Super Gene - Chapter 836: Martial Hall's God

Chapter 836: Martial Hall's God

Chapter 836: Martial Hall's G.o.d

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Han Sen and Ji Qing sat at a table face-to-face. Many people bid pa.s.sing greetings to her, indicating her familiarity and popularity with the people there.

When Han Sen looked around, he noticed a battle stage. Two people were currently atop it, in a friendly bout of black and white boxing.

Ji Qing was very good at black and white boxing. It was something that helped train your psychological fort.i.tude, and it wasn't something won by outright strength alone.

For power in that game, your mind had to be strong. If it wasn't, you'd be carrying an unloaded gun.

Since Ji Qing was good at this, she brought Han Sen in the desire of testing his mind.

"Sister Qing, it has been a while since you last visited. And you brought a man with you; is he your new boyfriend? My, my, you go through them quickly!" A stylish young man approached and seemed to be quite close with her. He immediately sat down and spoke to her casually.

"Tu Bin! Do not talk such rot. This is my brother-in-law, Han Sen. You must have heard of him, yes? He is the big hero that defeated the royal shura Yu Qielan. He is not like you." When Ji Qing said that, she conveyed a certain amount of seriousness, but it was betrayed by lively eyes that suggested a smile.

Tu Bin was the son of a boss of a financial department someplace. His style exuded the look of a young gangster, but it was far from his true ident.i.ty. He was rather famous in the realm of black and white boxing, and he was only slightly inferior to Ji Qing.

Tu Bin and Ji Qing's relations.h.i.+p was not as close as one might suspect, however. They had no personal conflict with each other, but they frequently came here to spar and battle against each other with a mutual respect.

They did not hate each other, but they fought frequently. They never battled elsewhere, just here to help each other become better at this specific sport. Beyond the confines of this area, they did whatever two young friends might get up to.

"Ah, you are the big Hero Han I've heard about? My apologies." It was difficult to discern whether Tu Bin's words were sincere or possessed undertones of sarcasm.

"Yes, so, presuming you have no other business to take up with me, I suggest you go elsewhere. Do not disturb me right now," Ji Qing plainly told Tu Bin.

"If you came here alone, I would most certainly remove myself from your presence. But today, Hero Han has come. If I did not ask him to practice with me, that would be a shameful missed opportunity." Tu Bin then turned to look at Han Sen and continued, "Hero Han, would you like to provide me some tips?"

"Nah, I haven't played this game in a long time," Han Sen casually said.

Tu Bin looked ready to say something, but he was interrupted by sudden loud noises coming from beyond a doorway. It looked like something was underway.

"What's that ruckus all about?" Tu Bin asked, wanting to keep talking to Han Sen. No one replied.

The people who came to this place were typically quite young. Although Tu Bin had quite a background, there were a lot more people with far greater histories behind them.

Han Sen and Ji Qing looked to where the noises came from, and they noticed a lot of people had gathered to chant someone's name.

There were so many people, Han Sen wasn't sure what was going on. He activated his dongxuan aura in a bid to learn more.

What he saw surprised him. It was all started by one person, and that person was Yi Dongmu. He had actually come to this place, and he looked quite popular, too.

"This is not fair. Why are handsome men so popular everywhere?" Han Sen's heart felt betrayed. He was a hero, but no one really seemed to recognize him. Yet Yi Dongmu was receiving all the attention in the world.

These thoughts did not immediately leave Han Sen's mind, either. It didn't feel right, so he touched his cheek and thought, "It's not right. I am handsome. I must look better than that Yi Dongmu, but why am I not receiving his treatment? Do people just love a miserable emo more than they do a genuinely beautiful man?"

As Han Sen contemplated all this, Ji Qing and Tu Bin stood up. They too looked excited, seeing Yi Dongmu ascend the battle stage.

"Little Qing, what are you looking at?" Han Sen asked Ji Qing.

"I am looking at Yi Dongmu! Who else would I be looking at?" Ji Qing said, as she started walking forward to take a seat closer to the stage so she could watch Yi Dongmu perform.

"Is he that good a person to look at?" Han Sen was genuinely confused.

Although Han Sen was willing to admit Yi Dongmu was a little handsome, others were keen to suggest Yi Dongmu might be more handsome than he himself. And that was too much for Han Sen. Ji Qing was a renowned lady of the Ji family, too; there was no way she'd regress into another member of the Yi Dongmu fangirl horde, was there?

Ji Qing opened her mouth but did not say anything. Tu Bin looked annoyed by what Han Sen asked and said, "Hero Han, you may have beat the shura and shone a light on the Alliance, but I do not advocate or appreciate what you have just asked. Yi Dongmu is a G.o.d to the people of this Martial Hall. He beats everyone in the central galaxy and never, ever loses! You may be strong, but in black and white boxing, I don't think you stand a chance against Yi Dongmu. Only someone like Dollar could do that."

Ji Qing was going to say something, but he covered all the bases for her and she agreed with every last word.

If the ordinary elites in the Martial Hall could not beat Han Sen, there was little to gain. But if Han Sen went up against Yi Dongmu and defeated him, his true strength would most certainly be revealed. That would prove a thing or two to Ji Qing.

Naturally, however, Ji Qing did not believe Han Sen could defeat Yi Dongmu. She only wanted to gauge his strength in comparison to the others.

But Ji Qing squinted her eyes and smiled. She said, "Tu Bin, I am not fond of what you just said. My brother-in-law can beat a royal shura, so I'm sure he can beat Yi Dongmu."

Ji Qing did not say this in earnest. In her heart, she said to herself, "I am sorry Yi Dongmu, I have no choice. I do support you, but if I am to get Han Sen to reveal his true strength, he must go up against you."

When Tu Bin heard this, he became infuriated. Yi Dongmu was not only his friend, but a G.o.d to the place.

Tu Bin merely stood up, clapped his hands, and shouted, "Quiet! Everyone quiet!"

Everyone looked in his direction, unsure of what was happening. Someone who was friendly with Tu Bin interrupted the sudden silence and asked, "Tu Bin? Tu Bin, what the h.e.l.l?"

Tu Bin then jumped on top of a chair. He pointed his finger at Ji Qing and said, "Our Ji family lady, Ji Qing, just said her brother-in-law, this Han Sen—the big Hero Han who beat the royal shura Yu Qielan—could beat our Yi G.o.d in black and white boxing."


Boo noises erupted all across the room, with not a single speck of support for Han Sen.