Super Gene - Chapter 835: Little Auntie

Chapter 835: Little Auntie

Chapter 835: Little Auntie

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When Han Sen returned, he asked around. The general consensus was that no one really knew what Dong Lin was doing by allowing his partic.i.p.ation.

"Is Dong Lin really going to be this nice?" Han Sen struggled to believe they would.

"No matter which way you look at it, and provided it isn't a trap, then they are being nice. Otherwise, they simply wouldn't let you partic.i.p.ate in the pet fights," Ji Yanran said.

"Do you think there is an ulterior motive to this kindness of theirs? Is it a conspiracy?" Han Sen looked at Ji Yanran with concern.

"I don't know, but the match has been arranged to take place in the central galaxy. It won't be hosted in Dong Lin itself, so there is nothing the Qi family can do." Ji Yanran wasn't really sure what to make of it, either.

If there was a conspiracy, there was no way they would dare do something aggressive towards Han Sen in the Alliance. That was, unless they had lost their minds and gone completely insane.

Even if they didn't care about the fact that he was the president's son-in-law, getting the Luo family mad would lead to the Dong Lin company being destroyed in a single day.

"Are you going to go?" Ji Yanran looked at Han Sen and asked.

"Yes, of course. Why would I turn down some free goodies? If the matches really are taking place in the central galaxy instead of Dong Lin, then there is nothing to be afraid of." Han Sen laughed.

"Well, be careful. That man in Dong Ling is not soft," Ji Yanran reminded him.

"Okay." Han Sen nodded, but his mind was already adrift. He was pondering how he might split up the prize medicine he'd win. He needed some more Geno Creation Pills, as the silver fox had eaten them all. Therefore, it was about time he restocked.

Han Sen booked a holiday to the central galaxy and went to visit his mother and father-in-law. He had dinner with Ji Ruozhen, and after they finished, they had a discussion about the pet matches.

Ji Ruozhen guessed Dong Lin meant no harm and were being sincere, hence why they were hosting the event elsewhere. It was a place they did not have exclusive control of.

"Maybe the Qi family would like a favor off you," Ji Ruozhen said. Then, he continued, "But that is only a guess. Regardless of how things may seem, exercise caution and be careful when you go there."

Han Sen gestured in agreement, and Ji Ruozhen continued his dialogue. "The match starts tomorrow. This will be your first time in the central galaxy, yes? Ji Qing will be there, so allow her to be your tour guide."

"Wait, the Ji Qing who slew a super creature?" Han Sen was surprised.

"Yes, and she wants to see you. She has wanted to for a while, but she has been unable to see you due to your commitments to the army. Now seems a fitting time." Ji Ruozhen paused for a brief moment, then went on to say, "But this girl is really quite arrogant. If she offends you in any way, don't take it to heart."

Han Sen confirmed his understanding. Even if she was arrogant and offensive, Han Sen wouldn't bother picking a fight with a little girl.

But when Han Sen saw Ji Qing, he was wrong. She was not a young person, as he suspected. She looked more mature than Ji Yanran, and she was beautiful and charming.

"Little Qing, treat Han Sen well. This is his first time in the central galaxy, so make sure to hit the hotspots and show him around." Ji Ruozhen smiled warmly at Ji Qing as he bid the request.

"Do not worry, Uncle. I will treat him well." Ji Qing smiled back.

"Brother-in-law, let's go." Ji Qing walked in front of Han Sen and smiled.

Han Sen followed her out and was led to an aircraft. She hopped into the pilot's seat and asked him to step in.

"Little Qing, are you driving this?" Han Sen thought a renowned member of the family such as her would have bodyguards by her side, or at least a chauffeur for a pilot.

"Who else?" Ji Qing asked Han Sen as she started up the engine.

"I thought you'd have a bodyguard or something," Han Sen said.

"This is the central galaxy, and there are robotic spies everywhere you look. They have guns that can nail targets a great distance away, with an accuracy metric of millimeters. If anyone posed a threat, they'd hit the ground dead within ten seconds." Ji Qing smiled and launched the aircraft.

"Is there anywhere specific you'd like to go?" Ji Qing asked Han Sen, as she flew the craft.

"It's my first time here, so I don't know what's on the menu. Why don't you decide on where we should go? And once we're done, take me back," Han Sen said.

"I can't do that. Uncle told me to treat you well, so how about I take you someplace fun?" Ji Qing had an enigmatic smile as she turned the aircraft in another direction and accelerated.

When he saw her smile, Han Sen knew it wouldn't be long before he found himself in trouble that night. She was obviously cooking up a devious scheme.

But Han Sen did not mind too much, and so he placed his gaze on what he could see out the windows. The starscapes in the central galaxy were different, and incredibly beautiful. This was his first time seeing such vistas, and so the sights were particularly special to him.

Han Sen pointed at things he did not know about and asked about them. Ji Qing answered everything but felt a little uncomfortable.

Ji Qing thought herself to be the first person to slay a super creature and obtain a Life Geno Essence, and she believed Han Sen to be the second. But now, whenever people discussed super creatures and Life Geno Essences, they thought about Han Sen. It seemed as if everyone had forgotten she was the first, which made her a little upset.

Furthermore, she had heard many people in her own family gush praise and compliments towards Han Sen. It made her a little envious, hence her eagerness to meet the thunder-thief. She wished to see how smart he was.

If Han Sen was as smart as everyone was saying, she would have felt better about things. But right now, Han Sen was behaving like a curious child. He didn't look half as powerful as people were saying. She felt it was unfair to have her reputation and limelight stolen by a guy such as him.

Of course, she knew she couldn't judge someone through this alone. Therefore, she had prepared something to gauge Han Sen's true power.

She wasn't going to fight Han Sen herself, as she wasn't even an evolver yet. She knew Han Sen had recently beat Yu Qielan, but she believed she was only a few levels below Han Sen. If she became an evolver, she believed she'd be stronger than him. For him to beat Yu Qielan was nothing.

But right now, Ji Qing had prepared something a lot more fun for Han Sen.

Thinking of that, she couldn't keep the weird smile from creeping across her face. Her eyes squinted queerly.

Soon after, the aircraft landed atop a large skysc.r.a.per.