Super Gene - Chapter 834: Pet Battle

Chapter 834: Pet Battle

Chapter 834: Pet Battle

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Back in the Alliance, Han Sen made plans to go on Skynet and see if anyone had encountered any super creatures that would be viable for him to fight. With this information, he could return to the sanctuary and slay them. If he kept doing this, he believed he'd max out his super geno points in no time.

But before he concluded his research, he received a message from Huangfu Pingqing, who he hadn't seen in a long time. She wanted Han Sen's advice picking a beast soul in the virtual community.

Han Sen still had time, and he would be free that night, anyway. So, he told her to wait for him in the virtual community. He then logged into Skynet.

Beast souls could not be traded in the Alliance, but they could be used. A seller could take pictures of them and sell them in the virtual community. If the buyer and seller were in the same shelter, or were at least in close proximity, they could take a look at the beast souls in the Alliance before contacting each other to establish the trade.

"Little Junior, you are a big hero now. It has been difficult getting in touch with you." Huangfu Pingqing joked to Han Sen as she greeted him in the virtual community.

Han Sen laughed and replied, "Yeah! If you need to see me again after today, you're going to have to start booking tickets."

"What? Are you the latest, greatest exhibit in the zoo?" Huangfu Pingqing rolled her eyes.

"Hey, I am a rarer sort than any animal you might find in a zoo." Han Sen laughed, then asked, "So, what beast soul are you looking to buy today?"

"I have nothing particular in mind. I am just coming to see if there are any decent sacred-blood beast souls worth investing in." Huangfu Pingqing grabbed Han Sen's arm and continued forward to the trading zone.

"Sure." Han Sen gave her a thumbs up, appreciating the way Huangfu Pingqing made it sound as if she was going to the supermarket for groceries.

Huangfu Pingqing sighed in response, though. She said, "I am not buying it for myself, I am buying it for my team. I am in charge of purchasing the beast souls, not using them."

"If I can experience what it feels like to spend a whole lot of money, without it actually costing me a penny, that's great. This is the best job ever! You can hire me for this task whenever you fancy," Han Sen joyously told her.

"We're not hiring, sorry. I just needed an a.s.sistant to accompany me." Huangfu Pingqing smiled and then tugged Han Sen along to the trading shop.

There, details of a variety of beast souls were on display. Huangfu Pingqing searched for sacred-blood beast souls and clicked for more information. She was given an unfathomably large slew of data and accompanying images.

Huangfu Pingqing was in an enormous human shelter, and many people were selling beast souls near her.

She clicked on many different beast souls, and each time she did, she asked Han Sen for his opinion. Overall, the information he provided was lacking, and Huangfu Pingqing seemed to be doing well-enough not to need him around.

After browsing the trading zone, she suddenly asked Han Sen, "Are you interested in a pet fight?"

"Is that why you asked me out?" Han Sen smiled and asked.

"Little Junior, men need to feign dumbness to make women happy," Huangfu Pingqing said it in the manner of a jest, but it was a truthful admission for her.

"I am way past the age in which I need to please women." Han Sen slumped his shoulders.

"In that case, you are terribly incorrect. Men should strive to please women their entire lives," Huangfu Pingqing reb.u.t.ted.

"Um, let's go back to the pet match." Han Sen did actually believe he needed to improve upon his lacking desire to please women.

"Well, in the past few years, humans have been showing a greater interest in having pet beast souls. This is especially true in the First and Second G.o.d's Sanctuaries. When humanity began taking control of these two sanctuaries, the flesh of creatures was abundant. Over time, there were far more free resources available to feed pet beast souls. That's how things have gotten to where they are now." Huangfu Pingqing stopped, smiled and then continued, "The primary reason they have gotten so popular of late, however, is you. Your angel pet has made many factions turn their focus and attention to the raising of pets. That being said, the strongest type of pets they have been able to achieve are berserk sacred-blood types. And even those are very rare, even for the big factions."

"Then what is up with the pet matches?" Han Sen did not want to discuss his little angel.

"The Dong Lin company focuses on pet beast souls the most, and in the past few years, people have been buying incredible numbers of pet beast souls. With the increase in demand, their worth has tripled. It's showing no sign of slowing down, either. The prices are still rising, and it is the Dong Lin company that is to blame."

She looked at Hen and continued, "Recently, they have been having pets fight in the Alliance. Very good prizes are offered to those who are in first place, and the exclusive Dong Lin medicine that is not available for sale is a frequent item up for grabs. And... well, I need that medicine."

"You want me to win that medicine for you?" Han Sen looked at Huangfu Pingqing and asked.

"With your angel pet, I don't think anything can rightly stop you from winning." Huangfu Pingqing smiled at Han Sen. She blinked and fluttered her eyelids to attract him, and then continued by saying, "Of course, I couldn't ask this of you for free. Whatever you desire, I can satisfy you."

Han Sen smiled wryly and said, "Senior, I would really like to help, but why would Dong Lin even allow me to join? They would be giving the prize out for free. Surely they are not that dumb."

"You are wrong. Dong Lin themselves want you to join, and that is partly why I came looking for you." Huangfu Pingqing responded with immediacy.

Han Sen was shocked, thinking something was amiss. There was most certainly something he had not been told. The people at Dong Lin were not dumb, so why would they allow Han Sen to accept a big prize so easily? They would be handing out free stuff.

"This must be a conspiracy." Han Sen was firm in the belief this was not normal, and something was going on behind the scenes.

"This is a match that takes place in the Alliance. No matter how brave the Qi family is, they wouldn't attack you in public. Are you afraid of them?" Huangfu Pingqing pulled out a pamphlet of information and continued by saying, "Take a look at what you can receive by winning."

Han Sen took a look at the list, and there were impressive rewards on offer for the top ten that took part. You'd get even more if you were in the top five. The person in first place would receive a ridiculous number of goodies. There was plenty of that special medicine that was not available for sale, including a type that had a limited run and was special even to members of Dong Lin. Having prizes as things that could not be bought with money was quite fantastic.

"If you do win first place, I genuinely hope you can sell me those beast pills. Name your price," Huangfu Pingqing said.

"Hmm, I'll need to sleep on it. I'll give you my answer sometime in the next couple of days." Han Sen saw the first place prizes and was shocked, thinking they were far too good.

If that medicine was available for general sale, many would buy it for exorbitant prices. Han Sen had even wanted some of that medicine before, as well, but the opportunity to get it had never come around.

After all, it could not be bought with money. And you would need the right timing.

"What is wrong with that guy in Dong Lin? It is so obvious he seeks to offer this stuff to me for free." After Huangfu Pingqing left, Han Sen started thinking about what was truly going on with this proposed pet fight.