sen, I am sorry! I did not know you were acquainted with Yi Dongmu," Tu Bin pleaded with visible guilt.

"That's okay. For old Yi to have a friend like you is rather fortunate." Han Sen smiled.

The foursome boarded Yi Dongmu's aircraft, and he flew them over to his private training ground.

Yi Dongmu was not fond of chatting, so he didn't say much on their travel. When they arrived at his training place, he and Han Sen did not take their time in starting the practice. They had done this many times before, and so a verbal exchange was hardly necessary.

Just like before, when Yi Dongmu attacked, Han Sen was able to block and explain to him exactly what the problem was.

As they went at it, Ji Qing and Tu Bin watched them, frozen, almost unable to believe how much Han Sen was like a coach.

Ji Qing felt so embarra.s.sed over her prior ploy of trying to get Han Sen and Yi Dongmu to b.u.t.t heads and fight each other.

Of course, others thought much too highly of their relations.h.i.+p. Yi Dongmu believed Han Sen to be his mirror image. It was easy to spot the flaws of others, but acknowledging and correcting your own was always a trial. Therefore, finding someone you could consider your mirror image was very fortunate.

But if you weren't on the same level, you couldn't be a mirror image. This was just like Bo Ya Zi Qi. People had to be on the same level as you to acknowledge and understand your flaws.

Ji Qing and Tu Bin were not on his level yet, and so they did not understand this concept. They merely believed Han Sen had a simple power advantage, and that made him a suitable coach to teach and train Yi Dongmu. And that student, the revered Yi Dongmu they cherished, was listening like a little child. They could hardly believe this was the cold and cool Yi Dongmu they had practically wors.h.i.+ped moments before.

"Is my brother-in-law that strong?" Ji Qing observed Han Sen with a complicated expression, not daring to underestimate him as she had earlier.

After a while of watching them work, she started to believe Han Sen really was brilliant. Yi Dongmu's practice of skills put much focus on one's mental fort.i.tude, and for Han Sen to challenge it without an issue was remarkable. It showed her how frightening a foe he could be.

"Brother-in-law is so cool," Ji Qing thought.